Copyright Notice

All material on The New Jersey Historical Society website is copyrighted by The New Jersey Historical Society unless otherwise indicated. It is for the personal use of students, scholars, and the public. Copying or redistribution for commercial gain without permission of The New Jersey Historical Society is prohibited.

Material and images reproduced from the collections of The New Jersey Historical Society are for viewing and personal use only. Permission for commercial use or any publication, manipulation, display or distribution is only granted by written application to The New Jersey Historical Society.

Please call (973) 596-8500, ext. 0 to request permission and license to use photographic reproductions. A fee may be included for commercial use.

If permission is granted, the following conditions must be met:

      • Credit must be given to The New Jersey Historical Society and the creator of the work, if known.
      • Credit lines must appear with the image or on a credit page indicating the page number and location on the page for each work. Films, videotapes and slide shows may use a credit section at the beginning or end to give credit to The New Jersey Historical Society. For web site use, credit should appear either next to or directly below the image.
      • Permission to reproduce, publish, broadcast or display a Society photograph must be requested in writing. The request should include the title, author, publishing year, name of publishing company or organization responsible, and the catalog number, locator or negative number of the work. Possession of a Society photograph does not constitute permission to use it.
      • The Society requests that a copy of the publication be donated to the Society.
      • If the copyright is still in effect, the publisher must seek permission from the creator of the work or his/her heirs.

The New Jersey Historical Society will provide the creator’s name, if known.


    • Permission is for one-time use only. The Society retains all rights to the works and they must not be used for any purpose other than what is stated in the request for permission.
    • Photographs may be cropped to suit design and layout, but they may not be altered or drawn upon so that they look in any way different from the way they appear in the historical collection.
    • The Society reserves the right to refuse to grant permission and/or provide photograph reproduction services to publishers and individuals who have not complied with its policies.
    • The New Jersey Historical Society reserves the right to decline to reproduce fragile items or for inappropriate use.
    • Commercial users (for-profit corporations or individuals) must pay the use fee in advance of receiving the duly signed permission form.
    • Entire books and collections cannot be duplicated for personal or commercial use. In addition, the Historical Society reserves the right to deny sizeable duplication requests due to shortage of staff.


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