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The Historical Society’s collections are the physical records of New Jersey’s past and present, and if they are about anything, they are about stories: about the good and the bad, the trials and the triumphs, the everyday and the extraordinary. From the scrawled writing of an 18-year old World War II soldier from Singac, New Jersey, jumps the harrowing fear and enormous bravery of being on the European frontlines; from the smooth curves of a silver tankard crafted in 1767 radiates the precision of New Jersey colonial craftsman; in the billowing fabric of a fabulous, multi-colored costume worn in a Paterson Dominican Day Parade is the excitement of community and tradition; in the photograph of a former Newark Eagles baseball player lies stories of talent and courage in the face of discrimination. Our collections—which include these and thousands more items—are a way to touch, understand, and explore our shared history as well as our personal past.

The New Jersey Historical Society’s collections include a wide variety of diverse materials. Museum collections include costumes, furniture, paintings, prints, ceramics, glass, tools, and much, much more. The library collections contain manuscripts, reference books and rare books, photographs, maps, broadsides, pamphlets, mass-produced prints and other materials that document the cultural and historical heritage of New Jersey from the colonial era through the 20th century. They form the largest and finest collection of New Jersey-related material in existence.

A small portion of these items is on view in our changing exhibitions. Access to other materials can generally be arranged, and the Historical Society encourages the use of its collections for research, exploration, and discovery.

  • The research library is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm to 5 p.m. The library can be reached by telephone during those hours at 973/596-8500, ext. 249 or by e-mail at library@jerseyhistory.org.
  • To ask a question about research, reproduction, use, loan, and/or viewing of objects in the museum collections, please contact the Collections Manager by e-mailing museum@jerseyhistory.org.


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