Atlantic City

The following bibliography is of materials at the NJHS library concerning the history of this famed seashore resort. Each title is followed by the call number of the material in brackets [ ].

  • Butler, Frank. Book of the Boardwalk, Atlantic City: The 1954 Association, 1953.
    [974.91 At6312] – Reading Room
  • Carnesworthe. Atlantic City Its Early and Modern History, Philadelphia: W.C. Harris & Co., 1868.
    [974.91 At63] – Reading Room
  • Davis, Ed. Atlantic City Diary: A Century of Memories, 1880-1980, [Atlantic City?]: Siracusa Real Estate and Insurance Co., 1980.
    [974.91 At63a5] – Reading Room
    Amusing stories.
  • Deford , Frank. There She Is: The Life of Miss America, New York: Penguin Books, 1979.
    [794.91 At63al] – Should be pulled from 6th Floor Stacks
    A rich history of the Miss America Pageant.
  • Ewing, Sarah W. R. and Robert McMullin. Along Absecon Creek: A History of Early Absecon, New Jersey, [Absecon?]: Cowan, 1965.
    [974.91 At632ab] – Reading Room
  • Funnell, Charles E. By the Beautiful Sea: The Rise and High Times of That Great American Resort, Atlantic City, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1975.
    [974.91 At63a] – Reading Room
  • Hall, John F. The Daily Union History of Atlantic City and County, Atlantic City: Daily Union Printing Co., 1899.
    [974.91 At63a3] – Reading Room
    Contains more than one hundred biographies of prominent citizens.
  • Heston, Alfred M. Absegami: Annals of Eyren Haven and Atlantic City, 1609-1904, Camden: Sinnickson Crew, 1904. 2 vols.
    [974.91 At63a] – Reading Room
  • Levi, Vicki Gold and Lee Eisenberg. Atlantic City, 125 years of Ocean Madness, Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press, 1994.
    [974.91 At63a42] – Reading Room
  • McMahon, William. So Young…So Gay! The Story of the Boardwalk, 1870-1970, Atlantic City: Atlantic City Press, 1970.
    [974.91 At62] – Reading Room
  • McMahon, William. South Jersey Towns: History and Legend, New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1973.
    [974.9 M168] – Reading Room
  • Paulsson, Martin. The Social Anxieties of Progressive Reform: Atlantic City, 1854-1920, New York: New York University Press, 1994.
    [974.91 At63a55] – Reading Room
    Especially good on African-Americans.
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