Manuscript Group 1045, Aaron Lloyd (1817 – 1905), Dutch Reformed Minister Registry Book, 1840 – 1858

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Manuscript Group 1045, Aaron Lloyd (1817 – 1905), Dutch reformed minister

Registry book, 1840 – 1858, 1 volume

Call Number: MG 1045


Aaron Lloyd’s “Registry Book for the Record of Marriages, Baptisms, and Church Membership” pertains to the following churches where he served as minister:

    1. Phelps, NY.  Presbyterian Church, 1840-1849
    1. New York, NY.  Livingston Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1851-1855
    1. Jersey City, NJ.  Reformed Dutch Church, 1851-1855
    1. New York, NY.  Broadway Hall Mission, 1851-1853
    1. Whitehouse Station, NJ.  Reformed Dutch Church, 1855-1856
    1. Pekin, IL.  First Reformed Dutch Church, 1857-1858

Aaron Lloyd was born in Walnut Creek, Pennsylvania.  He was educated at Rutgers College and at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey.  After abandoning active work in the ministry, he worked in the book business and in 1876 moved to Belleville, New Jersey.  He wrote social articles and was a member of the Anti-Imperialistic Society of
Boston, Massachussetts and of The New Jersey Historical Society.  He was the father of the dramatist David Demarest Lloyd and of Henry Demarest Lloyd, author of Wealth against Commonwealth.

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