Manuscript Group 1103, Newark, NJ Board Of Commissioners Collection, 1917


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs


Collection, 1917.  76 items.

Material collected by the Reverend Joseph F. Folsom concerning
the movement for commission government of Newark and specifically
relating to the November 13, 1917, “Special election for
Five Commissioners.” This collection is chiefly comprised of
campaign literature for many of the 27 candidates, sample ballots
and a few letters to Reverend Folsom, including those from the
Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey.  Information on those
candidates below:

Belfatto, G.M.

Bock, Frank J.

Boettner, Frank A.

Briedenbach, Frederick C.

Denman, Arthur R.

Fettinger, Theodore S.

Guenther, Henry A.

Haussling, Jacob

Headley, Elroy

Howe, John

Johnson, Harry D.

Littlefied, Charles W.

Matthews, John A.

McKiernan, William J.

Moody, E. Erle

Prieth, Benedict

Prout, Fred

Schmidt, Ralph B.

Taylor, Rynier V.

Taylor, Charles P.

Tries, William Jr.




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