Manuscript Group 1531, Florence M. Disbrow (1892 – 1918), Student Diary, 1908 – 1909


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Manuscript Group 1531, Florence M.
Disbrow (1892-1918), Student


Diary, 1908-1909, 0.1 linear feet / 1















Diary, 1908-1909, of Florence M. Disbrow
(1892-1918), a student at Washington Street School in Newark, New Jersey.


Gift of Shirley Leclair, 2001.



Florence May Disbrow, the daughter of Emma
L. Trowbridge (1869-1952) and William H. Disbrow (1868-1931) was born on August
6, 1892.  The family lived on East Kinney Street in Newark, New Jersey and
Florence attended the Washington Street School.  She had one brother Harry
Lindsley Disbrow (1898-1974).  Florence Disbrow married William R. Ruppert
on November 27, 1917, and the couple had one son, Kenneth William Ruppert (b.
January 10, 1918).  Shortly after his birth, on  June 1, 1918, Kenneth
Ruppert died of cholera.  Both William and Florence Ruppert died during the
flu epidemic later that same year, he on October 18, 1918 and she three days
later on October 21.




Disbrow Family File, The New Jersey
Historical Society





The diary was the gift of Shirley Disbrow
Leclair, Florence Disbrow Ruppert’s niece, in January of 2001.



and Content Note:


This collection consists of Florence
Disbrow’s diary, kept from December 28, 1908 to December 31, 1909.  In it
she gives a daily account of her activities, largely mentioning friends and
social activities.  Among her outings are trips to band concerts,
trick-or-treating on Halloween, shopping in town, evening lectures, and
socials.  Although Disbrow was a student, her comments about school are
generally restricted to mentioning that she was there all day.



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