New Jersey History Issue Contents

Spring-Summer, 1998, No. 1
Table of Contents
The Social Anxieties of Progressive Reform: Atlantic City, 1854–1920 David Goldberg
By Martin Paulsson
A Country Place No More: The Transformation of Bergenfield, New Jersey, 1894–1994 Joel Schwartz
By Michael J. Birkner
Suburbs under Siege: Race, Space and Audacious Judges Jonathan Lurie
By Charles M. Haar
The Dysfunctional Party Lex Renda
The Collapse of the New Jersey Whigs, 1849–1853
New Jersey’s Building Contracts and Mechanic Liens Robert W. Craig
“The Uses of Women for the Education of Men” Susan L. Poulson
The Coeducation Debate at Rutgers, 1960–1972

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