Transit Drivers, Honeymooners, Midwives: Collecting and Telling New Jersey Stories – Celebrating NJHS’s 160th Anniversary

For the countless famous people who left indelible marks on New Jersey, there are many others whose stories are unknown. Transit drivers, midwives, honeymooners and housewives all contributed to the culture that is New Jersey. Their seemingly everyday “ordinary” objects help tell the changing story of the state and nation.

Since 1845, The New Jersey Historical Society has been collecting and caring for these objects and the stories they tell. Diaries, receipts, ledger books, letters, scrapbooks, clothing, household items, tools, souvenirs – you name it – contribute to New Jersey’s history.

Join us in celebrating 160 years of collecting those objects and stories. In this exhibition, “meet” guests through the objects they left behind, selected from our museum and library collections. Discover some unknown NJ stories from the past 160 years and find out how they are an important part of the story of America.

There are many stories that make up NJ history, and we’re still collecting. Learn more about what NJHS continues to collect, how we care for the collections, and find out how you can be part of documenting the state’s past, and present. Your stories and objects may help tell New Jersey’s – and the country’s – history over the next 160 years.

Participate in activities in the exhibition – design a paperweight, report your good news “on TV” make a finger puppet, and learn to dance some 1800s dances.

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