Manuscript Group 1247, Catharine Day Dickinson, (1778 – 1860) Diary, 1836 – 1839


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1247. DICKINSON, CATHARINE DAY (1778-1860)
Diary, 1836-1839.  1 vol.  (photocopy of typescript)

Diary which records the domestic pursuits/activities undertaken
by Catharine Dickinson (1778-1860), her husband, Peter Dickinson
(c.1770-1860) and their sons.  Included are descriptions of
such domestic activities as cooking, cleaning, making of soap,
planting of crops (potatoes, oats, clover, corn beans).  Catharine
also comments on the travels of her sons and husband, the visit
of relatives, the health of the family’s chickens and cows, local
deaths, burials, and marriages, church attendance and the visits
of peddlers.
Transferred from genealogy collection, 1986.



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