Manuscript Group 1248, Charles R. Howell, (1904 – 1973), U.S. Congressman, legislator, Correspondence, 1932 – 1958


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1248. HOWELL, CHARLES R. (1904-1973), U.S.
Congressman, legislator.
Correspondence, 1932-1958.  68 items

Letters from constituents and politicians to Democratic U.S.
Representative, Charles R. Howell.  The bulk of the letters
were sent to Howell during his own term in congress (January 3,
1949-January 3, 1955) asking support for certain political
positions.  Writers request that Howell recognize Communist
China, support the rearmament of Western Europe, and support the
creation of Israel.  Detailed inventory available.
Purchase, 1986




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