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March 2000



Scope and Content Notes:



The Milford A. Vieser Scrapbook Collection
contains twenty-eight scrapbooks documenting the life of the
Milford Vieser and spans the years 1940-1981.  Milford A.
Vieser was a noted citizen New Jersey and a former Chairman of
the Board of


Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs.  These
scrapbooks have been deacidified.






The Milford A. Vieser Scrapbook Collection
was donated to the Society as a gift from its own former Chairman
of the Board, and collector, Milford A. Vieser in 1991.




Group # 1345


Vieser Scrapbook Collection










ca. 1920’s to 1940’s.  Articles on finance, some
authored by Mr. Vieser.  Photo of Mr. Vieser from Newark
Sunday Call, 1936.



Articles, some by Mr. Vieser.  Clippings.



Personal material, and material on Mutual Benefit.  Mutual
Benefit decides not to move out of Newark, but to build a new
building at Broad and Bridge Streets.



1954 – March 1956.  Material on proposed Mutual Benefit
building.  Letter signed by Vice President Richard Nixon.



1956-1957.  Personal material, clippings etc.  Mr.
Vieser was delegate to the Republican National Convention in San
Francisco.  Mutual Benefit building going up.  Plans
are made for a three-story Mutual Benefit garage to be completed
in 1957.



1957 – February 1958.  Mutual Benefit building
completed and dedicated at ceremonies in October 1957.  Views
of inside and outside of building.  $850 million worth of
securities transferred from old to new building with a great deal
of publicity, armed guards, police escorts.  Mr. Vieser
appointed vice-chairman of state finance committee of GOP.  Mr.
Vieser moves from West Orange to Short Hills.  Mr. Vieser is
appointed United Nations delegate to the housing committee of the
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and goes to Geneva
for meeting.  Picture of Mr. Vieser with Robert and Helen



1958-1959.  Miscellaneous material.



Materials on Mutual Benefit and on Mr. Vieser.  Mr. Vieser
on vacation.



– 1962.  Materials and clippings on Mr. Vieser and
others.  Materials on New Jersey Chief Justice Joseph A.



– 1964.  Photos of Mr. Vieser and Nelson Rockefeller.
Letter signed by Rockafeller.  Mr. Vieser is director of
Mutual Benefit Financial Committee.  One of Mr.
Vieser’s sons marries.



Ca. 1965.  Album of photos, probably taken at a banquet.
Some loose photos, all black and white.



1965?  Mr. Vieser gets honorary Doctor of Laws degree from
Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Photos of Mr. and Mrs.
Vieser with Dr. Peter and Mrs. Sammartino.



Materials on Mr. Vieser and others.



– 1966.  Contains photo of Mr. Vieser with Dwight D.



– 1967.  300th anniversary of founding of Newark.
Materials on Newark Founders Society (Robert Treat Descendants).
Visit from mayor of Newark on Trent.



Personal materials.  Letters signed by Mayor Joseph L.
Alioto of San Francisco.  Letter signed by Richard Nixon.
Pictures of Mr. Vieser with Governor Cahill.  Pictures of
Mr. Vieser with Governor Cahill and with Ronald Reagan.



– 1970.  Studies are made of Drumthwacket.  Photos
of Mr. Vieser’s trip to Italy on the Andrea Doria in 1957.  Photos
of Mr. Vieser with Governor Cahill.  Pictures of Mr.
Vieser’s office at 2 Park Place, Newark.



– 1972.  Invitation to the White House to hear Beverly
Sills perform.  Strap on Ms. Sills’ dress breaks.
She dons her evening coat, a trouper to the end.  Chest pops
out during performance.  Materials from salute to the
President (Nixon) dinner, 1971, for which Mr. Vieser was
chairman.  Pictures of First National Bank of New Jersey.



– 1973.  Pictures of Governor Cahill and Mr. Viser.
Article about New Jersey Historical Society looking for a
“Princeton home.”  C. Douglas Dillon wins New
Jersey Historical Society award.  Mr. Vieser is Director of
New Jersey Historical Society.



Fashion photos of Susan Vieser, model.  Material on the New
Jersey Historical Society.  Photo of Mr. Vieser and Governor
Byrne (1973).  Article describing $800,000 renovation of New
Jersey Historical Society (1973).  Letter signed by Governor
“Bill” (Cahill?).



Milford A. Vieser Day at Waterloo Village, sponsored by New
Jersey Bicentennial Commission, April 7, 1974.  Color photos
of Mr. and Mrs. Vieser, Doctor and Mrs. Sammartino, Thomas Kean,



Bicentennial material.  Mr. Vieser honored at Waterloo.
Dedication of Troast Gallery at New Jersey Historical Society.
Obituaries of Governor Driscoll, and of Chairman of New Jersey
Bicentennial Commission, Richard W. DeKorte.  Photos of Mr.
Vieser with Betty Ford and with New Jersey Justice Richard



– 1976.  More material on celebration of the
bicentennial both state wide and specifically in Millburn.



Robert Lunny is Director of New Jersey Historical Society.  Contains
Volume 121, number 119 of Congressional Record (July 25, 1975),
which contains an article by Mr. Vieser, inserted into the Record
by Republican Millicent Fenwick.  In 1976, Mr. Vieser, then
80 years old, is honored the New Jersey Historical Society at its
annual dinner at Morven, with Governor and Mrs. Byrne.  Photo
of Mr. Vieser with Gerald Ford.



– 1981.  Joan Hull is New Jersey Historical Society
Director.  Twenty-third Annual New Jersey Historical Society
dinner at Morven (December 27, 1979) with Governor and Mrs.
Byrne.  Photo of Mr. Vieser with Barry Goldwater at a
Planned Parenthood benefit.  New Jersey Historical Society
undertakes to prepare Drumthwacket as a residence for Governor
elect Kean.



of Businessweek magazine, February 28, 1959.  Mr.
Vieser featured on cover as “Life insurance man of the



of Executive mansions and capitols of America, by Jean Houston
Daniel and Price Daniel.  Mr. Vieser’s personal
bookplate of inside front cover.



Miscellaneous personal material.  Including wedding photo of
Mrs. Uilser(?).






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