Manuscript Group 181, Estate of Daniel Tichenor (1748-1831) Vendue book, 1831-1832




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Manuscript Group 181, Estate of Daniel Tichenor


Vendue book, 1831-1832, 0.05 linear feet /
1 volume


Call Number: MG 181 (os)















Ashbel W. Corey acted as executor.
Daniel Tichenor was a Revolutionary War officer and a brother of Isaac
Tichenor (1754-1838), a governor of Vermont.


Gift of Mrs. Alex M. Linnett, 1921.





Daniel Tichenor (1748-1831) of Newark, New
Jersey was the son of Daniel Tichenor (1704-1776) and Susanna Guerin
(1714-1778).  He married Abigail Coe (1742-1826), with whom he had seven
children: Rachel (1769-1849), Sarah (1771-1776), Phebe (1772-1777), Isaac Coe
(1778-1850), Sarah (1779-1851), Gabriel (1781-1855), and Abigail
(1788-1861).  Daniel’s brother Isaac Tichenor (1754-1838) served as a
justice of the Vermont Supreme Court from 1790-1797, was elected governor of
that state from 1797-1806, and was a United States Senator from 1815-1821.


Daniel Tichenor served in the
Revolutionary War as a lieutenant in Captain Elephalet Johnson’s regiment, and
fought in the battles of Monmouth and Connecticut Farms.  Afterwards he
became a farmer in Newark, and his family lived in a large house on Broad
Street, the lot extending from Tichenor Street to Pennington Street.  The
family were members of The First Presbyterian Church.


The executor of Daniel Tichenor’s estate
was Ashbel W. Corey, and the estate seems to have been divided among Daniel’s
five living children.




Tichenor, Harold A., Tichenor Families
in America,
(privately printed, Napton, Missouri, 1988), pg. 49-54.




Mrs. Alex M. Linnett donated this
collection in 1921.


and Content Note:


This volume contains records of auctions
of the estate of Daniel Tichenor dating from 1831-1832.  Typical items sold
were livestock, farming tools, household items, and hay.  Inserted in this
volume are receipts, a list of items given to Daniel’s heirs, and a letter
written by his son Gabriel regarding his fifth of the estate.



Processed by Luis Delfino, March 2001 as part of the “Farm to City”
project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records


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