Manuscript Group 1331, William H. Smathers (fl. 1940-1941), U.S. Senator Correspondence, 1940 – 1941

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Manuscript Group 1331, William H. Smathers (fl. 1940 – 1941), U.S. Senator

Correspondence, 1940 – 1941, 11 boxes

Call Number: MG 1331


Smathers was a U.S. Senator from New Jersey elected in 1936. Correspondence is primarily from individuals and New Jersey groups concerning America’s entry into the war, Lend/Lease, President Roosevelt, Great Britain, the Neutrality Act and other government programs of the day.  Of the letters concerning the war, the majority are opposed to America’s entry.  There is also a fair amount of anti-Roosevelt, anti-British sentiment.

Gift of the University of Southern Mississippi, 1993.

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