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Book your Saturday Family Program!


Saturday Family Programs at NJHS

PARENTS! Need a Saturday of fun and history with your family? Come visit with your children and explore our exhibitions at your own pace or schedule a program with a museum educator for a Saturday morning or afternoon. Your children will also learn that NJHS is another resource for their history homework for school’s history project. All programs are hands-on.

Nice weather? Family History Hunt at Military Park
“X” marks the spot! Get ready to explore our 350 year old park where Newark started! Find the monuments throughout the park that tells you more about Newark’s history. In this self-guided activity, a museum educator will give you a map of the park. Search the “X” marks on the map to find the monument. Receive a special treat coupon upon completing the hunt.

What's Your Favorite Art Activity?
Design your own art activity with your family and museum educator. Use materials provided and be creative; use collage materials, glue, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paints.
Relax and have fun!

Painting History: Introduction to Painting
Become a painter! Mix colors to create form and composition in this hands-on program.
What story would you tell in your paintings?

For older children: Paint ATCs for your collection using watercolors!
ATCs are 2 ˝ x 3 ˝ Artist Trade Cards.
Once you created several ATCs, you can trade with your friends for your collection.

Drawing Introduction for Families
Visit our exhibitions and examine different types of objects. What do you see? Learn to see, “feel” and draw flowing lines and shapes that are found on everyday objects.
Use these design elements to draw or paint your own art creation.
Older children can draw from Still-Life objects!

Family Exhibitions Tour
Not sure what to schedule? Want to learn about NJHS and its programs?
Schedule a Family Exhibitions Tour.

CALL OR E-MAIL TO SCHEDULE YOUR FAMILY PROGRAM 973.596.8500 or Maribel@jerseyhistroy.org

Children are FREE for all Family Programs and only $3.00 per adult for admission fee. Note: A minimum of 2 adults recommended with three or more children.

NJHS members are FREE!

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