Manuscript Group 1534, Albert O. Cheney (fl. 1861 – 1865), Civil War officer Letters, 1861 – 1865


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Manuscript Group 1534, Albert O. Cheney
(fl. 1861-1865), Civil War officer


Letters, 1861-1865, 0.1 linear feet / 9


Call Number: MG 1534









Nine letters starting in 1861 when Albert
O. Cheney entered the Union army.  Cheney, a resident of Orange, New Jersey
traveled to Trenton to join the army.  The letters date from 1861, 1863,
1864, 1865 and discuss general military life, officers, and war news.  All
of the letters are written to Cheney’s sister, Mary L. French (Mrs. Aaron D.
French), who resided in West Avon, Connecticut. Cheney occasionally mentions
friends and family in Orange.


In 1864, Cheney became an officer in
Company K and D, 127th U. S. Colored Troops.  He also appears to
have been with the Colored Troops before this time.


Purchase, 2001.

“Camp Federal Hill, Baltimore, MA,
Sept 6th, 1861


…Today Co II is on Ground at the camp.
It takes a company every day to do the ground duty and they take turns, we like
it better than to take a detail from each company as they use to do.  I was
selected as ground for the colors and can sleep in my tent all night.  The
color line is in front of the Col’s tent our Lieut Col’s col now, Col Duryee
has been promoted to Brigadier General.  We like our new col full as well
as our old one.  Capt Bartlett is going away soon, the company are going to
present him with a sword worth about ($100 00) one hundred dollars.  He is
going as capt in the regular Army.  A great many of our officers have been
promoted to officers in the regular Army, their places are to be filled from the
regiment as the Col says that no one that does not belong to the regiment shall
hold office in it in place of those that are going away, so that will give a
chance for the privates but it will probably be some time yet before you will
see me an officer.  There are so many steps to take before a man can get a
commission that is if he earns it…. I went to church in the city once since I
have been here but they are most all secessionists here and it is seldom we can
get passes to go out of camp.”
“Camp Wm Penn, Philadelphia , Pa,
September 10th 64

…I have changed my rank, I am now 1st
Lieut in the US Colored Troops & assigned to the 127th
Regt.  I received my commission from President Lincoln, it is in the
regular service, and holds good during his pleasure(???).  This Reg. is a
one year Regt and should I be with it that length of time would probably resign
when it is mustered out of service.”
“Camp Lincoln, Va, May 22nd,

…I was in hopes they would accept
resignations, and in that case, I would resign but they will not do it in the
Colored Troops, except by those they desire to get rid of.”


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