Manuscript Group 174, Sweet and Robinson, (physicians) Daybook, 1858-1866


MG 174


Sweet and Robinson, (physicians.)


Daybook, 1858-1866.  1 vol.



Record of visits made and medicines sold by two physicians,
Jonathan Sweet and Morton Robinson, whose joint medical practice
was located at 207 Mulberry Street in Newark.  Morton
Robinson, born in Rhode Island in 1825, graduated from
Metropolitan Medical College in 1854 and soon thereafter
established himself in Newark, NJ.  In 1864 he was appointed
medical examiner of recruits and served in Trenton.  He
became 1st Assistant Surgeon of the 37th
Regiment New Jersey Volunteers (May 1864).

The daybook contains daily chronological entries made by both
doctors which include the name of the patient and/or payee, the
notation of “vis” or “med” (abbreviations for
visits and medicine, respectively), fees for services and
sometimes a brief description of diagnosis or treatment.  Sweet
and Robinson treated a variety of patients from different social
classes,  particularly apprentices and workers:  “to
attend wife,” “to attend workman,” “the man
that works at Spicers [sic], “the young lady at the port
(?),” Samuel Marsh, for William Perrine Apprentice,”
“Joseph Baldwin for work girl Brigit.”

Typical services included dressing “mashed” fingers,
setting broken bones, and prescribing and selling unspecified
medications.  Individual patients include:  Ellen
Bernhard, Joseph Bamford, John Gott, Charles Miller, Elliot
Condict, Joseph Baldwin (for Brigit), Miss Riley, Joseph Van
Cleve (apprentices), Cap. Nichols, George Starbuck,  Allen
& Brothers (apprentices), and others.


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