Changed Lives Museum


Updated 1/29/04

   # Assigned     Date      Quantity      Description      Donor   
2001. 17December 10, 20011Paper Shopping BagClaudia Ocello
2001.3November 30, 20012Signs made by Felician College’s ChildcareJoy Vogel
2001.31November 30, 20011Banner, made by 5th grade classUnion School, Rutherford, N.J.
2001.32November 30, 20011Signed bannerWestfield Shopping-town Garden State Plaza
2001.33December 6, 20011Plastic Shopping BagEllen Snyder Grenier
2001.34December 6, 20011Banners from Rutgers NewarkKendra Tappen
2001.35December 10, 20011Pizza boxPedro Nieves
2001.39December 20, 20011Sketch & LabelBarbara Zeitchick
2001.4December 20, 20011BannerBorough of Rutherford
2002.3January 11, 20021DrawingZoe Grenier
2002.4December 8, 20011Banner w/ Flag; Sign w/ RibbonTechnology High School, Newark, NJ
2002.6June 10, 20021Dog bandanaSally Yerkovich
August 1, 20021PATH patch
2002.7January 25, 20021T-ShirtTownship of Old Bridge, NJ
2002.8January 17, 20021Shopping BagEllen Feldman
2002.9January 25, 20021Paper Clothes Hanger CoversClaudia Ocello
2002.1June 6, 20022PATH bus transfers; RadioJanet Rassweiler
2002.12February 27, 20021"Links of Life"Chatham Middle School
2002.13February 27, 20021Tie PinPublic Affairs Dept. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
2002.16March 11, 20021813 Letters, "America United"; 2 other parts of Memorial; Collection Tub; Large Check; NotebookSatz School
2002.19April 19, 200233 pinsJamie Winters
2002.2April 19, 20023Artwork; Bookmark; PencilSuzanne Nelson
2002.21April 19, 20021DrawingBill & Gail Rose
2002.22April 19, 200222 Commemorative CoinsDaniel Schnur
2002.24April 24, 200222 PlacardsWilson School
2002.26May 3, 20022Pair of Shoes; TowelMike Conlin
June 13, 20023Shirt; Pants; T-shirt
August 1, 20022Baseball cap; Ready-to-eat packet
September 3, 20021Hardhat
2002.27May 13, 20022Jacket; Baseball CapScott Shepherd
June 5, 20027Hardhat;Teddy bear; Pins/Ribbon; Cookie bag; Scrapbook; Drawings
2002.28May 16, 20021Artwork, "Building Epitaphs"Kate Dodd
2002.29May 23, 20021MemorialBasking Ridge, NJ VFD
2002.31June 6, 20022Urn; FlagJohn Holl
2002.32June 10, 20021SketchbookDina Velez
2002.37June 27, 20021NOVA jacketTom Keevey
2002.39July 18, 20021DecalEllen Snyder Grenier
2002.4July 22, 20021SignMike Timpanaro
2002.41July 24, 20021PaintingG. Barrington Jackson
2002.42July 29, 20021T-shirtPurchase
August 7, 20021Bandana
September 11, 20021Vigil Candle
September 19, 20021Electric Candle from Rutgers
2002.43August 1, 20023Pack of Tissues; Chaplain Badge; Part of TreePaul & Lisa Bellan-Boyer
September 5, 20022Boxes of Crayons
2002.44August 1, 20024Pin; Decorated Lunch Bag; 2 Greeting CardsDiscovery Charter School
2002.47September 5, 200243 Pins; 1 PatchNicholas Brenier
2002.48September 9, 20021SweatshirtIman Abdullah
2002.5September 19, 200231 Candle; 2 FlashlightsJeanne Van Steen
2002.51October 2, 20021Dust SamplePaul J. Lioy
2003.22June 30, 20031Painting, "9/11 Memorial, Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ" by Joseph Konopka, 2002Joseph Konopka, Glen Ridge, NJ
2003.25September 2, 20031Souvenir T-shirt "America's 9/11 Ride"Carlos Iturralde
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