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The New Jersey Historical Society Forms Vintage Baseball Team


The New Jersey Historical Society is leading an effort to form New Jersey’s third vintage baseball team, recreating the style and strategy of past eras. The new team will be called the Newark Peppers in honor of New Jersey’s only major league baseball team, which played in 1915 during the last year of the Federal League. The Federal League aspired to become a third major league during the dead ball era (1901 to 1919) and signed a number of major leaguers who are now in the Hall of Fame. Two Hall of Famers (Edd Rousch and Bill McKechnie) played for the Peppers during the 1915 season.

The team will play baseball as it was played in 1915, using the rules, uniforms, equipment and above all the style and strategy of play of that time. The "dead ball" era was a time when home runs were few and far between and teams used “inside baseball” to prevail over their opponents, placing heavy emphasis on bunting, aggressive base running and trick plays.

The new Newark Peppers will be New Jersey’s third vintage baseball team joining the Flemington Neshanocks (1873 rules) and the Elizabeth Athletic Club (1891 rules). The Peppers will play games against these teams as well as a wide array of other vintage baseball teams in the New York Metropolitan area and along the East Coast.

Everyone is welcome to join the team. Members will be responsible for their uniforms and equipment (uniforms cost approximately $200). There will be an annual membership fee to cover expenses. Our goal is to form the team in time to play some games in 2007 and expand from there. The sites for practices and games are yet to be determined.

Anyone interested in joining the team should contact John Zinn, Chairman of the Board of the New Jersey Historical Society. He can be reached by e-mail at jzinn84@comcast.net or by phone at 973-430-9983 (office) or 973-857-1028 (home). An organizational meeting will be held at a mutually agreed upon time and location.

Formed in 1845, The New Jersey Historical Society is the state’s oldest cultural institution and New Jersey’s only statewide historical society. Located at 52 Park Place in Newark, the Historical Society features exhibits and programs for all ages as well as a research library.

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