Revolutionary New Jersey Materials at the NJHS

The following is a brief bibliography of only some of the holdings at the New Jersey Historical Society library pertaining to the American Revolution in New Jersey. For additional manuscript collections on the Revolution in addition to what is included below, see also the Archives finding guide for Military Records.

Battle of Monmouth:

  • Gilman, Malcolm B. Monmouth Road to Glory. Red Bank, NJ: Arlington Laboratory for Clinical and Historical Research, 1964. (973.3/G42 – Reading Room)
  • Lewis, Theodore B. “Was Washington Profane at Monmouth?” New Jersey History, Volume LXXXIX, No. 3, (Fall 1971), pages 149-162. (974.9/N421212 – Reading Room)
  • MG 1363 38/9, #3 (Photos-People-Washington) – Image of Washington at the Battle of Monmouth. (Original painting by Emanuel Leutze).
  • Proceedings of a General Court Martial held at Brunswick, in the State of New Jersey, by order of His Excellency General Washington, Commander in Chief of the Army of the United States of America, for the Trial of Major General Lee. July 4th, 1778. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1778. (R.B. 213p – Rare Pamphlet File – 5th Floor Stacks)
  • A Short History of Molly Pitcher: The Heroine of the Battle of Monmouth. Carlisle, PA: Cornman Printing Co., Printed for the District of Cumberland County P.O.S. of A. of Pennsylvania, 1905. (973.3/L23 – Reading Room).
  • Smith, Samuel Stelle, The Battle of Monmouth. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1964. (973.3/S65 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Battle of Monmouth
  • Stryker, William S. The Battle of Monmouth. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1927. (973.3/St812 – Reading Room)
  • Thayer, Thayer, Theodore. Washington and Lee at Monmouth: The Making of a Scapegoat. Port Washington, NY: National University Publications, 1976. (973.383/T338 – Reading Room)

Battle of Paulus Hook:

  • Farrier, George H., ed. Memorial of the Centennial Celebration of the Battle of Paulus Hook. (Includes an account of the Battle). Jersey City, NJ: M. Mullone, Printer, 1879. (973.335/H867j – Reading Room)
  • Richardson, William H. et al. Washington and “The Enterprise Against Powles Hook“. Jersey City, NJ: Published by The New Jersey Title Guarantee and Trust Company, 1938. (973.335/R39 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Battle of Paulus Hook

Battle of Princeton:

  • Bill, Alfred Hoyt. The Campaign of Princeton 1776-1777. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1948. (973.3326/B493 – Reading Room)
  • Princeton Battle Monument. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1922. (Includes an account of the Battle – 973.3326/P93 – Reading Room)
  • Smith, Samuel Stelle, The Battle of Princeton. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1967. (973.3/Sm67 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Battle of Princeton
  • Stryker, William S. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. Boston & NY: Houghton, Mifflin & Company, 1898. (973.3/St811 – Reading Room)

Battle of Trenton:

  • Smith, Samuel Steele. Battle of Trenton. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1965. (973.3/S66 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Battle of Trenton
  • Stryker, William S. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. Boston & NY: Houghton, Mifflin & Company, 1898. (973.3/St811 – Reading Room)

Declaration of Independence and 4 July 1776:

  • Bio Vertical File – Edwards, Sherman [1919-1981], Composer…wrote music & lyrics for “1776”…resident of Boonton Manor, did research for this Broadway show in the Morristown Library
  • 4 July 1776 letter from Abraham Clark (NJ Signer) to Colonel Elias Dayton of the 3rd New Jersey. Clark says…”Our Congress Resolved to Declare the United Colonies Free and Independent States. A Declaration for this purpose, I expect, will this day pass Congress.” Letter printed in New Jersey in the American Revolution, page 218-219. (973.3/N42 – Reading Room)

Reading of the Declaration:

  • In New Brunswick, Trenton, Princeton & Bridgeton…New Brunswick uncertain date, but possibly after 12 August; Trenton, 8th July; Princeton, 9th July; Bridgeton, 7th August. New Brunswick in History, pages 112-113. (974.91/M58n – Reading Room)
  • In Princeton…Quote from the Philadelphia Evening Post describing the reading of the Declaration at Nassau Hall on 9 July 1776. A House Called Morven, page 38. (974.91/M53p2 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Declaration of Independence
  • See also NJ Signers

French Army:

  • Subject Vertical File – French Army March across New Jersey during the American Revolution


  • Bowman, Larry. “The Court-Martial of Captain Richard Lippincot”, New Jersey History, Volume LXXXIX, No. 1, (Spring 1971), pages 23-36. (974.9/N421212 – Reading Room)
  • Bunnell, Paul J. The New Loyalist Index. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1989. (929.107207/B8846 – Reading Room)
  • Coldham, Peter Wilson. American Loyalist Claims. Washington, D.C.: National Genealogical Society, 1980. 929.3/C6733 – Reading Room)
  • Subject Vertical File – Loyalists

Military Manuscripts:

  • EN 267…Alexander Scammell Orderly Book, 1780…page 228 reference to red & green feather in the “hatts” of the Adjutant General and his assistants; page 238, reference to Washington’s concern with the height of non commissioned officers. Contains orders issued at Morristown, Short Hills, Union Township (formerly Connecticut Farms), Springfield, Whippany, Ramapo and Preakness.
  • MG 94…Elias Dayton Papers…includes Dayton’s Commission as Colonel of the Third Battalion of New Jersey Troops, signed by John Hancock, February 9th 1776. Some diary entries are part of this collection, including his entry about the battle of Brandywine.
  • MG 226…1st New Jersey Regiment, “Book of Orders”, 20 November 1777 to 18 February 1778.
  • MG 227… Jersey Brigade Orderly Book, 1780…kept at West Point, New York by John Ross, Brigade Major and Inspector, October 10-30, 1780. Comprising the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd New Jersey Regiments, the Jersey Brigade was then commanded by Colonel Elias Dayton (1737-1807)
  • MG 229… Military record book, 1781-1796…book of orders and quartermaster’s accounts kept by John Speer, a lieutenant in the Essex County Militia and in Captain John Craig’s Company, New Jersey State Troops. The orders were issued 17 July – 4 December 1781
  • MG 230…NJ Militia, Nathaniel Heard’s Brigade, 1776 Orderly Book…begins with July 7, 1776
  • MG 234…Papers of William S. Pennington of Newark…Commission as 2nd Lieutenant, 1780 and Diary written between 4 May 1780 to 23 March 1781 whilst serving in the 2nd Regiment of Artillery
  • MG 833…First NJ Continental Regiment, Account Book 1779-1782

Morris County/Morristown:

  • Bartenstein, Fred & Isabel. A Report on New Jersey’s Revolutionary War Powder Mill. Morristown, NJ: Morris County Historical Society, 1975. (973.3/B2812 – Reading Room)
  • Cataldo, Mary Ann. Morristown: The War Years 1775-1783. Morristown, NJ: Published for the Morristown National Historical Park, 1979. (973.31/M834 – Reading Room)
  • Doremus, George S. Mott. The American Revolution and Morris County. Rockaway, NJ: The Record Print, 1926. (973.3/D73 – Reading Room)
  • Hoskins, Barbara. Men From Morris County New Jersey Who Served in the American Revolution. Morristown, NJ: The Friends of the Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township, 1979. (973.3449/H793 – Reading Room)
  • Smith, Samuel Steele. Winter at Morristown 1779-1780: The Darkest Hour. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1979. (973.336/Sm65 – Reading Room)


  • New Jersey Gazette, 1777-1780 (Shelf C-5 – Newark 5th Floor Stacks)

NJ Signers of the Declaration:

  • Abraham Clark
    Bio Vertical File
    Image – MG 1363 (Photos – People), OS, 2/2
  • John Hart
    Bio Vertical File
    Images – MG 1363 (Photos – People), 15/15
  • Francis Hopkinson
    Bio Vertical File
    Images – MG 1363 (Photos – People), 16/15
  • Richard Stockton
    Bio Vertical File
    Images – MG 1363 (Photos – People), 35/4
  • Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon
    Bio Vertical File
    Images – MG 1363 (Photos – People), 40/13
  • Subject Vertical File – Signers of the Declaration of Independence


  • Franklin, Benjamin
    MG 1363 13/1 (Photos – People – Franklin – Images #9 – #22)
  • Franklin, William
    MG 1363 13/1 (Photos – People – Franklin – Images #1 – #8)
  • Pitcher, Molly see Battle of Monmouth
  • See also NJ Signers

Printed Resources:

  • Armstrong, William C. The Battles in the Jerseys, New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1916. (973.3/Ar 5).
  • Bill, Alfred Hoyt. New Jersey and the Revolutionary War, Rutgers University Press, 1964. (973.3/B596a).
  • Drake, J. Madison. Historical Sketches of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Printed for the Author by the Webster Press, NY, 1908. (973.3/D762) (Part 1 discusses NJ and the Revolutionary War…pages 5-124).
  • Gerlach, Larry R., ed. New Jersey in the American Revolution 1763-1783: A Documentary History, New Jersey Historical Commission, 1975. (973.3/N42).
  • Haven, C.C. Thirty Days in New Jersey Ninety Years Ago: An Essay revealing new Facts in Connection with Washington and his Army in 1776 and 1777, Printed at the “State Gazette” Office, 1867. (973.3/H291).
  • Hoffman, Robert V. The Revolutionary Scene in New Jersey, The American Historical Company, Inc., 1942. (974.9/H6755).
  • Kemp, Franklin W. A Nest of Rebel Pirates: An account of an attack by the British forces on the privateer stronghold at Little Egg Harbor on October 6, 1778; the destruction of the South Jersey village of Chestnut Neck and the attack upon the Pulaski Legion, The Batsto Citizens Committee, 1966. (973.3/K32).
  • Leiby, Adrian C. The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley, Rutgers University Press, 1962. (974.9/L531).
  • Lundin, Leonard. Cockpit of the Revolution: The War for Independence in New Jersey, Princeton University Press, 1940. (974.9/C 972).
  • Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company. Reprint. 1967. (973.344/N42).
  • The Pulse of the People: New Jersey 1763-1789, (Catalogue of an Exhibition held at The New Jersey State Museum, Trenton January 17 through April 4, 1976 and at The New Jersey Historical Society, Newark April 22 through June 16, 1976) (973.3/N421).
  • Ryan, Dennis P. New Jersey in the American Revolution, 1763-1783: A Chronology, New Jersey Historical Commission, 1974. (973.3/R953).
  • Sinclair, Donald Arleigh, et. al. New Jersey and the American Revolution: A Bibliography, Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University, 1995. (016.9733/Si62).
  • Stryker, William S. Historical Monographs, The Adjutant General’s Office, n.d. (973.3/St 813).
  • Stryker-Rodda, Kenn. Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, Hunterdon House, Lambertville, NJ, 1986. (Reading Room Census Shelf).
  • Wright, William C., ed. New Jersey in the American Revolution, New Jersey Historical Commission, Trenton 1976. (974.9/N42h7).

Tea Burnings:

  • January 1774 in Princeton, Mercer County…History of Princeton and Its Institutions, page 102 (974.91/M53p – 2 volumes – Reading Room)
  • 22 December 1774 in Greenwich, Cumberland County. (Subject Vertical File – Greenwich)

Updated 20 July 2001 by Grace Ellen McCann, Reference Librarian.

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