Manuscript Group 1245, John Hunt (fl. 1770 – 1824), Farmer Diary (typescript), 1770 – 1800

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Manuscript Group 1245, John Hunt (fl. 1770-1824), Farmer

Diary (typescript), 1770-1800, 3 volumes

Call Number: MG 1245



Journal of a Quaker farmer and craftsman from Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Hunt records his daily activities including planting; reaping; mowing of hay, corn, potatoes, wheat and rye; slaughtering pigs and cows,; building/constructing pumps, cheese presses and plows; and attendance at Meetings for Worship. Of particular interest is Hunt’s description of a smallpox epidemic, Quaker outreach to African and Native Americans, and his interpretation of the earthquake that struck southern New Jersey on November 29, 1783.  Also included are financial
accounts from 1770-1774, and 1810-1813 as well as a copy of J. Hunt’s will dated March 7, 1824.  Note: Highlights of the diary were published in proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society in 1934.

Purchase, 1986.

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