Manuscript Group 1101, Larned Family Papers, 1790 – 1863, 1904


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs


Papers, 1790-1863, 1904. 62 items.

Correspondence, wills, and deeds pertaining to the Larned family
of Thompson, Connecticut.  Of special note are documents
pertaining to the Gloucester Turnpike Society for whom Thaddeus
Larned was treasurer, an unidentified diary covering part of 1819
that records the agricultural activities and other business
endeavors of its owner and his participation in religious camp
meetings, and the Master Roll of the 4th Company 2nd Regiment
Cavalry, 1818.  Correspondents and deeds pertain to:

Dresser, Jacob Jr.

Dresser, Esther

Dresser, Jacob

Imlay, John

Larned, George

Larned, Simon

Larned, Abigail

Larned, Helen L.

Larned, Esther

Larned, Frederick

Larned, Daniel R.

Larned, Thaddeus

Larned, Noadiah

Larned, Albert H.

Mather, Pavins

Montgomery, William

Robins, Ezekiah

Robins, Enoch

Robins, Thomas

Russell, Alphus

Spalding, Zadoc

Spalding, Elisha

Spalding, Edward

Tuthill, Jacob F.

Welsh, Moses C.

Wicksham, D.H.

Willson, John




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