Make an Appointment to visit The Historical Society

If a patron would like to schedule an appointment to view a particular manuscript collection at The New Jersey Historical Society, contact the Historical Society library through an e-mail message to and include the following information:

  1. Name, phone number, e-mail and U.S. mail address
  2. Name of manuscript collection, book, map, etc.; the collection’s call number (for manuscripts these are preceded by the letters “MG”) and any pertinent box numbers, folder numbers, etc. (since some collections may contain hundreds of boxes, this will expedite your search).
  3. The date and time you would like to visit the Historical Society **NOTE NEW LIBRARY HOURS** Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 12 noon-5 pm.

Since some of our collections are stored in an off-site facility, this will insure that patrons will be able to access the documents needed on the day of their visit. Normal operating hours areWeds., Thurs., and Sat., 12:00 noon-5:00 p.m. The library reading room is closed for some holidays, contact us concerning holiday week closings. Appointments should be made at least a week in advance to insure that the collections available at other locations can be retrieved for you. A confirmation of your appointment will be e-mailed to you by one of our reference staff.

Please provide as much collection information as possible, and consult the Manuscript Collection Finding Guides if necessary to ensure the proper papers are pulled for you.


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