Reading a Map

Step 1 of 3:  Look at the 1668 Map.

This map shows what we know now as Newark, New Jersey in 1668.  This map shows that one group of people came from the towns of Milford and New Haven and another group from Branford to settle the new town. As is described on the map, the Milford/New Haven settlers are marked in bold numbers, Branford in open-faced numbers. The settlement was divided into lots for the new owners.  Other areas were created for the town’s needs.  By analyzing the map, students will also be introduced to life in 1668 as they are introduced to the issues of a developing town – the need for transportation, a place for animals and homes, the “industry” of timber, and common spaces such as a marketplace.  (This interactive is adapted from our American Stories curriculum.  See the complete 1668 map lesson plan, from our American Stories curriculum.)


Where might this town be?

How many lots are there? Did any owner have more than one plot?

Why might someone have more than one plot?

What did the town have besides a place for homes?

What would a “Watering Place” be used for?

Where would these animals be kept?

What is a “common” fence?

Why is a fence needed?



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