Manuscript Group 1287, Mintz Hymen B. (1909 – 1986), New Jersey Assemblyman and Collector Manuscript Collection, 1802 – 1911

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Manuscript Group 1287, Hymen B. Mintz (1909-1986), New Jersey assemblyman and collector

Manuscript Collection, 1802-1911, 0.5 linear feet

Call Number: MG 1287 + Folder number



A largely miscellaneous collection of depositions, subpoenas, promissory notes, bills for court costs, deeds, attorneys’ notes and other material pertaining to legal cases tried in the Essex and Bergen Inferior Courts of Common Pleas.  The bulk of the material pertains to civil and criminal cases tried between 1805-1840.  Some of the depositions included in this collection were taken from witnesses who testified in murder, slander, trespass, and assault and battery cases.  The collection includes the letters and case related material of many prominent New Jersey lawyers including:

E. Van Arsale, Jr. Joseph Hornblower
Samuel Cassedy David B. Ogden
Alonzo Church George T. Parrot
Amzi Dodd J. Herbert Potts
Edmund D. Halsey Smith Scudder

Gift of Mrs. Hymen B. Mintz.

Biographical Note:

Hymen B. Mintz (1909-1986) was born in Newark, New Jersey (Essex County).  He was educated at: Lafayette Grammar School, Newark; Central High School, Newark; and at Upsala College where he graduated with an A.B. (1929).  He received a law degree at Rutgers University Law School (1932).  He  was a practicing counselor-at-law, was admitted to the bar in 1933 and became a counselor in 1936. Mintz held public office in the General Assembly as state assemblyman from 1954-1958.  He was an active member of the Essex County Bar Association, the Board of Freeholders (1967-1969), the Upsala College Alumni Association, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Zionist Organization of America.  He was a trustee of Rutgers Law School (1932) and the Boys Club of America.  He was married to Beatrice Altshuler, of Newark, and they had two children, Mark Allen and Joan Ellen.

Provenance Note:

The Mintz Collection was donated to The New Jersey Historical Society on August 4, 1987 by Beatrice A. Mintz (Mrs. Hymen B. Mintz).

Container List:

Folder Title Date
1 Payment Receipt- David Ogden to John Wallis 1802
2 Bill of Costs for Morrison Case 1803
3 Cases of Joseph Hornblower 1805-1807
4 Kingsland Bonds 1817
5 Lease from Joseph Speen  to Samuel Rutan 1817
6 Cases of Amzi Dodd 1817-1835
7 Land Indenture 1818
8 Unidentified Correspondence – New York 1818
9 Pleas before the Inferior Court of Common Pleas 1818-1822
10 Correspondence from Joseph Dennis April 3, 1819
11 Promissory Note- Nathaniel and William Camp 1819
12 Joseph Clark, John Clark, William Clark vs. Abraham Clark 1819-1820s
13 Summons for Court Case: Moses Phillips vs. Abraham Vantonet 1820
14 Account of Rent Due from Tenants at Long House in Bloomfield 1821
15 Bond of Title of Land – Isaac Riker and Cornelius Dey to William M. Miller 1821
16 Case: William Van Duren vs. Alexander Dougherty 1823
17 Promissory Note 1824
18 Debtors Case – Christian Roelfson vs. John Gorobsant 1826
19 Cases of William Pennington 1827
20 State of New Jersey Criminal Cases 1827
21 Case: Brinkerhoff vs. Roberts (NY Supreme Court) 1828
22 Promissory Note (Carmen) 1830
23 Court Summons for James Gardner 1831
24 Case Between Bromley and Spear: Deposition of Nicholas Mandeville 1832
25 Wright Case (deposition) 1833
26 Written Case: Jacob Haff vs. Henry Hilton and Lustro Mason 1834
27 Ryerson Correspondence 1835
28 Promissory Note: James Schoreman 1838
29 Arrest of Patrick Kenny for Debt 1841
30 Executors of David Kinpland 1879
31 Correspondence from Edward Halsey- Lawyer Dec. 19, 1892
32 Correspondence from Dominion Express Co. 1892
33 Correspondence from George Parrot, Counselor  at Law 1899
34 Correspondence from Herbert Potts Law Office 1900
35 Correspondence from Munn and Church Law Firm 1910
36 Correspondence from Vice-chancellor Garrison regarding Dodd vs. Trautuetter 1911
37 An Act to Incorporate the Paterson and Hudson River Rail Road Company n.d.
38 Criminal Cases: The State vs. Various Offenders n.d.
39 Indenture – Joseph Baldwin to Robert Dodd n.d.
40 Material on T. Haskins and Co. n.d.
41 Principles of Arbitrators n.d.
42 Promissory Notes: Freeman Campbell n.d.

Processed by Veronica Pena, September, 1998

Rutgers University


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