Manuscript Group 1515, O’Fake-Lynch Family Papers, 1861 – 1941

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Manuscript Group 1515, O’Fake-Lynch Family

Papers, 1861-1941, 2.5 linear feet, 3 manuscript boxes and 6 oversize boxes

Call Number: MG 1515 + box & folder number



Contains materials documenting several prominent nineteenth and early twentieth century African-American families from Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey.  The collection includes music and leather-bound sheet music relating to John H. O’Fake (ca. 1818-1901) who was a prominent dancing master and music teacher in Newark; his brother Peter P. O’Fake (d. ca. 1889) who was a barber and also taught music and ran a dancing salon in Newark; and John H. O’Fake’s son, John Peter O’Fake (ca. 1876-1949) who also taught music in Newark.  Also included are materials related to other family members: Mrs. Susan S. Brown, who was a celebrated hairdresser, having taken over her father’s family business in Jersey City in the 1880s; and Emma Amelia (O’Fake) and Jeremiah G. Evans, founders of St. Philip’s, the Negro Episcopal parish in Newark (now merged with Trinity Cathedral)

Gift of Mary Lou B. (Bythewood) Lynch (Mrs. Albert Lynch), 1998.

Biographical Note:

“On Bank Street near Broad Street in Newark, Peter P. O’Fake (d. 1.23.1884) conducted a dancing academy.  There he taught the socially prominent the graceful dances of the day.  His father, Charles M. O’Fake (d. 1869) a musician, conducted business under the old hotel located on Broad Street opposite the present Central Railroad station.” (Newark Evening News, Feb. 12, 1967)

“John P. O’Fake, who is a decendant of a musically talented family which settled in Newark 150 years ago, worked as a messenger for Amzi Dodd (6 yrs.) and Frederick Frelinghuysen (22 yrs.) at Mutual Benefit Company.  Studying with his father, John O’Fake, he mastered the piano, violin, cello and viola, composing, arranging and instructing music.  He taught hundreds of students and composed and arranged a score of marches and other musical selections for piano and orchestra.  He was a member of the Clef Club and The New Amsterdam Club of New York City, an organization of African-American musicians.” (Mutual Benefit newsletter, 1941)

The O’Fake family united with the Lynch family in 1868 when Peter P. O’Fake’s granddaughter, Sarah Viola O’Fake Evans (d. 1901) married Albert M. (Melvin) Lynch (d. 1917).  After her death in 1901, he married Catherine Mousserone.  Their son, Albert E. O. (Edward O’Fake) Lynch, graduated medical school (NYU, 1927) and practiced medicine in Montclair.

Edward S. Lynch, Albert’s brother (d. 1940), married Margaret Francis Brown (d. 1956) in 1905, the daughter of Susan S. and Alban Brown.  Her mother, Susan S. (Saunders Innis) Brown, was a prominent hairdresser whose own father was a successful barber.

Provenance Note:

The O’fake-Lynch Family papers were a gift of Mary Lou B. (Bythewood) Lynch (Mrs. Albert Lynch), in 1998.  (Two family bibles…)

Container List:

Box Folder Title Dates
Series I.  Family
1 1 Lynch family:
Emma S. Lynch and James A. Hogan, marriage certificate Nov. 30, 1882
Emma Edith Lynch (1897-1900), Baptism certificate, St. Peter’s Church, Newark, NJ 1897
Albert (Edward O’Fake)? Lynch, certificate, St. Philip’s Church 1898
Albert Edward O’F. Lynch, confirmation certificate, St. Philip’s Church, Newark, NJ 1917
Newspaper clippings, obituaries of family and others
1 2 Albert M. (Melvin) Lynch:
Accounts receivable book (“91 New St., Newark”) 1897-1903
Award of merit, Rotary Club of Newark Athletics n.d.
A.M. Lynch, business card “Tonsorial Parlor” n.d.
[“Albert M. Lynch, Notary Public, New Jersey” (see Box 3)] n.d.
1 3 Catherine M. (Mousserone) Lynch, Personal:
Wedding invitation, Sarah Viola Evans to Albert Melvin Lynch Sept. 16, 1896
The New York Age, newspaper Jan. 4, 1900
Ephemera: paper ruler with “Negroes who have served in the Congress of U.S. (“Compliments of Meadow Gold Ice Cream”) 1940
Plate, “Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Lynch, Newark, NJ” n.d.
1 4 Catherine M. Lynch, Correspondence re:
250th Anniversary of the Founding of the City of Newark: Letter, from Thomas L. Raymond, Mayor of Newark (A.S.L.) appointing C.M. Lynch to the “supplementary committee of fifty women” Dec. 17, 1915
Copy letter of C.M. Lynch’s acceptance to join the women’s committee (above) Dec. 20, 1915
Committee correspondence Jan. 11-Aug. 9, 1916
1 5 Catherine M. Lynch,  Invitations re:
250th Anniversary of the Founding of Newark: Invitation, 250th Ann. Celebration of the Founding of Newark May 17, 1916
Invitation, to reception re: committees of the 250th Anniversary Aug. 26, 1916
Invitations, acknowledgements, anniversary stamps 1916
1 6 Catherine M. Lynch,  Literary Materials re:
250th Anniversary of the Founding of Newark: Address, Newark, 250 Years Old, by Franklin Murphy May 13, 1916
Brochure, Ceremonies at the unveiling of a copy of the Colleoni Equestrian Statue, presented to the city of Newark on the occasion… July 26, 1916
Address, The Fellowship of Cities: A Newark Idea, by Henry W. Wack 1916
Newark’s 250th Anniversary Celebration, for the Newark City Directory, compiled by Henry W. Wick 1916
Program, Historic Ceremonies and Exercises in commemoration of the 250th Anniversary 1916
The Newarker: The 250th Anniversary of Newark (published monthly, by the Committee of 1000, as a record of work and program events… (April and May issues) 1916
1 7 The Pageant of Newark 1666-1916: 250th Anniversary 1916
1 8 Catherine M. Lynch, re:
Colored Home for Aged and Orphans, Essex County, NJ: Annual Report, Colored Home for the Aged and Orphans, Montclair 1924-1925
Newspaper clipping re: unveiling of plaque in honor of C.M. Lynch 1941
1 9 Margaret (Brown) Lynch, and Susan S. Brown:
Program, 2nd annual Easter Subscription Ball of the Bachelors Club Apr. 7, 1896
YWCA, application for class, Margaret Brown Oct. 21, 1901
Invitation to “Mr. & Mrs. P.P. O’Fake at home” to meet Emma A. O’Fake and  Jeremiah G. Evans Oct. 21, n.d.
Edward Saunders Lynch, draft registration 1918
Newspaper clippings: obituaries, S.S. Brown, Margaret B. Lynch, Edward S. Lynch, and others
Genealogical research notes n.d.
1 10 “Bridal Souvenir” book, Frances Margaret Brown to Edward S. Lynch Sept. 18, 1905
Invitation, photographs, list of guests, list of gifts, honeymoon notes
Postcard, S.S. Brown, notice of move n.d.
Print, S.S. Brown Hair & Shell Goods, in Newark, est. 1864 n.d.
Etcher’s plate for S.S. Brown Hair & Shell Goods n.d.
1 11 Sarah Viola O’Fake (Evans) Lynch:
Diary 1871
2 1 Wedding invitation, Sarah Viola Evans to Albert Melvin Lynch Sept. 16, 1896
“List of Presents,” with names of gift-givers ca. 1896
Last Will and Testament Jan. 5, 1900
Affidavit Aug. 1, 1905
2 2 Charles M. O’Fake (and Innis, Boyd, Lukes families):
Record of births and deaths from a family Bible (photocopy)
2 3 Emma Amelia (O’Fake) Evans:
Wedding certificate, Emma Amelia O’Fake to Jeremiah G. Evans at the home of Peter P. O’Fake, Newark and registered at St. Paul’s Church, Newark. (Witnessed by Charles M. O’Fake and Mary M. Innis) Oct. 21, 1868
2 3a Jeremiah G. Evans:
Diary 1894
2 4 John H. O’Fake:
Newspaper obituaries (2)
2 5 John Peter O’Fake:
Program, 7th Annual Recital given by pupils of John Peter O’Fake May 7, 1931
Profile of J.P. O’Fake, in The Pelican (Mutual Benefit newsletter) Nov., 1941
2 6 Peter P. O’Fake:
Appointment Diary 1861
Orphans Court (re: Peter P. O’Fake, and Catharine M. Sippins??) 1864
Savings account bank book, Newark Savings Institution 1873-1882, 1894
Booklet: “Companion and Prompter for Dancing Pupils Taught by P.P. O’Fake, Newark” (Publisher:  Amzi Pierson Bro. & Co.) 1876
Property tax receipts (multiple properties) 1877, 1891
Cemetery plot (?): R. Naedele’s Sons, Inc., Newark n.d.
Series II.  Photographs
2 7 Evans, Emma Amelia O’Fake
2 8 Evans, Jeremiah Glouster
2 9 Hogan, Emma Saunders Lynch (also, two daguerreotypes with Daguerreotypes in 2nd Floor Compact Storage)
2 10 Lynch, Albert M., and James Hogan
2 11 Lynch, Catherine M.
2 12 Lynch, Edward S.
2 13 Lynch, Emma Edith
2 14 Lynch, Margaret Brown; and mother Susan S. Brown
2 15 Lynch, Sarah Viola O’Fake Evans
2 16 O’Fake, John P.
2 17 O’Fake, Minnie V. and Olive
2 18 O’Fake, Peter P.; and daughter Emma Amelia O’Fake Evans
2 19 O’Fake, Sarah A.S. Leppins (wife of Peter P.)
2 20 O’Fake, Sarah (sister of Peter P.)
2 21 Unidentified photographs
Series III.  Scrapbooks
3 1 Margaret B. Lynch: Theatre Record and Scrapbook, New York 1916-1923
3 2 Scrapbook:  (part 1) Newspaper clippings, poetry, African-American news, women’s issues
3 3 Scrapbook:  (part 2)
3 Also, in Box 3:  Pocket Seal, “Albert M. Lynch, Notary Public, New Jersey”
Series IV.  Bound sheet music (see oversize for more)
3 4 Sonaten fur Pianoforte solo. L. Van Beethoven. C.F. Peters, Leipzig
Oversize materials
OS Box 4 Albert Lynch: Certificates of Merit, Board of Education, Burnet Street Grammar School,  Newark, NJ 1914
OS Box 5 Peter P. O’Fake:
Sheet Music:
“To Mr. P.P. O’Fake and his Pupils: Fashionable Dances for the Piano Forte Performed with Great Success at O’Fake’s Dancing Academy,  1877
“Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.” Words by Arthur Gillespie, music by Herbert Dillea.  M. Witmark & Sons, NY 1900
“The Message of the Violet.” Words by Frank Pixley, music by Gustav Luders.  M. Witmark & Sons, NY 1902
“Dreaming Song.” Words by L.W. Heiser, music by J. Anton Dailey. Jerome H. Remich & Co., NY 1906
“Charming Songs by Favorite Authors,” Series III. Century Music Publ. 1909
“A Beautiful Song: Just A Thought of Home.”  Words by J.G. Price, music by J. Williams.  Frank Harding’s Music Publ. Co., NY 1912
“Thank God for a Garden.” Words and music by Teresa del Riego. Chappell & Co., NY 1915
“Reggia Marina Duca degli Abruzzi.” By Paolo Signore. (“Compliments dal autore P. Signore a Mr. Lynch”) 1917
“The Want of You.” Words by Marian Gillespie, music by Frederick W. Vanderpool.  M. Witmark & Sons, NY 1919
“Hear Me Norma,” composed by Bellini.  Arranged by S. Nelson. Oliver Ditson, Boston & NY n.d.
“Love Me, and the World is Mine.”  Words by Dave Reed, Jr., music by Ernest R. Ball. M. Witmark & Sons, NY n.d.
“Thousand and One Nights.” By Johann Strauss. Wm. A. Pond & Co., NY n.d.
“Under the Double  Eagle.” J.S. Wagner. Waters Album, No. 37. Horace Waters & Co., NY n.d.
OS Box 6 E. Amelia O’Fake: Bound Sheet Music
OS Box 7 Peter P. O’Fake: Bound Sheet Music
OS Box 8 Peter P. O’Fake: Bound Sheet Music
OS Box 9 Bound Scrapbook (mostly music-related journal clippings), ½ ful



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