Manuscript Group 1310, Louisa (b. 1861) and Jeanette (b. 1873) Hagen, Autograph Albums, 1883 – 1918


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

1310. HAGEN, LOUISA (b. 1861) AND JEANETTE (b. 1873)

Autograph Albums, 1883-1918.  4 vols.


Kept by two sisters, these albums are mainly comprised of
limericks, poems and autographs written by the girls’ friends and
relatives from Bloomfield, New Jersey.  The young women were
the daughters of a German-born weaver, John Hagen and his wife
Elizabeth; the Hagen family including the girls, their parents
and their siblings Henry and Pauline lived in Bloomfield, New




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