Manuscript Group 1375, Alvin Aster (fl. 1930 – 1940), Photographer Negative Collection (35mm), 1930’s – 1940’s

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Manuscript Group 1375, Alvin Aster (fl. 1930-1940), Photographer

Negative Collection (35mm), 1930s-1940s, 2.5 linear feet
Call Number: MG 1375 + box & folder number


Alvin Aster was a photographer of historic building sites, and monuments in New Jersey and other nearby states. He was also a member of the Orange Camera Club. The negatives consist mostly of scenes of New Jersey towns such as Elizabeth, Princeton, Morristown, Perth Amboy, East Orange, and over 200 other localities. Images contain views of historic sites, buildings, monuments, churches, the George Washington Bridge construction, parades, bridges, guard houses, Revolutionary War sites and headquarters, Quaker meeting houses, parks, wilderness, foundries, barracks, mills, mines, schools, the Morris Canal, and houses of prominent and historic citizens. Several images are by Francis N. Lord. The collection also includes scenes from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and elsewhere as well as many scenes of New York World’s Fair, (1939).

Organizational Note:

The first section is organized by Aster’s 4×5 negative album notations (A-L) and then arranged numerically.  The second section consists of 35mm negative strips denoted and is section “M.” A-L are listed individually while section “M” is listed by town.

Image List:

Aster Negatives

Item#:         Condition:                      Date:                         Place:                      Box#:        Series #:

A01-A06      Good                      1940s      New Brunswick.     1/01

New Brunswick, Buccleuch Mansion;

A07-A09      Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, St. John’s Church;

A10-A11       Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.           1/01

Elizabeth, First Presbyterian Church;

A12           Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Carteret Arms;

A13          Good                       1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, DeHart House 1766;

A14           Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Old Chateau 1760;

A15          Good                       1940s      Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Boudinot Mansion/Boxwood Hall 1750;

A16           Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Belcher Mansion (Princeton);

A17          Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Bornelle House 1682;

A18          Good                       1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Williamson House 1776;

A19          Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          1/01

Elizabeth, Grave of Hannah Arnet (1st Presbyterian Church);

A21-22        Good                         1940s       Plainfield.          1/01

Plainfield, Friends Meeting House 1788;

A23-24       Good                       1940s      Union.              1/01

Union, Conneticut Farms Presbyterian Church;

A25          Good                      1940s      New Brunswick.     1/01

New Brunswick, Old Dutch Church

A26-A27      Good                        1940s      Cranbury.           1/02

Cranbury, Presbyterian Church;

A28-30       Good                       1940s       Crosswicks.        1/02

Crosswicks, Friends Meeting House;

A34-36       Good                       1940s       Bordentown.        1/02

Bordentown, Clara Barton’s School;

A37-38       Good                      1940s      Bordentown.         1/02

Bordentown, House of Patience Tongas;

A39          Good                      1940s      Bordentown.        1/02

Bordentown, American Hospital;

A40-41       Good                      1940s      Bordentown.        1/02

Bordentown, Home of Francis Hopkinson;

A42         Good                      1940s      Bordentown.       1/02

Bordentown, Home of Joseph Borden;

A43          Good                       1940s       Crosswicks.         1/02

Crosswicks, Tree before Friends Meeting House;

A45-47        Good                        1940s       Burlington.          1/02

Burlington, St. Mary’s P.E. Church;

A49         Good                      1940s      Burlington.        1/02

Burlington, Home of James Fenimore Cooper and Capt. Joseph Lawrence;

A51          Good                        1940s      Burlington.         1/02

Burlington, Ravel House 1685;

A52          Good                        1940s      Burlington.         1/02

Burlington, Blue Anchor Tavern 1751 and Alcazar Hotel

ASS          Good                        1940s       Burlington.         1/03

Burlington, Friends Meeting House;

A54-55       Good                        1940s       Mt. Holly.          1/03

Mt. Holly, Friends Meeting House;

A56-57       Good                        1940s      Mt. Holly.          1/03

Mt. Holly, Courth House 1796;

ASS:          Good                        1940s       Mt. Holly.          1/03

 Mt. Holly, Brainard School;

A59:         Good                        1940s       Mt. Holly.          1/03

Mt. Holly, Stephen Girard House;

A60-62:      Good                      1940s       Mt. Holly.         1/03

Mt. Holly, House of John Woolman;

A63-64:      Good                        1940s       Lawrenceville.      1/03

Lawrenceville, Presbyterian Church 1761;

A65-66        Good                        1940s       Princeton.          1/03

Princeton, Nassau Hall;

A67           Good                       1940s       Princeton.           1/03

Princeton, Presbyterian Church;

A68:          Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/03

Princeton Chapel;

A69:         Good                        1940s       Princeton.          1/03

Princeton, Nassau Inn;

A70:         Good                       1940s       Princeton.         1/03

Princeton Battle Monument

A71:          Good                         1940s       Princeton.           1/04

Princeton Library;

A72          Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/04

Princeton, Beatty House:

A73:         Good                       1940s      Princeton.         1/04

Princeton, Marker-Colonel Mawhood;

A74-75       Good                       1940s       Princeton.         1/04

Princeton, Old Worth Mill 1715;

A76-80        Good                        1940s        Elizabeth.          1/04

Elizabeth, First Presbyterian Church;

A81-84       Good                        1940s       Burlington.          1/04

Burlington, Old House;

ASS          Good                       1940s       Burlington.         1/04

Burlington, Boudinot House

A86          Good                       1940s       Washington Crossi   1/05

Washington Crossing Inn (PA side);

A87          Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/05

Princeton, Morven;

A88-A91      Good                        1940s      Princeton.          1/05

Princeton, Nassau Hall;

A92-96       Good                       1940s       Princeton.         1/05

 Princeton, New Chapel;

A97          Good                       1940s      Crosswick.         1/05

Crosswick, Meeting House

B01          Good                       1940s       Somerville.         1/06

Somerville, Washington’s Crossing;

B02          Good                       1940s      Somerville.        1/06

Somerville, Washington’s Headquarters;

BOS          Good                       1940s       Somerville.        1/06

Somerville, Old House;

B04-B05      Good                       1940s      Somerville.         1/06

Somerville, Frelinghuysen House;

B06-B07      Good                       1940s      Newark.             1/06

Newark, Trinity Church;

B08-B09      Good                       1940s      Newark.             1/06

Newark, Old First Church;

B10          Good                      1940s      Newark.            1/06

Newark, House of Prayer;

B11-B12      Good                       1940s      Morristown.         1/06

Morristown, Vail: House;

B13          Good                      1940s      Morristown.        1/06

Morristown, Speedwell Iron Works;

B14-B17      Good                       1940s      Morristown.         1/06

Morristown, Washington’s Headquarters;

B18          Good                       1940s       Morristown.        1/06

Morristown, Washington’s Headquarters Statue;

B20           Good                         1940s        Bernardsville.       1/06

Bernardsville, Old Mill

B21           Good                          1940s       Bernardsville.        1/07

Bernardsville, Old Mill;

B22-B23      Good                       1940s       Basking Ridge.      1/07

Basking Ridge, Old Church;

B24-B25      Good                        1940s      Basking Ridge.      1/07

Basking Ridge, Graveyard;

B26          Good                       1940s       Basking Ridge.      1/07

Basking Ridge, Old Oak;

B27           Good                        1940s       Springfield.        1/07

Springfield Church & Statue of Rev. Caldwell;

B28-B29      Good                      1940s       South Orange.      1/07

South Orange, Timothy Ball House;

B30-B31      Good                        1940s      Madison.            1/07

Madison, First Presbyterian Church;

B32-B33:     Good                        1940s       Madison.            1/07

Madison, Bottle Hill Inn;

B34          Good                      1940s      Madison.           1/07

Madison, Sayer House;

B35          Good                      1940s       Madison.           1/07

Madison, Major Muller House;

B36-B37      Good                      1940s       Madison.           1/07

Madison, House;

B38          Good                       1940s      Morristown.         1/07

Morristown, Vail’s House;

B39         Good                      1940s      Medhem.           1/07

Mendham, Black Horse Tavern;

B40          Good                      1940s      Whippany.          1/07

Whippany, Church

B41-B42      Good                       1940s       Somerville.         1/08

Somerville, Washington’s Headquarters;

B43-45       Good                        1940s       Rocky Hill.         1/08

Rocky Hill, Washington’s Headquarters;

B46-B48      Good                        1940s      Princeton.          1/08

Princeton, Nassau Hall;

B49          Good                        1940s       Princeton.          1/08

Princeton, Barracks;

B50-B53      Good                      1940s      Princeton.         1/08

Princeton, dark House & Monument to Mercer;

B54-B55      Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/08

Princeton, Friends Meetting House;

B56          Good                       1940s       Princeton.         1/08

Princeton, Cemetery;

B57          Good                        1940s       Princeton.          1/08

Princeton, Grave of Richard Stockton;

B58          Good                      1940s       Broundbrook.       1/08

Bound Brook, La Tourette House;

B59          Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        1/08

Hackensack, Mansion House;

B60          Good                      1940s      Hackensack.         1/08

Hackensack, Enoch Poor Statue, Hotel, Cemetery

B61-B67      Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        1/09

Hackensack Church;

B68-B70      Good                       1940s      Princeton.          1/09

 Princeton, “Tuscalum”;

B72-B74      Good                        1940s      Princeton.          1/09

Princeton, Avalon;

B76          Good                       1940s       Princeton.         1/09

Princeton, Cemetery (Presbyterian);

B77          Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/09

Princeton, Morven;

B78          Good                      1940s      Princeton.         1/09

Princeton, Brumthwacket Lodge;

B79-B80      Good                       1940s       Princeton.          1/09

Princeton, Westland (Cleveland House);

B81          Good                      1940s      Princeton.         1/09

Princeton Monument;

B82-B83      Good                      1940s      Princeton.         1/09

Princeton, Drumtwacket Lodge;

B84-B85      Good                      1940s      Princeton.          1/09

Princeton, “Tuscalum”;

B86-B87      Good                      1940s      Morristown.        1/09

Morristown, Ford House;

B88-B90      Good                       1940s      Broundbrook.        1/09

Bound Brook, La Tourette

C06-C14      Good                       1940s       Somerville.        1/10

Somerville, Washington’s Headquarters,

C15-C16.      Good                        1940s       Princeton.          1/10

Princeton, Raritan Canal,

C17-C18.     Good                      1940s       PA                 1/10

Pennsylvania, Lehigh Coal & Nav. Co. Canal,

C19-C23.    Good                      1940s      New Hope.          1/10

New Hope, Lehigh Canal,

C24-C26.    Good                      1940s      New Hope.          1/10

New Hope, Parry? House,

C27.         Good                      1940s      Washington Crossi  1/10

Washington Crossing, Thompson House,

C28-C29.     Good                      1940s                         1/10

Vicinity of Thompson House,

C30          Good                       1940s       Lahaska.           1/10

Pennsylvania, Inn at Lahaska,

C31-C33.     Good                        1940s       Lahaska.            1/10

Vicinity of Lahaska,

C34.         Good                     1940s       Buckingham.       1/10

Buckingham, Meeting House,

C35.         Good                       1940s      Doylestown.         1/10

Doylestown Inn,

C36.         Good                       1940s       Hartsdale.         1/10

Hartsdale, Meeting House,

C37-C40.     Good                       1940s       Hartsdale.          1/10

Hartsdale?, Crooked? building,

C41.         Good                        1940s      Hartsdale.          1/10

Hartsdale?, Presbyterian Church,

C42.         Good                        1940s       Valley Forge, Pa.   1/10

Valley Forge, Washington’s Headquarters,

C43-C48.      Good                       1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.   1/10

Philadelphia, Independence Hall.

C49          Good                       1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.   1/11

Penn House, Fairmont Park.

C50          Good                       1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.   1/11

Sweet Briar House, Fairmont Park.

C51-C59      Good                       1940s      Pocono Mtns, Pa.    1/11

Pocono Mountains, Bush Hill Falls.

C60          Good                      1940s      Washington Cross!   1/11

McKonkey  Ferry House.

C61-C66     Good                     1940s     PA                1/11

Thompson House.

C67          Good                      1940s      New Hope. Pa.      1/11

Parry House.

C68-C69      Good                       1940s       Stafford, Pa.       1/11

Eagle School House.

C70           Good                        1940s       King of Prussia, Pa. 1/11

King of Prussia Inn.

C71-72       Good                      1940s      Waynesboro, Pa.    1/11

Waynesboro house.

C73-C76      Good                       1940s      Valley Forge. Pa.   1/11

Washingon’s Headquaters.

C77           Good                       1940s       Valley Forge. Pa.    1/11

Letitia Penn School.

C78-C81      Good                        1940s       PA                  1/11

Child’s Park Falls, Pa.

C82          Good                       1940s      Pocono Mtns., Pa.   1/12

Laurel in Pocono Mountains.

C83-C88      Good                      1940s       Pocono Mtns., Pa.  1/12

 Broad Head Crek Road, Pa.

C89         Good                     1940s      PA                1/12

Buckingham Quaker School

C90         Good                     1940s      PA?               1/12

Dey House-Prekeness?

C91          Nitrate                     1940s       Stockton.           1/12

House, outside Stockton, NJ Lochtown?

C92          Good                       1940s      Nutley.             1/12


C93           Nitrate                     1940s       Stockton.            1/12

Covered  Bridge outside Stockton, NJ.

C94           Nitrate                     1940s       Stockton.            1/12

House, outside Stockton.

C95           Nitrate                     1940s       Brenswich, NY.      1/12


C96-C97       Nitrate                      1940s        Philadelphia. Pa.    1/12

Wordford, Philadelphia.

C98          Good                       1940s       Morris Turnpike.    1/12

Antiques shop/house.

C99-C99a&    Spotting                    1930s      Asbury Park.        1/12

Moro Castle ship run aground at Asbury Park.

D01-D06      Good                      1940s      Tappan. NY.       1/13

Rogers House.

D07-D08      Good                     1940s      Tappan, NY.        1/13

Andre House.

D09-D10      Good                       1940s      Palisades. NY.      1/13

The Big House.

D11-D12      Good                       1940s       Sneden’s Landing,  1/13

Sneden’s Landing.

D13         Good                     1940s      New York. NY.     1/13

Dykman House.

D14-D16      Good                      1940s      New York. NY.      1/13

Van Cortland House.

D17-D19      Good                       1940s       White Plains, NY.   1/13

Washington’s Headquarters.

D20          Good                       1940s      New Rochelle. NY.   1/13

 Pintard House.

D21          Good                     1940s      New Rochelle. NY.  1/13

Thomas Paine House.

D22         Good                     1940s      New Rochelle, NY. 1/13

Thomas Paine Monument

D23         Good                      1940s      New Rochelle, NY? 1/13

Huguenot?? School House.

D24         Good                      1940s     New Rochelle.      1/13

Huguenot?? cemetary monument.

D25          Good                       1940s      Yonkers. NY.        1/13

Philipse House.

D26-D27      Good                       1940s      Yonkers. NY.       1/13

St. John’s Church-Philipse.

D28          Good                      1940s      Dobbs Ferry, NY.    1/13

Dobbs Ferry-Livingston?? House.

D29         Good                    1940s                      1/13

Rochambeau? Monument

D30          Good                       1940s      Irvington, NY.      1/13

living Monument.

D31          Good                     1940s       Harmon. NY.       1/13

Van Cortland House.

D32          Good                       1940s       Tarrytown, NY.     1/13

Philipse House.

D33         Good                      1940s      Tarrytown. NY.    1/13

Andre Monument.

D34-D36      Good                       1940s      Tarrytown, NY.      1/13

Sleepy Hollow.

D37-D38      Good                      1940s      Elmsford, NY.      1/13

Elmsford Church.

D39          Good                      1940s       Elmsford, NY.      1/13

Ledger House (O’Brien’s Chateau).

D40          Good                        1940s       Elmsford. NY.       1/13


D41          Good                       1940s                         1/14

Fake Mill Sawmill River Road?

D42-D43      Good                        1940s      Staten Island, NY.  1/14

Old House.

D44          Good                       1940s      Staten Island. NY.  1/14

Garibaldi Monument.

D45-D46      Good                       1940s       Dongen Hills?      1/14

Perrine House.

D47          Good                      1940s      New Dorp???        1/14

Cortelysan? House

D48-D49      Good                      1940s      New Dorp???        1/14

Moravian Church.

D50          Good                     1940s      Richmond. NY.      1/14

St. Andrews Church.

D51           Good                        1940s       Tottensvilles, State 1/14

Bellop House.

D52-D62      Good                       1940s       New Paltz, NY.      1/14


D63-D70      Good                        1940s       Kingston, NY.       1/14


D71-D73      Good                      1940s      Bear Mountain, NY.  1/14

Queensboro Furnace. Bear Mountain Park?

D76-D77      Good                       1940s       New Paltz. NY.      1/14


D78          Good                      1940s      Greenwich, Conn.   1/14

Putnam House.

E01          Good                      1940s       Nutley.            2/01

Kingsland House (The Nutley Rest Home).

E02          Good                       1940s       East Orange.       2/01

Soverell House.

E04-E06      Good                      1940s      Newark.            2/01

Newark School.

E07           Good                        1940s       Ralston.            2/01

Ralston Post Office.

E08           Good                         1940s       Ralston.             2/01

Ralston Mill.

E09          Good                      1940s      New Market.        2/01


E10-E12      Good                      1940s      Morristown.        2/01

Tempy Wicks house.

E13          Good                       1940s      Jockey Hollow.      2/01

Jockey Hollow sign.

E14          Good                        1940s       Alpine Landing.     2/01

Cornwallis house. Alpine Landing.

E16-E17       Good                          1940s        Fair-field.          2/01

Fair-field church.

E18          Good                       1940s       Fairfield.         2/01

Chautaugua house.

E19-E19a     Good                        1940s      Passiac.            2/01

Passiac church.

E20-E21      Good                      1940s       Woodbridge         2/01


E22-E25      Good                      1929        East Orange.       2/01

American Legion Parade.

E26-E35      Good                      1929        East Orange.       2/02

 American Legion Parade.

E36           Good                        1940s       East Orange.        2/02

City Hall.

E37-E44      Good                                   Fort Lee.          2/02

George Washington Bridge construction.

E45          Good                       1940s      Fort Lee?           2/02

Ferry boats

E46          Good                       1940s      Fort Lee.          2/02

 George Washington Bridge construction.

E47          Good                        1940s      Palisades.          2/02

Palisades along Hudson River.

E48          Good                        1940s      Palisades.          2/02

Bridge along Hudson River in Palisades.

EE01-EE05    Good                        1940s      Waterloo.           2/03

Waterloo Mill.

EE06-EE01    Good                       1940s      Split Rock.         2/03

Split Rock Furnace.

EE13-EE20    Good                        1940s      Waterloo.           2/03

Waterloo Mill.

EE21        Good                     1940s      Weehawken.        2/03

Hamilton Monument.

EE22         Good                       1940s       Califon.           2/03

Califon Furnace.

EE23-EE26   Good                      1940s      Greenwood Lake.    2/03

Greenwood Lake Furnace.

EE27         Good                       1940s      Pompton Hills.     2/03

Pompton  Hills furnace.

EE28         Good                      1940s       Hudson River.      2/03

Hudson River.

EE29         Good                      1940s      Newburgh. NY.     2/03

General Knox Headquarters.

EE30-EE31    Good                      1940s      Newburgh. NY.      2/03

Washington’s Headquarters.

EE32         Good                       1940s      Hudson River.      2/03

Hudson  River.

EE33          Good                       1940s       Stony Point.        2/03

Stony River.

EE34-EE35    Good                     1940s      Morristown.        2/04

Fort Nonsense.

EE36-EE37    Good                      1940s      Morristown.        2/04

 Washington’s Headquarters.

EE38          Good                        1940s       Long Valley.        2/04

 Main street.

EE39-EE41     Good                        1940s       Tranquility.        2/04

Tranquility furnace.

EE42          Good                         1940s       Mountainville.       2/04

 Mountainville Mill.

EE43         Good                        1940s       Neshanic.           2/04

Neshanic Mill/bridge.

EE44-EE45    Good                      1940s      Perth Amboy.       2/04

 Gov. Franklin House.

EE46-EE47    Good                       1940s      Perth Amboy.       2/04

Parker Castle.

EE48         Good                       1940s      Perth Amboy.        2/04

Old house, Willock’s Lane.

EE49         Good                      1940s      Preakness.         2/04

Dey House.

EE50         Good                       1940s       Avian?, Del.       2/04

Covered bridge.

EE51          Good                       1940s       High Point?         2/04

High Point Park.

EE52-EE54    Good                       1940s       Sussex.             2/04

Fort Minisink.

EE55-EE57    Good                      1940s      Hope.              2/04

Hope, NJ mill.

EE58         Good                      1940s      Hope.              2/04

Hope, NJ bridge.

EE59         Good                     1940s       Fort Matamoras, Pa 2/04

Fort Matamoras, Pa.

EE60         Good                       1940s                         2/04

Delaware River (below gap).

EE61         Good                        1940s       Burlington.         2/04

Delaware River bridge.

EE62          Good                       1940s       Marksboro.          2/04

Cerasta Mill.

EE63          Good                        1940s       Marksboro.           2/04

Paulin’s Kill.

EE68-EE69    Good                     1940s       Ringwood.         2/04

Ringwood, Erskine mansion?

EE70         Good                       1940s      Allentown.          2/04

Imlay house.

EE71         Good                      1940s      Bordentown.        2/04

Murat Row.

F01          Good                       1940s      Germantown, Pa.    2/05


F02          Good                       1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.   2/05

Quaker Meeting House.

F03          Good                       1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.  2/05

Old Swedes Church.

F04           Good                        1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.   2/05

Christ Church.

F05           Good                         1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.    2/05

Carpenter’s Hall.

F06           Good                         1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.    2/05

Mt. Pleasant.

F07           Good                        1940s        Philadelphia. Pa.   2/05

St. Peter’s Church.

F08           Good                        1940s       Philadephia, Pa.    2/05


F14          Good                        1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.   2/05

Covered bridge over the Delaware.

F15-F16      Good                      1940s      Westfield.         2/05

Sip house, Wychwood?? Westfield.

F17           Good                       1940s       Plainfield.         2/05

Washington  Headquarters.

F18-F20      Good                       1940s       Hewitt?            2/05

Old Wheel.

F21-F22      Good                       1940s       Tappen.            2/05

Old Stone house/Andre’s Prison.

F23-F24      Good                       1940s      Valley Forge. Pa.   2/05

Varnum  Headquarters?

F25-F26      Good                        1940s      Radnor.             2/05

St. David’s Church.

F27           Good                       1940s       Kingston.            2/05


F28          Good                       1940s       Hurley??           2/05

Old Hurley-Guard house.

F29          Good                       1940s      Hurley??           2/05

Old Hurley Van Dusen? Headquarters.

F30          Good                        1940s      Hurley??            2/05

Old Hurley headquarters.

F31          Good                     1940s       PA                2/05

Plymouth Meeting House, Pa.

F32-F33      Good                       1940s      Newburgh. NY.      2/05

Washington’s Headquarters.

F34          Good                     1940s      Germantown.        2/05

Dunkind? Church

F35          Good                      1940s       Germantown, Pa.    2/05

Wistar house.

F36          Good                      1940s      Germantown.       2/05

Shippen house.

F37          Good                     1940s      Germantown, Pa.    2/05

Chew house.

F38          Good                      1940s      Germantown. Pa.     2/05

Morris-Washington Headquarters?

F39          Good                        1940s      Germantown, Pa.     2/06

Gilbert Stuart barn.

F40         Good                      1940s      Germantown.        2/06

Academy (school).

F41          Good                      1940s      Germantonw, Pa.    2/06

Mennonite Church.

F42-F43      Good                       1940s       Dingman’s Ferry, P 2/06

Dingman’s Ferry, house.

F44-F47      Good                      1940s       Brunswick, NY.     2/06

Brunswick 1776 House.

F48          Good                      1940s       Princeton.         2/06

Leonard House.

F49          Good                      1940s       Brunswick, NY.     2/06

Brunswick, NY parsonage.

F50-F51       Good                          1940s        Allaire.             2/06

Allaire building.

F52           Good                        1940s        Lawrenceville.      2/06

Phillips Tavern.

F53-F54      Good                       1940s      Andover.            2/06


F55-F57      Good                       1940s                           2/06

Delaware River.

F58-F59       Good                        1940s                            2/06

Child’s Park waterfall.

F62          Good                        1940s       Oxford.            2/06

Building or mill.

F63-F64      Good                       1940s       East Chester, Pa.   2/06


F65          Good                        1940s       East Chester, Pa.  2/06

Fay Tavern.

F66          Good                       1940s      Andover.            2/06

Andover Mill.

F67           Good                       1940s       Ridgefield, Conn.   2/07

Peter Parley House.

F68           Good                        1940s       Ridgefield, Conn.   2/07

Keeler’s Tavern-Cass Gilbert?

F69          Good                        1940s      Ridgefield. Conn.   2/07

 Hawley House.

F70          Good                        1940s       Litchfield, Conn.   2/07

Lynde Lord House.

F71           Good                        1940s       Litchfield, Conn.    2/07

Sheldon’s Tavern.

F72           Good                        1940s       Litchfield, Conn.   2/07


F73          Good                        1940s       Litchfield, Conn.   2/07

Oliver Wolcott Sr. house?

F74-F76      Good                       1940s      Philadelphia, Pa.   2/07

John Bartram’s house?

F77          Good                      1940s                         2/07

House. Keith-Horahorn.

F78          Good                       1940s      Radnor.            2/07

Meeting house.

F79-F81      Good                       1940s       Barnegat.           2/07

Barnegat Lighthouse.

H01-H02      Good                        1935       Wilmington, Del.    2/08

Old ? Church.

H03         Good                      1935       New Castle. Del.   2/08

Camp  house.

H04          Good                       1935       New Castle. Del.   2/08


H05          Good                       1935        New Castle. Del.   2/08

Old house.

HOG          Good                       1935       New Castle. Del.   2/08


H07          Good                      1935       Del.               2/08

 Newman’s Creek. Block house.

H08          Good                     1935       Del.               2/08

Newman’s Creek . Robinson house.

H09-H10      Good                        1935       Wilmington. Del.    2/08


H11-H12      Good                        1940s       Fairfield. Conn.    2/08

Fairfield Academy.

H13-H17      Good                       1940s       Fairfield. Conn.    2/08


H19          Good                      1935       New Castle, Del.   2/08

Amstel house.

H20           Good                       1935        New Castle. Del.    2/08

Street with The Strand.

H21          Good                       1935        New Castle. Del.   2/08

Big House.

H22          Good                      1940s       Greenwich. Conn.   2/08

Salt Box house.

H23         Good                      1940s      NJ?               2/08

DeMarest (Demarest?) house

H24-H25      Good                       1940s       Fairfield, Conn.    2/08

Salt Box house. 1670.

H26         Good                      1940s      Dumont.           2/08

Church outside Dumont, NJ.

H27          Good                       1940s      Riveredge.          2/08

Gould house.

H28         Good                      1940s      Dumont.            2/08


H29          Good                      1940s       Red Bank.          2/08

Mill near Red Bank.

H30          Good                      1940s      Hohokus.           2/08

Prevost house.

H31          Good                      1940s       Red Bank.          2/08

Mill near Red Bank.

H32          Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        2/08

Bunkenhoff?? house.

H33          Good                     1940s       Tappen. NY.       2/08

Rogers house.

H34          Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        2/08

Terhune house.

H35          Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        2/08


H36          Good                      1940s      Pompton.           2/08

Colfax House.

H37          Good                       1940s       Washington’s Cross 2/09


H38          Good                      1940s      Shrewsbury.        2/09

Quaker Meeting House.

H39          Good                      1940s       Shrewsbury.        2/09


H40          Good                       1940s      Shrewsbury.         2/09

Alien house.

H41          Good                      1940s      Ringwood.          2/09

Blacksmith Shop.

H42-H44      Good                      1940s       Ringwood.          2/09

Erskine Manor.

H45          Good                      1940s      Port Reading.      2/09

Ardmore Junction.

H46         Good                     1940s                       2/09

Lenape? Lempe?

H47          Good                        1940s       Clinton.            2/09


H49-H50      Good                       1940s       Childs Park.        2/09

Childs Park stream.

H51         Good                      1940s      Chatham.           2/09

Day House.

H52          Good                        1940s      Childs Park.        2/09

Childs Park stream.

H53         Good                      1940s      Washington Crossi  2/09

Thompson  House.

H54           Good                        1940s       Washington Crossi   2/09


H55          Good                     1940s      New Hope, Pa.      2/09


H56          Good                     1940s      New Hope.          2/09

Delaware River at New Hope.

H59-H60     Good                      1940s     Camden.            2/09

Cooper house.

H61          Good                      1940s      Moorestown.        2/09


H62          Good                       1940s       Haddonfield.       2/09


H63          Good                       1940s      Haddonfield.       2/09

Guard House.

H64          Good                        1940s      Haddonfield.        2/09

Indian King Inn or Indian Queen.

H65-H66      Good                        1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.   2/10

Mt. Pleasant mansion.

H67-H68      Good                       1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.  2/10

House. Fairmount Park.

H69          Good                     1940s      Germantown. Pa.    2/10

Morris home.

H70          Good                       1940s       Germantown.Pa.      2/10

Pastorian (building)

H71          Good                     1940s      Germantown, Pa.    2/10

Week house.

H72          Good                       1940s       Hatsboro.          2/10

Crooked bilex house.

H73-H74      Good                      1940s                          2/10

Church?? beltayres??/ belltowers?

H75          Good                      1940s       Sea Girt.          2/10

Governor’s mansion.

H76          Good                                   Philadelphia. Pa.   2/10

Betsy Ross house. Francis N. Lord image (Aster made from glass plates in 1939.

H77          Good                                  Union.             2/10

Meeker Inn. Francis N. Lord image.

H78           Good                                     Bernardsville.      2/10

Bernardsville mill. Francis N. Lord image.

H79           Good                                    Bernardsville.       2/10

Bernardsville Hotel (Inn) Francis N. Lord image.

H80-H81       Good                                   Allaire.             2/10

Allaire foundry? Francis N. Lord image.

H82-H83      Good                                    Clinton.            2/10

Clinton Furnace. Francis N. Lord image.

H84-H92      Good                                 Wharton.            2/10

Foundry (the Puddles).Francis N. Lord image.

H93          Good                                 Boonton? Wharton?  2/10

Foundry. Francis N. Lord image.

H94          Good                                                       2/10

Mill/Old water wheel. Francis N. Lord image.

H95          Good                                                       2/10

Old water wheel. Men with bicycles. Francis N. Lord image.

K01-K03      Good                      1940s      Wharton.          3/01

Wharton Iron Works

K05-K08      Good                       1940s      Mt. Hope.          3/01

Mt. Hope Mine.

K09-K10      Good                       1940s       Beach Glenn.       3/01

Beach Glenn Mine.

K11-K13      Good                       1940s       Hewitt.             3/01

Hewitt Furnace.

K14          Good                        1940s       Hewitt.             3/01

Hewitt Post Office and General Store.

K15-K17      Good                      1940s       Rockaway.          3/01

Rockaway  Presbyterian Church.

K18          Good                     1940s       Greenwood Lake.   3/01

Greenwood Lake view.

K19          Good                      1940s       Beach Glenn.       3/01

Road near Beach Glenn Mine.

K20-K23      Good                       1940s      Newark             3/01

Morris Canal.

K24          Good                      1940s       Newark.            3/01

Branch Brook Park.

K25-K29      Good                        1940s       Bloomfield.         3/01

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church.

K30-K32      Good                       1940s       Frenchtown.        3/01

Covered Bridge.

K33-K34      Good                        1940s      West Portal.        3/01


K35-K36      Good                        1940s      Delaware River.     3/01

Delaware River scenes.

K37-K41      Good                                                      3/01

Canal with Canal boats.

K42-K43      Good                       1940s      Washington’s Cross  3/02

McKonkey’s Ferry House.

K44-K46      Good                       1940s       Trenton             3/02

Trenton Friends Meeting House.

K47-K51      Good                        1940s       Trenton.            3/02

Trenton Barracks.

K52          Good                       1940s      Trenton.           3/02

Trenton Masonic Temple.

K53-K54      Good                        1940s       Trenton.            3/02

Trenton Stoke’s Residence.

K56         Good                      1940s      Freehold          3/02

Monmouth  Battle Monument

K57           Good                       1940s       Freehold.            3/02

General Clinton’s headquarters.

K58-K60       Good                       1940s       Freehold            3/02

St. Peter’s Church.

K61-K63      Good                        1940s      Adelphia.           3/02

Adelphia Methodist Church.

K64          Good                       1940s      Freehold.          3/02

Freehold to Englishtown Road where Washington met Lee. Sign.

K65-K66      Good                        1940s       Freehold.           3/02

Molly Pitcher’s Well. Freehold to Englishtown Road.

K67-K73      Good                      1940s       Manalapan/Tennen   3/02

Old Tennent Church.

K74-K77      Good                       1940s       Englishtown.       3/03

Englishtown Inn.

K78-K81      Good                      1940s       Manalapan/Tennen   3/03

Old Tennent Church.

K82-K86      Good                       1940s                          3/03

Old Scots Graveyard.

K87-K88       Good                       1940s       Trenton.            3/03

Trenton barracks.

K89         Good                      1940s                        3/03

Battle monument.

K90          Good                       1940s      Trenton.            3/03

Douglas House.

K91-K99b     Good                       1940s                          3/03

Morris Canal. Images taken from plates of Francis N. Lord.

L01-L05      Good                        1940s       Newark.            3/04

Trinity Church.

L06-L08       Good                        1940s       Westfield.           3/04

Westfield First Presbyterian Church

L09-L10      Good                        1940s       Orange.            3/04

Orange First Presbyterian Church.

L11-L12      Good                       1940s       Whippany.          3/04

Old Church.

L13-L14      Good                       1940s      Leonardo.           3/04

Leonard House.

L15-L17      Good                      1940s      Ringwood.          3/04

Ringwood Manor.

L18-L20      Good                       1940s       Momstown.          3/04

Soldier’s Hut.

L21-L22       Good                        1940s        Morristown.         3/04

Soldier’s Hospital.

L23          Good                        1940s      Roosevelt.          3/04

Covered bridge.

L24           Good                       1940s       Temple Hill, NY.    3/04

Soldier’s Hut.

L25-L26      Good                      1940s       East Orange.       3/04

McGowan  House, Baldwin & William Streets.

L27-L28       Good                       1940s       Betagrais?, Pa.     3/04

Pitcairn Memorial Church.

L29          Good                     1940s                         3/04

dark dog.

L30-L31      Good                      1940s      Newark.            3/04

Branch Brook Park snow scene.

L32          Good                      1940s      Brick House.       3/04

House near Brick House.

L33-L34       Good                        1940s       Franklin Furnace.    3/04

Franklin Furnace.

L35-L38      Good                       1940s       Newark.            3/05

Branch Brook Park. Cherry Trees.

L39          Good                       1940s      Valley Forge, Pa.   3/05

Dogwood  trees.

L40           Good                       1940s       Princeton.          3/05

Manville Road.

L41-L42      Good                        1940s       Washington Crossi   3/05

Washington  Crossing State Park.

L43          Good                        1940s                          3/05


L44         Good                      1940s                        3/05


L45-L46      Good                       1940s       Broad Head Creek,  3/05


L47a-p       Good                       1940s                         3/05

Delaware & Raritan Canal. 17 images.

L49-L50      Good                      1940s      New York, NY.      3/05

Hamilton Grange.

L51-L52      Good                      1940s      New York, NY.      3/05

Carl Scwig?? house.

L53-L54      Good                     1940s      New York, NY.      3/05

Jumel House.

L54a-L55     Good                       1940s                          3/05

Westbrook Mill Road.

L56-L57      Good                      1940s                         3/05

Stone/wood house in New Jersey.

L58          Good                       1940s      Newark.             3/05

Newark’s first school

L59          Good                       1940s      Newark.             3/05

Marker for Newark’s first school

L60          Good                      1940s       Newark.            3/05

Early school house.

L61-L64       Good                        1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.    3/05

Strawberry Hill, Fairmount.

L65           Good                         1940s       Philadelphia, Pa.    3/05

Pitcairn Church.

L66-L66a    Good                      1940s                        3/05

Hawks Nest Road, New York

L67-L67a     Good                       1940s       Litchfield, Conn.  3/05

Houses. 6 images

L75-L76      Good                        1940s      Schoolys Mountain.  3/05

Tavern, Schoolys Mountain.

L78-L79      Good                       1940s       Raritan.           3/05

Frelinghuysen house.

L80-L82      Good                        1940s      Convent Station.    3/05

McAlpin House.

L83           Good                        1940s       Millstone.          3/05

Millstone Church.

L84-L85      Good                       1940s       Morristown.         3/05

Washington’s Headquarters?

L86-L87      Good                       1940s       Ringwood State Par 3/05

Old stone house, Ringwood State Park.

L88-L89      Good                        1940s       Rocky Hill.         3/05

House, Rocky Hill.

L90          Good                      1940s       Stanhope/Morris Ca 3/05

Lock two, Morris Canal, Stanhope.

L91-L98      Good                        1940s                           3/05

Unidentified buildings. 9 images.

L99-L99C      Good                        1940s       Falsington, Pa.     3/05

Falsington, Pa. Friends Meeting house.

L99d-L99i    Good                      1940s       Woodbury, Conn.    3/05

Buildings, Woodbury, Conn.

M04/01       Good                        1940s       Alpine.             4/01

Alpine Landing scenes.

M04/01        Good                        1940s       Belvidere.          4/01

Belvidere scenes.

M04/01        Good                        1940s       Bedford (Village), N 4/01

Bedford Village, NY scenes.

M04/01       Good                      1940s      Beacon. NY.        4/01

Beacon, NY scenes.

M04/01        Good                         1940s        Bellville.           4/01

 Belleville scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s       Barnegat.          4/01

Barnegat scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s       Basking Ridge.      4/01

Basking Ridge scenes.

M04/01       Good                        1940s       Batsto.             4/01

 Batsto scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Bethlehem. Pa.     4/01

Bethlehem, Pa. scenes.

M04/01        Good                        1940s       Blairstown.         4/01


M04/01       Good                        1940s       Bloomfield.        4/01

Bloomfield scenes.

M04/01      Good                      1940s      Baumstown, Pa.    4/01

Baumstown, Pa. scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s       Allentown, Pa.      4/01

 Allentown, Pa. scenes.

M04/01        Good                       1940s       Alpine.             4/01

Alpine scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Allwood.            4/01

Allwood scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Bedminster.        4/01

Bedminster scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Alloway.            4/01

Alloway scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s       Allentown, NJ      4/01

Allentown, NJ scenes.

M04/01        Good                         1940s        Allaire.             4/01

Allaire scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Ardena.            4/01

Ardena scenes.

M04/01        Good                        1940s      Ashfield.            4/01

Ashfield scenes

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Arney.              4/01

Arney Mountain scenes.

M04/01        Good                       1940s       Atsion.             4/01

Atsion scenes.

M04/01       Good                       1940s      Bacon’s Neck.       4/01

Bacon’s Neck scenes.

M04/01       Good                        1940s       Beth Aryes, Pa.    4/01

Beth Aryes, Pa. scenes.

M04/01       Good                      1940s      Andover.           4/01

 Andover scenes.

M04/01        Good                        1940s       Bernardsville.       4/01

Bernardsville scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s      Bordentown.        4/02

Bordentown scenes.

M04/02       Good                        1940s       Burlington.         4/02

Burlington scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s      Buckingham, Pa.    4/02

Buckingham, Pa. scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s       Byram scenes.      4/02

Byram scenes.

M04/02       Good                       1940s       Brookdale.          4/02

Brookdale scenes.

M04/02       Good                       1940s       Bridgeport, Pa.     4/02

Bridgeport, Pa. scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s       Brick House.       4/02

Brick House scenes.

M04/02       Good                        1940s      Bloomfield.         4/02

Bloomfield scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s      Bound Brook.       4/02

Bound Brook scenes

M04/02        Good                       1940s       Blue Ball. Pa.       4/02

Blue Ball, Pa. scenes.

M04/02       Good                       1940s      Braynswick, NY.    4/02

Braynswick, NY scenes.

M04/02       Good                      1940s       Branford. Conn.    4/02

Branford, Conn. scenes.

M04/02       Good                       1940s       Bridgeton           4/02

Bridgeton scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s       Collingswood.      4/03

Collingswood scenes.

M04/03      Good                      1940s      Chews.            4/03

Chews scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s       Chester.           4/03

Chester scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s      Cheesequake.       4/03

Cheesequake scenes.

M04/03       Good                     1940s       Chatham.          4/03

Chatham scenes.

M04/03      Good                      1940s      Chapman, Pa.      4/03

Chapman, Pa. scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s       Chapel Hill.        4/03

Chapel Hill scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s       Chadd Ford, Pa.    4/03

Chadd Ford, Pa. scenes.

M04/03      Good                     1940s      Cape May Court Ho 4/03

Cape May Court House scenes.

M04/03      Good                     1940s      Camden.           4/03

Camden scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s      Caldwell.          4/03

Caldwell scenes.

M04/03       Good                        1940s       Childs Park. Pa.    4/03

Childs Park, Pa. scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s      Columbia.          4/03

Columbia scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s       Califon.           4/03

Califon scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s       Cold Spring.        4/03

Cold Spring scenes.

M04/03       Good                        1940s       Clinton             4/03

Clinton, NJ scenes including furnace.

M04/03       Good                        1940s      Clinton. Conn.      4/03

Clinton, Conn. scenes.

M04/03       Good                        1940s       Clarksburg.         4/03

Clarksburg scenes.

M04/03       Good                        1940s       Concordville. Pa.   4/03

Concordville, Pa. scenes.

M04/03       Good                        1940s      Con vent Station.   4/03

Convent Station scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s      Cornwall. NY.      4/03

Cornwall, NY scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s       Coventry, Pa.       4/03

Coventry, Pa. scenes.

M04/03       Good                       1940s      Cranbury.           4/03

Cranbury scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s       Cream Ridge.       4/03

Cream Ridge scenes.

M04/03      Good                      1940s      Columbus.         4/03

Columbus scenes.

M04/03       Good                      1940s      Cinnaminson        4/03

Cinnaminson scenes

M04/04       Good                        1940s       Elsinboro.           4/04

Elsinboro scenes.

M04/04        Good                        1940s       Elizabeth.          4/04

Elizabeth scenes.

M04/04        Good                         1940s       Deer-field.          4/04

Deer-field scenes.

M04/04       Good                       1940s      East Orange.       4/04

East Orange scenes.

M04/04       Good                       1940s       Dutch Barns, Pa.   4/04

Dutch Barns, Pa. scenes.

M04/04      Good                     1940s      Dumont.           4/04

Dumont scenes.

M04/04       Good                      1940s      Englewood.         4/04

Englewood scenes.

M04/04        Good                        1940s        Deerfield Street.   4/04

Deerfield Street scenes.

M04/04        Good                         1940s       Ellenville.          4/04

Ellenville, NY. scenes.

M04/04        Good                        1940s       Douglasvill, Pa.    4/04

Douglasville, Pa. scenes.

M04/04       Good                       1940s       Dingman’s Ferry, P 4/04

Dingman’s Ferry, Pa. scenes.

M04/04        Good                        1940s       Cresskill.          4/04

Cresskill scenes.

M04/04       Good                       1940s       Crosswickes.       4/04

Crosswickes scenes.

M04/04       Good                        1940s       Darlington.         4/04

Darlington scenes.

M04/04       Good                      1940s       Daretown.          4/04

Daretown scenes.

M04/04       Good                      1940s      Downingtown, Pa.  4/04

Downingtown, Pa. scenes.

M04/04       Good                       1940s       East Park, NY.     4/04

East Park, NY. scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s       Friesburg.          4/05

Friesburg scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s       Great Notch.       4/05

Great Notch scenes.

M04/05        Good                         1940s        Flatbrookville.     4/05

Flatbrookville scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s      Finderne.           4/05

Finderne scenes.

M04/05       Good                      1940s       Fenwick.           4/05

Fenwick scenes.

M04/05        Good                        1940s       Flatbrook Valley.    4/05

Flatbrook Valley scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s       Fairton.            4/05

Fair-ton scenes.

M04/05       Good                      1940s      Englewood.        4/05

Englewood scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s       Erwinna, Pa.        4/05

Erwinna, Pa.scenes.

M04/05      Good                      1940s      Greenwich, Cumber  4/05

 Greenwich, Cumberland Co. scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s      Freneau.           4/05

Freneau scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s       French Creek, Pa.   4/05

French Creek, Pa. scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s      Freehold.           4/05

Freehold scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s      Fredon.            4/05

Fredon scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s       Franklin Lakes.     4/05

Franklin Lakes scenes.

M04/05       Good                       1940s       Flemington.        4/05

Flemington scenes.

M04/05       Good                        1940s       Ephrata. Pa.       4/05

Ephrata, Pa. scenes.

M04/05       Good                      1940s       Englishtown.       4/05

Englishtown scenes.

M04/05        Good                          1940s        Fair-field.          4/05

Fair-field scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s       Hackelbarney.       4/06

Hackelbarney scenes.

M04/06        Good                         1940s       Hartsville. Pa.      4/06

Hartsville, Pa. scenes.

M04/06        Good                        1940s        Harrisonville.      4/06

Harrisionville/Harrisa?? scenes.

M04/06       Good                     1940s      Harmony.           4/06

Harmony scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hanover.           4/06

Hanover scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s      Hancock’s Bridge.   4/06

Hancock’s Bridge scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s       Head of River.      4/06

Head of River scenes.

M04/06      Good                      1940s      Hamburg.          4/06

Hamburg scenes.

M04/06        Good                        1940s       Irvington.          4/06

Irvington scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s       Hightstown.        4/06

Hightstown scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hackensack.        4/06

Hackensack scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s       Hamilton.          4/06

Hamilton scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s       Griggstown.        4/06

Griggstown scenes.

M04/06       Good                     1940s       Greenwood Lake, N 4/06

Greenwood Lake, NJ scenes.

M04/06      Good                      1940s      Greenwood Lake, N  4/06

Greenwood Lake, NY scenes.

M04/06      Good                      1940s      Greenwich, Cumber  4/06

Greenwich, Cumberland Co. scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s       Greenwich. Warren  4/06

Greenwich, Warren Co. scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hohokus.          4/06

Hohokus scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Holmdel.           4/06

Holmdel scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hope.              4/06

Hope scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hopewell.          4/06

Hopewell scenes.

M04/06       Good                        1940s      Haddonfield.        4/06

Haddonfield scenes.

M04/06       Good                      1940s      Hagen.             4/06

Hagen scenes.

M04/06       Good                        1940s      Hatbora, Pa.        4/06

Hatbora, Pa. scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s       Hasbrouck Heights. 4/06

Hasbrouck Heights scenes.

M04/06       Good                       1940s      Headquarters, NJ.  4/06

Headquarters, NJ scenes.

M04/06      Good                      1940s      Horsham.           4/06

Horsham, Pa. scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s       Montclair.          4/07

Montclair scenes.

M04/07       Good                       1940s       Mickletown.         4/07

Mickletown scenes.

M04/07        Good                       1940s       Lincoln Park.        4/07

Lincoln Park scenes.

M04/07       Good                       1940s       Leonia.            4/07

Leonia scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Leonardo.          4/07

Leonardo scenes.

M04/07       Good                       1940s       Lebanon State Fore 4/07

Lebanon State Forest scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s       Kingston.           4/07

Kingston, scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Lamington.         4/07

Lamington scenes.

M04/07       Good                     1940s       Manahawkin.       4/07

Manahawkin scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Mine Road.         4/07

Mine Road scenes.

M04/07        Good                        1940s       Millstone.          4/07

Millstone scenes.

M04/07        Good                        1940s       Larison’s Corners.  4/07

Larison’s Corners scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s      Lambertville.       4/07

Lambertville scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Metuchen.          4/07

Metuchen scenes.

M04/07       Good                       1940s       Middletown.        4/07

Middletown scenes.

M04/07        Good                        1940s       Millburn.           4/07

Millburn scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s       Lawrenceville.      4/07

Lawrenceville scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s       Jacksonville.       4/07

Jacksonville scenes.

M04/07      Good                      1940s      Jobstown.          4/07

Jobstown scenes.

M04/07       Good                       1940s      Jockey Hollow.     4/07

Jockey Hollow scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s      Johnsonburg.       4/07

Johnsonburg scenes.

M04/07        Good                          1940s        Little Falls.        4/07

 Little Falls scenes.

M04/07        Good                        1940s       King of Prussia, Pa. 4/07

 King of Prussia, Pa. scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Madison.           4/07

Madison scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s      Merion. Pa.        4/07

Merion, Pa. scenes.

M04/07      Good                     1940s      Mendham.          4/07

Mendham  scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s      Medford.           4/07

Medford scenes.

M04/07       Good                      1940s       Washington’s Cross 4/07

McKonkey  Farm scenes. Washington Crossing, Pa.??

M04/07       Good                       1940s       Marlboro.           4/07

Marlboro scenes.

M04/07      Good                      1940s      Maplewood          4/07

Maplewood scenes.

M04/07       Good                        1940s       Mansfield, Pa.      4/07

Mansfield, Pa. scenes

M04/08       Good                       1940s      Murray Grove.       4/08

Murray Grove scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s      New  Brunswick.    4/08

New Brunswick scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s       New Bridge.        4/08

New Bridge scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s      Newark.            4/08

Newark scenes.

M04/08       Good                        1940s       National Park, NJ.  4/08

National Park, NJ scenes.

M04/08       Good                       1940s      Mount Laurel.      4/08

Mount Laurel scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s       Mount Holly.       4/08

Mount Holly scenes.

M04/08      Good                      1940s      Mount Herman.     4/08

Mount Herman scenes.

M04/08       Good                       1940s      Mount Airy.         4/08

Mount Airy scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s      Moorestown.        4/08

Moorestown scenes.

M04/08       Good                      1940s       Morristown.        4/08

Morristown scenes.

M04/08       Good                        1940s       Montville           4/08

Montville scenes.

M04/08       Good                       1940s      Neshanic.           4/08

Neshanic scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      North Church.      4/09

North Church scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s       Oxford.            4/09

Oxford scenes.

M04/09       Good                        1940s       Oakland Station.    4/09

Oakland station scenes.

M04/09      Good                     1940s     Perth Amboy.      4/09

Perth Amboy scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      Peapack.           4/09

Peapack scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s       Paulsboro.          4/09

Paulsboro scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s       Parsippany.         4/09

Parsippany scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s       Orange.            4/09

Orange scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s       Oldwick.           4/09

Oldwick scenes.

M04/09       Good                        1940s       Nutley.            4/09

Nutley scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s      Fairton.            4/09

Fairton scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s       New Village.       4/09

New Village scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      Newton.            4/09

Newton scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      New Brunswick.     4/09

New Brunswick scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      NewSharon.        4/09

New Sharon scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s      New Market.        4/09

New Market scenes.

M04/09      Good                      1940s      New Egypt          4/09

New Egypt scenes.

M04/09       Good                      1940s       North Branch.      4/09

North Branch scenes.

M04/09       Good                       1940s       Paterson.           4/09

Paterson scenes.

M05/01      Good                      1940s      Pompton.          5/01

Pompton scenes.

M05/01        Good                        1940s       Pleasant Valley.    5/01

Pleasant Valley scenes.

M05/01        Good                        1940s       Pleasant Mills.      5/01

Pleasant Mills scenes.

M05/01        Good                          1940s        Plainfield.          5/01

 Plainfield scenes.

M05/01        Good                        1940s       Pittsgrove.          5/01

Pittsgrove scenes.

M05/01       Good                       1940s       Phalanx.           5/01

Phalanx scenes.

M05/01        Good                         1940s        Pottersville.        5/01

Pottersville scenes.

M05/01       Good                       1940s       Prekeness.         5/01

Prekeness scenes.

M05/01       Good                       1940s       Pine Brook.         5/01

Pine Brook scenes.

M05/01       Good                        1940s       Princeton.          5/01

Princeton scenes.

M05/01       Good                       1940s      Pompton Plains.    5/01

Pompton  Plains scenes.

M05/02       Good                       1940s      Ringwood State Par  5/02

Ringwood  State Park scenes.

M05/02       Good                       1940s       River Edge.        5/02

River Edge scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s      Roadstown.         5/02

Roadstown scenes.

M05/02       Good                        1940s       Rocky Hill.         5/02

Rocky Hill scenes.

M05/02       Good                       1940s      Roseland.           5/02

Roseland scenes.

M05/02      Good                      1940s      Rosemount.        5/02

Rosemont scenes.

M05/02       Good                        1940s      Rutherford.         5/02

Rutherford scenes.

M05/02       Good                        1940s       Saddle River.       5/02

Saddle River scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s      Salem.             5/02

Salem scenes.

M05/02       Good                       1940s      Schooleys Mountai  5/02

Schooleys Mountain scenes.

M05/02        Good                       1940s       Scotch Plains.       5/02

Scotch Plains scenes.

M05/02        Good                        1940s       Seaville.           5/02

Seaville scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s       Shrewsbury.        5/02

Shrewsbury scenes.

M05/02        Good                        1940s        Ridgefield.         5/02

Ridgefield scenes.

M05/02       Good                       1940s       Ringoes.           5/02

Ringoes scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s      Repaupo.           5/02

Repaupo scenes.

M05/02       Good                        1940s      Red Valley.         5/02

Red Valley scenes.

M05/02        Good                        1940s       Reaville.           5/02

Reaville scenes.

M05/02        Good                       1940s       Raritan.            5/02

Raritan scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s      Randolph Township  5/02

Randolph Township scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s       Rancocas.          5/02

Rancocas scenes.

M05/02       Good                     1940s      Rahway.            5/02

Rahway scenes.

M05/02       Good                      1940s      Quintan.            5/02

Quinton scenes.
M05/02       Good                       1940s      Princeton.         5/02

Princeton scenes.

M05/02       Good                        1940s      Shiloh.             5/02

Shiloh scenes.

M05/03        Good                        1940s       Riverdale.          5/02

Riverdale scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s      Two Bridge.        5/03

Two Bridges scenes.

M05/03       Good                       1940s       Split Rock.         5/03

Split Rock scenes.

M05/03       Good                       1940s      Tuckerton.         5/03

Tuckerton scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s      Tuckahoe.          5/03

Tuckahoe scenes.

M05/03        Good                        1940s       Troy Hills.          5/03

Troy Hills scenes.

M05/03       Good                     1940s       Swedesboro.       5/03

Swedesboro scenes.

M05/03       Good                       1940s      Swainton.          5/03

Swainton scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s      Sussex County.      5/03

Sussex County scenes.

M05/03        Good                         1940s       Still Valley.        5/03

Still Valley scenes.

M05/03       Good                        1940s      Trenton.            5/03

Trenton scenes.

M05/03        Good                        1940s       Springfield.         5/03

Springfield scenes.

M05/03       Good                        1940s      Stockton.           5/03

Stockton scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s       Sparta.            5/03

Sparta scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s       South Orange.      5/03

South Orange scenes.

M05/03       Good                       1940s       Somerville.        5/03

Somerville scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s      Somers Point.      5/03

Somers Point scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s       Smithview.         5/03

Smithview scenes.

M05/03        Good                         1940s       Slate Hill.          5/03

Slate Hill scenes.

M05/03       Good                      1940s      Shrewsbury.         5/03

Shrewsbury scenes.

M05/03       Good                        1940s      Stanton.            5/03

Stanton scenes.

M05/03       Good                       1940s      Stephensburg.       5/03

Stephensburg scenes.

M05/04      Good                      1940s      Wykertown.        5/04

Wykertown scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s      White Horse.        5/04

White Horse scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s       Wickatunk.          5/04

Wickatunk scenes.

M05/04      Good                      1940s      Woodstown.        5/04

Woodstown scenes.

M05/04       Good                      1940s       Teaneck.           5/04

Teaneck scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1938                            5/04

New Jersey Salon, 1938 Preparing exhibit. Photographs in exhibit. Includes African-American male.

M05/04       Good                      1940s      West Orange.       5/04

West Orange scenes.

M05/04        Good                        1940s       Westfield.          5/04

Westfield scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s       Washington Cross!  5/04

Washington Crossing, Pa. scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s      Walnford.          5/04

Walnford scenes.

M05/04       Good                        1940s      Trenton.            5/04

Trenton scenes.

M05/04       Good                      1940s      Woodbury.         5/04

Woodbury scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s       Van Syckles.       5/04

Van Syckles scenes.

M05/04        Good                         1940s       Tinton Falls.        5/04

Tinton Falls scenes.

M05/04       Good                      1940s       Tom Rivers.        5/04

Toms  River scenes.

M05/04      Good                      1940s     Topehemus.         5/04

Topehemus scenes.

M05/04      Good                      1940s      Towaco.            5/04

Towaco scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s      Union.              5/04

Union scenes.

M05/04       Good                       1940s      Union Forge.        5/04

Union Forge scenes.

M05/04       Good                      1940s       Tennent.           5/04

Tennent scenes.

M05/05      Good                      1940s      Womelsdorf. Pa.    5/05

Womelsdorf, Pa. scenes.

M05/05        Good                       1940s       Solisbury, Pa.      5/05

Solibury, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s       Valley Forge, Pa.   5/05

Valley Forge, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s      Stroudsburg, Pa.    5/05

Stroudsburg, Pa. scenes.

M05/05        Good                          1940s       Trexlerville, Pa.    5/05

Trexlerville, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       Rabesonia, Pa.     5/05

Rabesonia, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       Trappe. Pa.        5/05

Trappe, Pa.scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       Uhlerstown, Pa.     5/05

Uhlerstown, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       Washington Crossi  5/05

Washington Crossing, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                     1940s      New Hope. Pa.      5/05

New Hope, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                      1940s      Waynesboro, Pa.     5/05

Waynesboro, Pa.scenes.

M05/05       Good                      1940s      Whitemarsh. Pa.    5/05

Whitemarsh, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s      Wrightstown. Pa.   5/05

Wrightstown, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s       Lancaster. Pa.      5/05

Lancaster, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s      Radnor, Pa.        5/05

Radnor, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                     1940s      PA                 5/05

Wentz House, Pa.

M05/05      Good                      1940s      Gernmantown, Pa.   5/05

Germantown, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                      1940s      Newton. Pa.         5/05


M05/05        Good                        1940s       Falsington, Pa.     5/05

Falsington, Pa. scenes.

M05/05      Good                      1940s      Quakertown, Pa.   5/05

Quakertown, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s       Nazareth, Pa.       5/05

Nazareth, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       New Smithville, Pa. 5/05

New Smithville, Pa.

M05/05       Good                        1940s       Norriton. Pa.       5/05

Norriton, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s      Pennsbury, Pa.      5/05

Pennsbury, Pa.scenes.

M05/05       Good                       1940s      Plymouth Meeting, , 5/05

Plymouth Meeting, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s      Perkasil, Pa.       5/05

Perkasil, Bucks County, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                      1940s       Churchtown, Pa.    5/05

Churchtown, Pa. scenes.

M05/05        Good                         1940s        Pipersville. Pa.    5/05

Pipersville, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                        1940s      Pine Forge, Pa.     5/05

Pine Forge, Pa. scenes.

M05/05        Good                        1940s       Philadelphia. Pa.   5/05

Philadelphia, Pa. scenes.

M05/05       Good                      1940s       PA                 5/05

Pennsylvania Dutch Barns.

M05/05       Good                       1940s       Pottstown, Pa.      5/05

Pottstown, Pa. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s      Salibury. Conn.     5/06

Salisbury, Conn. scenes.

M05/06        Good                        1940s       Richfield. Conn.    5/06

Richfield, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                     1940s      Woodbury, Conn.    5/06

Woodbury, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s      Stonington, Conn.   5/06

Stonington, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s      Saybrook, Conn.     5/06

Saybrook, Conn scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s      Sheron, Conn.      5/06

Sheron, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Southbury, Conn.   5/06

Southbury, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Stanwich. Conn.     5/06

Stanwich, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s       Stratford, Conn.    5/06

Stratford, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s       Westbrook. Conn.   5/06

Westbrook, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s      West Cornwall, Con 5/06

West Cornwall, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Windsor. Conn.     5/06

Windsor, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s       Wethersfield. Conn. 5/06

Wethersfield, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s       Wilton. Conn.       5/06

Wilton, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s       CT.                 5/06

Fallen Giant State Park, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Redding. Conn.     5/06

Redding, Conn, scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s      West Haven, Conn. 5/06

West Haven, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Guildford, Conn.    5/06

Guildford, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Old Greenwich, Co  5/06

Old Greenwich, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s       Greenfield, Conn.   5/06

Greenfield, Conn. scenes.

M05/06        Good                        1940s       Fairfield, Conn.     5/06

Fair-field, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s       Greenwich, Conn.   5/06

Greenwich, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Kent. Conn.        5/06

Kent, Conn.scenes.

M05/06        Good                       1940s       Lakeville. Conn.    5/06

Lakeville, Conn. scenes.

M05/06        Good                        1940s       Litchfield, Conn.    5/06

Litchfield, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                      1940s       Madison, Conn.     5/06

Madison, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                        1940s       Milford. Conn.      5/06

Milford, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Mystic. Conn.       5/06

Mystic, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s       Neanticut, Conn.    5/06

Neanticut, Conn. scenes.

M05/06      Good                      1940s      New Haven, Conn.   5/06

New Haven, Conn. scenes.

M05/06      Good                      1940s      Lyme, Conn.       5/06

Lyme, Conn. scenes.

M05/06       Good                       1940s      Farmington, Conn.   5/06

Farmington Conn. scenes.

M05/06      Good                      1940s      New London, Conn.  5/06

New London, Conn. scenes.

M05/07       Good                       1940s      Hurley, NY          5/07

Hurley, NY scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s       Bennington, VT.    5/07

Bennington, Vermont scenes.

M05/07        Good                        1940s       Carmel, California. 5/07

Carmel, California scenes.

M05/07        Good                        1940s        Pacific Grove, Calif 5/07

Pacific Grove, California scenes,

M05/07       Good                       1940s      East Chester, NY.   5/07

East Chester, NY scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s      Hyde Park, NY.     5/07

Hyde Park, NY scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s      Williamstown, Mass  5/07

Williamstown, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                       1940s       Westerly, Rl        5/07

Westerly, Rhode Island scenes.

M05/07        Good                        1940s       Fishkill, NY        5/07

Fishkill, NY scenes.

M05/07       Good                        1940s      Shaker Village, Ma. 5/07

Shaker Village, Mass. scenes.

M05/07        Good                         1940s        Pittsfield. Ma.      5/07

Pittsfield, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s      Mohawk Trail, Ma.  5/07

Mohawk  Trail, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s       Lee. Ma.           5/07

Lee, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s       Lenox. Ma.         5/07

Lenox, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                        1940s       Deerfield, Ma.      5/07

Deer-field, Mass. scenes.

M05/07       Good                        1940s       Wilmington. Del.    5/07

 Wilmington, Del. scenes.

M05/07       Good                       1940s       New Castle. Del.    5/07

New Castle, Del. scenes.

M05/07       Good                      1940s      Naamen’s Creek, D  5/07

Naamen’s Creek, Del. scenes.

M05/07       Good                       1940s       Monterey, CA.      5/07

Monterey, California scenes.

M05/07       Good                       1940s       Stockbridge, Ma.    5/07

Stockbridge, Mass. scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      West Point, NY.    5/08

West Point, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s       Scarsdale, NY.     5/08

Scarsdale, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      Sneden’s Landing,   5/08

Sneden’s Landing, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                        1940s       Staten Island, NY.  5/08

Staten Island, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s       Staatsbury, NY      5/08

Staatsburg, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s      Tappen, NY.       5/08

Tappan, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      Tarrytown. NY.     5/08

Tarrytown, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s      Rye, NY.           5/08

Rye, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s       Vail Gate. NY.     5/08

Vails Gate, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                     1940s      New York, NY       5/08

New York, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                     1940s      Newburgh, NY.      5/08

Temple Hill, Newburgh, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s       Rockland, NY.      5/08

Rockland, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      Ridgebury, NY.      5/08

Ridgebury, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s      Poughkeepsie, NY.  5/08

Poughkeepsie, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      Porchester, NY.     5/08

Rochester, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1939       New York. NY.      5/08

New York World’s Fair, 1939, New York, NY.

M05/08       Good                      1940s      New Rochelle. NY   5/08

New Rochelle, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s       New Paltz. NY.     5/08

New Paltz, NY scenes.

M05/08      Good                      1940s      Newburgh. NY      5/08

Newburgh, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s       Kingston. NY.      5/08

Kingston, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                       1940s      Hurley. NY         5/08

Hurley, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                      1940s      Yonkers. NY.        5/08

Yonkers, NY scenes.

M05/08       Good                     1940s       PortJervis.NY     5/08

Port Jervis, NY scenes.

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