Manuscript Group 1362, Newark, New Jersey Photograph Collection: Newark Area Photograph Album 1900 – 1907

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Manuscript Group 1362, Newark, New Jersey Photograph Collection: Newark Area Photograph Album

Photograph album, 1900-1907, 3 folders

Call Number: MG 1362, box 5A, folders 17-19



Item by item listing of Newark Area building photographs, 1900-1907.  These 4×5 photographs include images of buildings, houses, parks, institutions, churches and areas later incorporated into Newark., New Jersey.  The Salem, New Jersey in the listing is in Essex County.

Listing of Newark area building photographs in this album:

1.   Old hotel on Bloomfield Ave. Bloomfield Pike near Roseville Ave. Erbs Hotel, Oct. 1906.

2.   Bethel Mission-City Dock, Newark, Sept. 1906.

3.   Corner of Green & Broad Street.

4.   Kearny Residence-Belleville Ave., Oct. 1906.

5.   Aschenbach House, South Orange Ave., 1906.

6.   Broad & Clay St., Newark, July 1906

7.   Aschenbach House, South Orange Ave., 1906.

8.   Stone Colonial House, Summer Ave. near Montclair Ave., 1906.

9.   Court House, Newark.

10.  Wallace House, High & Bleecker St., May 1906.

11.  Old & New Court House, July 1906.

12.  Alling Homestead, High St., 1906.

13.  City Hall, July 1906.

14.  Old Trinity, Newark.

15.  Centre St. Bridge.

16.  Incline Place, Morris Canal, High & Academy St., July 1906.

17.  Old Mill opposite Alms House, Elizabeth Sts., July 1906.

18.  Old House on Canal near Dickerson, June 1906. Ad for Wissner Piano on house.

19.  Old House, Elizabeth Ave. opposite Alms House, May 1906.

20.  95 Clinton Ave., Hickory Tree planted for Jackson’s Election.

21.  Old School, Lock Street-, 1907. Hugh Smith on side of building.

22.  Corner of 8th Ave. and Broad now a drugstore, May 1906.

23.  Corner of Lafayette & Broad St., Newark, July 1906.  Signs for McGregor Clothing and the Bergen Printer.

24.  1st Reformed Dutch  Church, Market St., Newark, June 1906.  Music Hall-Newark Advertice Delivery Room Amer Newark Doll Bazaar “Doll Hospital”.

25.  Corner of Market & Mulberry, June 1906.  “Drink Moxie for the Nerves”.

26.  Henry Congar, Old residence opposite Walnut St., July 1906.

27.  Mulberry & Market Streets, Newark, June 1906.

28.  Old House on High St. opposite Sterling, Old Rankin Homestead, sold to Essex Co., Ap. 1907.  From Parsonage Wm. Rankin Developed territory.

29.  Corner of William and Washington Sts., Whittaker Res., formerly Hippd Roof.

30.  Newark Jail, June 1906.

31.  S.W. corner of 8th Ave. and Broad St. May 1906.

32.  Broad Street looking north, west side-June 1906.

33.  Market & Mulberry Sts., Newark, NJ- June 1906.

34.  Passaic River west from Clay St. Bridge.

35.  Hill Residence-Broad St.-Oct. 1906.  “For Sale.”

36.  Hebrew Hospital-Cor. High & Kinney Sts.-July 1906.

37.  Hayes Homestead-Avon & Clinton Avenue Newark, 1902.

38.  Lockwood House-Lock Street.

39.  Corner of Avon & Clinton Ave., Newark-Old Hayes Homestead.

40.  Gov. Pennington’s Residence-High St. “For Sale.”

41.  University Club-Park Place & E. Park St.

42.  590 Broad Street.

43.  Gov. Price Residence-Park Place.

44.  Boudinot Residence -Park Place.

45.  Old Baldwin House-Cor. Mulberry & Oak Sts.-1906.

46.  Old House on Murray St. between Pennsylvania Ave. & Sherman Ave. (47)

47.  Old Coe Homestead-Court St. & Coe Alley-1907.

48.  South Park Pres. Church. Aug.-1906.

49.  Chestnut St.  Station, P.R.R.-Aug. 1906-Abandoned.  “Children’s Temple.”

50.  Home for Crippled Children-Cor. 5th Ave. & Clifton, Newark-Oct. 1906.

51.  Emmett St. Station-Discontinued.

52.  Horse Car Stables-Clinton Ave. & Wright St.-Sept. 1906. M.A. Mullin Livery Co.

53.  The last old house on Clinton Ave. Clinton Ave. & Fabian Place.

54.  Parsonage-House of Prayer-Broad & State Sts.-July 1906.

55.  Old Farmhouse, Clinton Place & Vernon Ave.-Sep. 1906.

56.  House with large porch &

57.  Wagon w/horse.  Large keg on ans the wagon adverty Washington Crosley Co Flour.

58.  Governor’s Hill, Waverly Fair Grounds, Waverley, NJ  About 1897.

59.  Sweet Cider Stand.

60.  Old Rope Walk-Central Ave. & Hudson St.-June 1906.  C. Krertler Rope & Twine M F’R.

61.  Tuckers School(?)-Camp St. -July 1906.  Clothing Store.

62.  Fowles Farmhouse-Elizabeth Avenue. near Hawthorne Ave.-May 1906.

63.  Corner of Market & Mulberry St., Newark.  June 1906.

64.  Fowles Farmhouse-Elizabeth Avenue-near Hawthorne Ave.-May 1906.

65.  Old Bldg. Cor. S. Orange Ave. & Bergen St.-Formerly the Hospital for Women & Children. 1889.

66.  Dr. III Residence.  1002 Broad Street.

67.  7th Ward School-Lock Street.

68.  Mrs. Hudson’s Residence, corner of Tichenor & Orchard St.

69.  Dressell’s Old Book Shop-Sep. 1906.

70.  Old Mill House-8th Ave. & High St. torn down-1902.

71.  Old Newark Insane Asylum-Afterwards the New City Hospital-torn down to make room for the New Hospital.

72.  Hawthorne Ave. & Elizabeth Ave.-Bridge over the stream-now filled up.

73.  Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church, Union, NJ-This church is 150 years old.

74.  Ye Olde Meeker Homestead-Built about 1676-Mr. Grumonds, Lyons Farms, NJ

75.  Chandler House-Waverly Fair Grounds.

76.  Old Morgue-St. Barnabas Hospital-removed 1899.

77.  Mr. Grumond’s Homestead, Lyons Farms, NJ-1906.

78.  Old St. Barnabas Hospital-removed 1906.

79.  Toll Gate, Camptown Road-Now South Belmont Ave. & Clinton Ave.  The chestnut tree was planted 47 years ago.  It is where the gate stood and the gatekeeper had his seat under it.  Winter 1905.

80.  Dr. J. D. Osborne’s Residence-cor. Broad & Chestnut Sts., -Newark.

81.  White Pine Riker’s.

82.  Bridge Tender’s Residence-Old Toll House-Central Crossing, P.R.R.

83.  Large Residence with 4 columns.

84.  Old House–27 Sussex Avenue.

85.  Old Baldwin Homestead-S. Orange Ave.-Vailsburg-1906.

86.  Old Residence-Bloomfield Ave. near Highland Ave., Newark. Oct. 1906.

87.  Old School-Waverly, NJ

88.  Mr. Grumond’s Res., Lyons Farms.

89.  Old Stone Farm House-Road to South Orange-near Ivy Hill-Oct. 1906.

90.  Clinton Avenue., Irvington-just beyond city line of Newark.

91.  Old House-Belleville Pike-Second River-opposite Old Paint Mill.

92.  Old House-Elizabeth Avenue, Lyons Farms.

93.  Road to Waverly-Elizabeth Avenue.

94.  Old Building on Elizabeth Ave. road to Lyons Farms.

95.  Old Farm House-S. Orange Ave., S. Orange.  Latonia Farm Now.

96.  Old Bathgate Property-Roseville Ave. Near Bloomfield Ave. Oct. 1906.

97.  Old Residence-Elizabeth Ave., Lyons Farms-1902.

98.  Old Bathgate Property-Roseville Avenue near Bloomfield-Oct. 1906.

99.  Old House-Irvington Road to S. Orange.

100.  John J. Blair Birthplace-Road between Budgeville & Hope -Warren Co., NJ-1900.

101.  Old Mill-Stockholm, NJ-1906.

102.  Moravian Chruch- Hope, NJ-Now a hotel-1900.

103.  Sussex Co., NJ-Tuttles Corner.  Old Hotel on road to Owego, NY

104.  Old house in Waverly Fair Ground- Sep. 1906.

105.  Old Farmhouse-Lyons Farms-1900.

106.  Ruins of Old Hunt Homestead-Warren Co.-Yellow frame.

107.  Frelinghuysen Residence-Washington St.-Now. Sep. 1906.

108.  Demarest St.-Back of Clinton Place-Residence.  1907.

109.  Cap. Gye Residence-Clinton Place-Newark-1907.

110.  Old House back of Clinton Place on Demarest St.-May 1907.

111.  Price Homestead cor. Pennington & Orchard-May 1907.

112.  NJ College of Pharmacy-1907.

113.  Old House-Warren St.-Opposite Newton(?)-1907.

114.  Old Stone House-8th Ave.  formerly Quarry St.-96 Quarry St.

115.  Old Residence-Back of West Clinton Rd. on way to So. Orange.1907.

116.  Old Elm-Chadwick Ave. & Clinton Ave., Newark-1907.

117.  Colored Presbyterian Church-Plane St., City. 1907.

118.  Fine Old Elm-Chadwick & Clinton Ave., Newark-1907.

119.  Early Newark Home-369 Plane St. 26 Plane St.-North Side near Market. 1907.

120.  Carrington House-Broad St. 1908.

121.  Lathrop House-Broad St. 1908.

122.  Old Wooden House.

123.  Corner of James & Plane Sts.  1908.

124.  Price Mansion-Mulberry near Franklin St.-West Side.

125.  This house was removed from S.W. cor. of Broad & Market Sts. to the Gruman Farm-rear of 13 Beach St.

126.  Formerly Russell St.-26 Orchard-Built by Wm. Gruman-about 1829-June.1907.

127.  Old house rear of 42 Walnut St. now owned by Mr. Bugfds? June 1907.

128.  Old Farm House-Summer Ave.-East Side.

129.  Devine Healing Hospice-Bergen St. near 13th Ave. June 1907.

130.  Old House in Mulberry St. between Franklin & Green St. West Side.

131.  Old Frame Houses North Side of Franklin between Broad & Mulberry. 1907.

132.  Pultue? & Washington (House)

133.  Corner of East Park & Division Pl., Newark, 1907.

134.  Commere Street School-1907.

135.  From Rector St. showing Peddie Memorial  & Park Place.

136.  Waverly Park-Old House in Kelsey.

137.  1st House built in Cottage St.

138.  Memorial Canal from Sussex Avenue North. 1907.

139.  Morris Canal West From Plane St. 1907.

140.  Old House-Waverly Park below Kelseys.

141.  C.B. Smith Co.-Druggists.

142.  Crane Residence-Cor. Hill and

143.  Old House on the road to South Orange-Clinton Ave.  Road-1908.

144.  Hemlock Falls near South Orange.

145.  Falls above Hemlock Falls near So. Orange, NJ.

146.  Dam-Old Mill-Salem, NJ  near Lyons Farms.

147.  Old Mill-Salem, NJ  near Lyons Fams.

148.  Salem, NJ  near Lyons Farms.

149.  Old Mill-Salem, NJ  near Lyons Farms.

150.  Weequahic Park-Waverly, NJ.

151.  Weequahic Park-Waverly, NJ. (Missing)

152.  Old Farm House in Weequahic Park, Waverly, NJ.

153.  Stone House on Kingland Road near Nutley, NJ.

154.  Remains of the Stone Work of old Bloomfield Bridge-Morris Canal.

155.  Tunnel on Lehigh Valley, R.R. near Bellwood, NJ.

156.  Second River-Old Snuff Mill-1904.

157.  Chimneys of the Old Rolling Mill Second River, Newark-1900.

158.  Old Snuff Mill-Old Paint Mill-Second River, Newark-1900.

159.  Old Mill Wheel-Second River, Newark.

160.  Ruins of Snuff or Paint Mill-Second River, Newark-Birdswoods.

161.  Old Mill Wheel-Second River, Newark. 1900.

162.  Snuff Mill – Second River-1906.

163.  North Broad From Tichenor-Feb. 1905.

164.  North Broad St.-Jan. 26, 1905. Snowy.

165.  Newark, NJ- Orchard St. North-Jan. 26, 1905. Snowy.

166.  Newark, NJ  Church . Jan. 1905. Snowy.

167.  South Park Church, Newark-taken while there was a slight drizzle. Snowy.

168.  South on Broad St.-St. Paul’s Church-Jan. 1905.  Slight Drizzle.

169.  Park with boulders.

170.  Park or golf fairway.

171.  Park.

172.  Park.

173.  Water area of park?

174.  Park.

175.  Water area of park.

176.  Park.

177.  Water area of park.

178.  Kearny House, Belleville Avenue. Newark.

179.  Old House on Road to So. Orange-Ivy Hill.

180.  Orange St. opposite Humbuoldt St.

181.  Old Store-Plane St.

182.  Old House-Bloomfield Pike, Newark.

183.  Old House on Old Bloomfield Pike, Nwk.

184.  Old House-Bloomfield Pike, Newark.

185.  Ballantine House(?)-Front St. Newark.

186.  Wooden House.

187.  Corner of Canfield St. & Washington-Stage Ticket Office-& Newark.

188.  Sermon cut on tree-Beach tree-Brice’s Woods, “Nere My God to Thee”, Waverly, NJ

189.  Park House, Park Pl.-Photo by W.H. Broadway.

190.  Irvington Town Hall-Campton School.1906.

191.  Wm. Hays Ward Residence-Abington Ave. 1906.

192.  Corner of Broad & Belleville Ave., Newark-Chandler’s Feed Store-site of Ogden Mansion once visited by Thomas Moore.

193.  82 Park Place. Dr. Reed Marian Harland-Park Place was more secluded when Marian Harland occupied this dwelling.

194.  Residence of John Y. Foster, next door to the old Stedman House.

195.  Edmund Clarence Stedman.  Printed photograph

196.  In this modest dwelling Ray Palmer composed many of his sacred lyrics.

197.  Brunswick Street House once the home of the gifted Gilders.

198.  129 Chester Avenue corner Lincoln ?

199.  Birthplace of Stephen Crane, the great exponent of the subjective in fiction.  19 Mulberry Pl.

200.  House.

201.  In the home on the right as you face the picture, lived and died the author of “Ben Bolt.”

202.  Dr. Coles’ Statue.  Washington Park, Newark.  June 1906.

203.  Amanda Douglas’ Residence-212 Broad St., Newark. Oct. 1906.

204.  Amanda Douglas’ Residence-470 Summer Avenue.

205.  Cockloft Hall-Still stands -Old Cockloft Hall, relic of the Rollicking Salimagundi Days.

206.  Stedman Residence.

207.  Houses along river with mountains.-W.A. Halsey Exhib.1 NCC (Newark Camera Club).

208.  Firetower? Newark?

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