Manuscript Group 1383, Doctor”s Club of Newark (N.J.) Records 1905 – 1969


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MG 1383


Doctors’ Club of Newark (N.J.)


Records, 1905-1969


0.5 linear ft.




Records of the Doctors’ Club of Newark
(N.J.), 1905-1969.  Established in 1905 as both a
professional and social organization, the Club provided an
informal forum for members to present medical cases, discuss new
medications and methods of treatment, and share professional
concerns. Among its first members were Drs. James Lowrey
(1880-1960), president, S.B.W. Leyenberger, vice president,
B.S.Van Dyke, Edward W. Sprague and C.F. Baker. Other prominent
members included Frank W. Pinneo (1866-1937), LinusW. Bagg (d.
1949), Charles W. Barkhorn (fl. 1939), J. Wallace Hurff, Dr.
Benjamin J. Furman, Drs. Otto Matheke Sr. and Jr., Richard Swain
and Drs. W. James and John W. Marquis.



Bulk of the collection are meeting minutes
(1905-1969) that include constitutions and by-laws,
attendance records, officer and membership lists, annual reports,
and summaries of “Interesting Cases.” Cases include
patient’s age, sex, race, medical history, symptoms,
diagnosis and treatment, and drug dosages. Cases discussed cover
the full range of medical maladies and include cancer, multiple
sclerosis, polio, diseases of the eye and ear, gastrointestinal
disorders, appendicitis, diabetes, convulsions, gynecological and
obstetric complications, and adverse drug reactions, as well as
injuries sustained from accidents. Minutes record informal
discussions that sometimes reveal the doctors’ societal
attitudes about their patients.



Also, photographs, letters, newspaper
clippings, postcards, hand-drawn invitations, and receipts.





Gift of Kathlyn S. Marquis, 1995.


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