Manuscript Group 1259, Terrill Funeral Home, Irvington, NJ



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Manuscript Group 1259, Terrill Funeral Home, Irvington, NJ


Records, 1901-1946, 1.5 linear feet/6 volumes


Number: MG 1259 +Box number








Ledgers of a undertaking enterprise established by David Smith
Terrill in Irvington, New Jersey and subsequently run by C. Hoyt
Terrill and W. Clifton Terrill.  These records provide
information about the decedent’s funeral, (type of coffin, name
of cemetery), and include a great deal of information about the
decedent including his/her last place of residence, age at death,
cause of death.


Gift of Alan A. Siegel, 1986.





The Terrill Funeral Home of Irvington, New
Jersey was established in 1867 by David
Smith Terrill, the first undertaker in the town.  His son, Charles
H. Terrill, and grandson, W. Clifton Terrill, who was also
Irvington’s treasurer (1912-1934), and great grandson, C.
Hoyt Terrill, continued to own and manage the business until
1966.  A nephew, Clifton C. Streeter, then purchased and
managed it with his wife until they closed the business in 1973.
Established first as a store front with a carriage house in the
rear at 35 Orange Avenue, the Terrill Funeral Home moved to 1019
Springfield Avenue, 1055 Springfield Avenue, and in 1926, to 660
Stuyvesant Avenue, a two-story house which included the
Terrill’s living quarters and a five-room complex of parlors
and waiting rooms.



and Content Note:


Ledgers (1901-1946) of  the Terrill Funeral Home in
Irvington, New Jersey (Essex County), indexed alphabetically, provide information about the
decedent’s funeral and expenses (type of coffin, name of
cemetery, where interred, date of funeral, clergyman, telegrams
or notices, transportation), and include the following vital
statistics and mortality data:  name, place of death, age,
color, occupation, marriage status, birthplace, last place of
residence, length of residence in state, spouse’s name,
father and mother’s names and countries of birth,
physician’s name and cause of death.






Box Folder Title Dates
1 1 Terrill Funeral Home, papers:
Computer print-out:  copies of  2
ledgers, correspondence
1928-1946, 1992
1 2 Ledger,  volume 1 1901-1909
2(OS) Ledger, volume 2 1909-1912
3(OS) Ledger, volume 3 1912-1916
4(OS) Ledger, volume 4 1916-1922
5(OS) Ledger, volume 5 1928-1936
6(OS) Ledger, volume 6 1936-1946




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