Manuscript Group 20, Peter D. Vroom (1791-1873), Governor of New Jersey and U.S. Congressman Papers, 1783-1890 (Bulk date: 1820-1870)



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Manuscript Group 20, Peter D. Vroom (1791-1873),
Governor of New Jersey and U.S. Congressman


Papers, 1783-1890 (Bulk date: 1820-1870),
20 linear feet / 42 boxes


Call Number: MG 20 + Box







Correspondence, diaries, and case files of
Peter Dumont Vroom, a prominent New Jersey lawyer and politician born in
Hillsborough Township, Somerset County.  Admitted to the bar in 1813, Vroom
practiced law at Schooleys Mountain, 1813; Hackettstown, 1814-1816; Flemington,
1817-1821; Somerville, 1822-1841; and, thereafter, Trenton.   He
served as a member of the New Jersey Assembly, 1826-1829; Governor and
Chancellor, 1829-1832, 1833-1836; U.S. Congressman, 1839-1841; delegate to the
1844 State Constitution Convention; U.S. Minister to the court of Prussia,
1854-1857; and law reporter for the New Jersey Supreme Court, 1865-1873.
Vroom was active in the Whig Party and the Dutch Reformed Church.  There
are also some papers of his father, Peter D. Vroom (1745-1831); and his son,
Garret D. W. Vroom (1843-1914), a lawyer and mayor of Trenton from 1881-1884.
Included are letters to Lewis Cass, Salmon P. Chase, George M. Robeson, and
Martin Van Buren; there are also letters of:



Robert Adrain Frederick T.
Joseph F. Randolph
Andrew Allen Theodore Frelinghuysen Theodore F. Randolph
William T. Anderson Daniel Haines John M. Sherrerd
Augustus W. Bell William Halsey Samuel L. Southard
John S. Blauvelt Joseph C. Hornblower Robert Field Stockton
Joseph P. Bradley Richard W. Howell Elias Van Arsdale
Cadwallader Colden John P. Jackson James Vroom
John S. Darcy P. B. Kennedy John P. Vroom
Edward Nicoll Dickerson James S. Nevius Garret D. Wall
Philemon Dickerson Charles Parker Marcus L. Ward
Amzi Dodd (1793-1838) James Parker
Asa Whitehead
Andrew Dutcher Joel Parker Isaac H. Williamson
Alphonse L. Eakin William Pennington
Lucius Q. C. Elmer Stacy G. Potts





Manuscript Group 283,
Ewing Family (Trenton, NJ) Papers
: Contains documents concerning a
testimonial dinner given for Vroom by the New Jersey Bar.






Box Folder Title Dates
1 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1783-1815
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence n.d.
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence January-June 1816
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence July-December 1816
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1817-1819
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1820-1821
7 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1822-1823
2 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1824-1825
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1826-1829
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1830-1831
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1832-1834
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1835-1838
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1839
3 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1840
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1841
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence January-August 1842
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence September-December 1842
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1843
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence January-July 1844
7 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence August-December 1844
4 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1845
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1846
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1847
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence January-June 1848
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence July-December 1848
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1849
7 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1850
5 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1851
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1852
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1853
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1854
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1855
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1856
7 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1857
8 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1858
6 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1859
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1860
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1861
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1862
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1864
6 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1865
7 1 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1866
2 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1867
3 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1868
4 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1869
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence 1870-1873
6 Case Files:  



Terril, et al. vs. David J. Craig, et al.
-Creditors of Hopkins vs. Administrators of Hopkins 1812,
-Samuel Mickle vs. Apollo Woodward, John Rambo, et al. 1815,
-Executors of George Clymez vs. David, et al. 1814,
-John Dennis vs. William Budd 1813-1815,
-Mary Loring vs. Isaac Schamp 1815,
-New Hope Delaware Bridge Company vs. John Schenk 1815
7 Thomas Gibbons vs. John M. Trumbull 1814-1815
8 Henry Quinn vs. the President and managers of
the New Hope Delaware Bridge Company
8 1 Case Files:

-Andrew A.
Ten Eyck and John G. Sebring vs. George Sebring


-Mansfield Township, NJ vs. Caleb H. Valentine and Tiba Hazer


-Philip Van Arsdale vs. Peter D. Vroom


-Washington Township vs. Moses Applegate


-John Summers vs. Nathan Hoagland and John Bird


-Daniel Backhouse vs. Isaac Morgan


-George Butler vs. Richard Anderson


-Conrad Davis vs. Jacob Matison


-Stephen W. Gerring vs. George Cuteler, et al.


-Archibald Ayrea vs. Benajah Gustin and Robert Thomson


-Knowlton Township Overseers of the Poor vs. Hardwick


Township Overseers of the Poor


-Amwell Township Overseers of the Poor vs. Mansfield


Township Overseers of the Poor


-Jacob Kern vs Mrs. Johnson


-Henry Hildbrant vs. Hugh Miller


-Easton Bank vs. Conrad Davis


-William Budd vs. John B. Scott


-William Hibblez vs. John Armstrong, Jr. and John Ogden


-James Smith vs. Stephen Dean


-John Armstrong vs. Jacob Kerr

2 Case Files – On division of real estate
of Charles Cope
3 Jacob Howsef vs. The Executors of Thomas Lowry 1817-1822
4 Andrew Stout vs. Joshua Farlee and Aaron
5 Case Files:

-Case of
John V. Stout, a lunatic


-David Manners vs. Jeremiah Kershow, Joseph Bishop, and Samuel L.


-Jacob T. Field vs. Gonce and Stille


-Mansfield vs. Caleb H. Valentine and Hazen


-William Blackwell vs. Andrew Weartin and David Stout


-Adam Sherer vs. William Sherr and Aaron Luse

6 William Larison,, Jr. vs. William Vliet 1819
7 Joseph Hall, et al. vs. William Hale 1819-1827
8 Benajah Gustin vs. William Little and Samuel
Sherrerd, Executors of John Sherrerd
9 Case Files:

-Henry E.
Hall vs. Thomas E. Hall


-John Voorhees, Jacob Kline, and John Van Nest


-Samuel Williamson vs. John Williamson


-Elihu Butler vs. Robert Lennox


-Andrew Goddis vs. John DeCamp


-John Kline vs. Sarah Grat, et al.


-Quick and Schenck, Executors of Van Nest vs. Francis Van Sickle


-Jonathan W. Miller vs. Enos Bonneff


-Andrew Allen, et al. vs. Richard Coxe


-Abraham c. Beekman vs. Executors of Richard Kitcham


-Archibald S. Taylor vs. Ralph Hunt, et al.


-James Danby vs. William Emery


-William Johnson vs. Jacob Kein


-William Gibbs vs. Isaac Reed


-Joseph Anderson vs. John R. Howell and Henry Divers


-James Anderson vs. Forten Simon


-William Nixon vs. Robert H. Kennedy


-Bernardry Montfort vs. Andrew Slack and Letitia Slack


-Dennis Wyckoff and William Demun, Executors of Andrew Shurts vs. Henry
Stryker and Garret Stryker


-Martha Harris vs William W. Harris and Ephraim Runyon


-Inhabitants of Hardwick Township vs. John Armstrong, Jr. and John Ogden


-Peter Ten Eyck vs. Peter La Tourette

10 A.F. Cammann vs. Dickinson Miller and John
11 Dinah Voorheese vs. Elbert Stothoff, et al. 1820?
12 Rev. Joseph Rice vs. William Phillips and
Rozitia Drake Phillips
13 David Mannes, et al. vs. Executors of Col.
14 Samuel Paxson vs. Edward W. Potts 1821
15 Cornelius Van Horn vs.Abraham Spader, Benjamin
Haight and Halsted Haight, Heirs of Cornelius Haight
16 Executors of John Ditmars 1822
17 William McCullogh vs. John Heath 1822
18 Case of Jacob Dufford 1822-1824
19 Jacob Boss vs Jeremiah Kershaw and Joseph
9 1 Conrad Zeller vs. The State 1822-1824
2 Jacques Voorhees vs. Executors of Jacques
3 William Little and Inhabitants of Independence
Township vs. John Boyd
4 Julia Drake vs. Thomas Stewart and Philip Fine 1823-1824
5 John Mackey vs. Jeremy Mackey and George Hiles 1823
6 William Burtis, et al. vs. William Laurie, et
al., administrators of Barzellia Hopkins
7 Isaac Thorne vs. Asa Pinsett, et al. 1823
8 John Craig and wife vs. Samuel S. Doty and
Isaac Southard
9 Rev. Joseph Rue vs. William Phillips and
Boretta Phillips
10 Administrators of Joseph Compton 1824-1829
11 Case Files:

W. Miller vs. Enos Bonnell and Matthias Bonnell


-William Ditworth vs. Daniel M. Brodhead


-Jonathan Hill vs. Zacharias Price, et al.


-Alpheus Coon vs. Charles Adams


-John Coxe vs. Gilbert Schenck


-John Penn and William Penn vs. William Gray, et al.


-John Collins vs. Archibald S. Taylor, et al.


-John Hubirer vs. John Young and Adam Young, executors of John Young


-John Miller vs. A.F. Cammann


-William S. Pennington vs. Jacob Kaarns


-John C. Van Auten vs. Claudius T. Lely, et al.


-Denn vs. Anthony Gazlick


-Charles and Mary Bonnell vs. Archibald S. Taylor


-Coe Smith, administrator of William Smith vs. Henry Bale, et al.


-Joseph King


-James Canby vs. Jacob Ridgway


-Rachel Eden vs. John Rathbone


-Griffin Taylor, et al. vs.George C. Thomas, et al.


-Executors of George Clymez vs. David, et al.


-John Collins vs. Executors of Robert Taylor


-John Hulshiser vs. John Young and Adam Young, executors of John Young

12 Lucius Horatio Stockton vs. Thomas R. Grant 1826
13 Catherine Gulick, Executor of Sameul Gulick
vs. John Loden
14 James Swayze and Joseph Hill vs. Gershon
Barton and Richard Shackelton, administrators of Abram Berherrer
15 Jonathan H. Morgan vs. Administrators of
10 1 Albert P. Voorhees and Jacob Williamson,
executors of Christopher Van Pelt vs. Garrit Veghte, et al.
2 Thomas Shotwell vs. Joseph Hendrickson (Quaker
3 John Henry vs. Adam Kinneman, et al. 1818-1848
4 Stillwater Township vs. Newton Township 1829
5 Case Files:

Woodward and Rebecca Woodward vs. George Horner


-John Smith vs. Susan Smith


-Peter D. Vroom vs. Andrew Miller and B. Berkaw, administrators of
Cornelius Wyckoff


-John L. Thompson vs. Robert P. Bell


-Samuel Rea vs. John Sullivan, et al.


-William P. Robeson vs. John Hornbaker and Jesse Barber


-Edmund Dwight, et al. vs. Andrew Gray


-Richard Kenna vs. Patrick Smith


-Cornelius L. Hardenburgh, et al. vs. The Farmer’s and
Mechanic’s Bank of New Brunswick


-Joseph D. Price vs. James Smith, Edgar R. Smith and Samuel Oliver


-Heirs of Sarah Van Dorn vs. Todd, et al.


-Abraham T. Hillyer and Euphemia Jane Hillyer vs. Ezra Ayers, et al.


-Andrew C. Mershon vs. Mershon


-Rachel Pittenger, administrator of Abraham Pittenger vs. Margaret
Pittenger, administrator of Cornelius Pittenger


-Administrators of Joseph White vs. Humphrey Williams, et al.


-P. La Tourette vs. Hoagland


-Edward Mason, et al. vs. Elijah Mitchell, et al.


-William Little vs. Lewis Combs, Peter Conover, et al.


-Robert Lanielle vs. Martin Rower, et al.


-James Perkins vs. Samuel B. Collins, et al.


-Samuel Applegate vs. Jacob Applegate, Samuel Birdsall and Amos Birdsall


-George Huline vs. Daniel R. Beurett, et al., Mt. Holly Insurance

6 Bridgewater Copper Mining Company vs. August
F. Cammann
7 Case Files:

F. Randolph and Phineas F. Randolph vs. Catherine Denn, et al.


-Andrew Allen, et al. vs. Charles D. Coxe and Richard Coxe


-Hulme vs. Bennett


-John T. Mott and wife vs. William Grant


-William Day vs. Patty Day

8 The State of NJ vs. The People of the State of
9 John Hulsirer and Mary Hulsirer vs. John
Young, Adam Young, and John Young
10 The Trenton Delaware Falls Co. and Robert
Barker vs. Isaac Snidiker
11 Jasper Scudder vs. The Trenton Delaware Fall
Co., William Purse, and E.T. Baldwin
12 Case Files:

Herkimer and Amos Farnham vs. Robert Horner


-James Murphy vs. The State


-Samuel Pharo vs. Oliphant and Shreeve


-Sutphen Green vs. The State


-Executors of John Woodhull vs. Joseph Craig, Lydia Throckmorton, et al.


-Patrick Mulvaney vs. Thomas J. Folwell and Robert Folwell


-Albert B. Templeton and Christopher S. Case vs. Mahala Morrow


-Peter J. Clark vs. Jacob Knight, Samuel Grant, and John Taylor


-Willet Bowne vs. William J. Bowne


-Aministrator of Stryker vs. Administrator of Van Dyck


-William Ely and Allison J. Ely vs. Asher Smith


-Barnes J. Smock vs. Joseph H. Van Mater

13 Case Files:

and Raritan Canal Company vs. William L. Hoppock and John S. Wilson


-President and Directors of the Morris Canal and Banking Co. vs.
Gamaliel Bartlett

14 Hartshorne and Van Mater vs. John P. Van Pelt 1833
15 Samuel G. Wright vs. Absalom Wells and James
16 John Gulich, et al, heirs of John Gulich vs.
the Princeton and Kingston Branch Turnpike Company
17 Executors of Van Schaick vs. Mrs. Van Schaick 1833
18 Case Files:

Willson vs. Sarah Willson


-Cornelius W. Van Winkle vs. Edward Curtis, Melville Curtis, and Warren


-State Bank at New Brunswick


-Jackson vs. Executors of Jackson


-Jacob Parker vs. John Stevens, et al.


-Andrew Snowhill vs. Rebecca Snowhill


-Reuben Shreve vs. Joseph Voorhees and J.H. Van Mater, Jr.


-Robert Lee vs. William Woodworth, et al.


-Walter King vs. William Berry


-A. Van Houten, infant


-Hardenburgh, et al. vs. the Farmer and Mechanics Bank at New Brunswick


-Gideon Scull and Newcomb B. Townsend vs. Reeves and Garrison


-Jacob Van der Post, et al. vs. James Van der Post


-Scull and Thompson vs. Thomas Reeves


-Thoms Drikl vs. John Pogo


-The State vs. the NJ Railroad and Transportation Co.


-John Van Winkle vs. Adrjan Van Houten, et al.


-George Maxwell, et al. vs. Margaret Delling, et al.


-James Kinney vs. Joseph Ogden


-Jonathan M. Meeker vs. Matthias Williamson


-NJ Railroad Company vs. Jscob Haff


-Daniel Newbold vs. Levi Peacock

11 1 Case Files – Continued 1834
2 David C.Hutchinson vs. William Tindall 1834
3 Executors of Andrew Howell vs. Thomas Auten 1834
4 Samuel Reamer vs. Peter D. Vroom and James
Casner, administrators of Sarah Compton
5 Case Files:

Hubbard vs. Joseph H. Van Mater


-Taylor vs. Executors of Schenck


-Ann Oliver vs. Mary Oliver


-Abraham A. Quackenbush vs. Abraham Van Riper


-Executors of Leah Lorier vs. Aministrators of Van Saur


-Joseph Stark vs. George Hunter, et al.


-William Edgar vs. Samuel Clenger, et al.


-Benjamin M. Price vs. Clevenger, Wilkinson, et al.


-Trenton Banking Co. vs. Zacharias Russell


-John Ontcalt vs. William Disborough and Abraham Guser


-Robert Chamber vs. James Hunt


-Mary Hutchinson vs. Frances Yard, et al.


-Philip Banks vs. Robert Banks, et al., executors of Matthias Banks


-Jacob I. Thompson Estate

6 Attorney General of NJ, et al. vs. Trenton and
New Brunswick Turnpike Co.
7 Samuel Boulton, Joseph Johnson, et al. vs.
Henry Scott, et al.
8 Isaac and Joseph Bassett vs. Isaac Johnson 1835-1836
9 James G. Ely vs. Catherine Ely 1835
10 John McKelway vs. James Cook 1835-1836
11 Joseph Whitehead, et al. vs. Unias Stryker, et
12 John Silvers and Henry M. Britton vs. Elihu
13 James Applegate vs. Birdsall 1836-1842
14 Reformed Church in Newburgh vs. Trustees of
the Princeton Theological Seminary
15 Case Files:

-David H.
Branch vs. John Tenelle


-Hartshonne and Cranford vs. White and Church


-The State vs. John Swan


-John S. Hoagland vs. Peter La Tourette and John La Tourette


-Abraham Sannin, et al. vs. John A. Barry, executor of Garret Van Geison

12 1 John Penn and William Penn vs. William Gray,
et al.
2 Conrad and Wood vs. Riley, et al. 1837
3 Archibald Kennedy vs. William Kennedy 1837-1841
4 Case Files:

Howell and J.M. Hardenburgh, executors of Andrew Howell vs. Thomas Auten


-James Trenchard to Lovell and Newton

5 President and Directors of the Sussex Bank vs.
William A. Baldwin and Charles T. Shipman
6 Trenton Banking Company vs. Thomas L. Woodruff 1838
7 James L. Graham vs. The NJ Railroad and
Transportation Co.
8 Abraham Suydam vs. NJ Railroad and
Transportation Co.
9 Abraham Suydam vs. NJ Railroad and
Transportation Co.
10 Peter Van Arsdale vs. Philip Van Arsdale 1838-1891
11 Executors of John Schenck vs. Peter S. Schenck 1838-1841
12 Case Files:

-James M.
Hartshorne, James P. Crawford vs. Robert White, Jr. and William Church, Jr.


-Lewis M. Walker vs. Joseph E. West, John L. McKnight, and Joseph


-William T. Moore, et al. vs. Sarah Sarff

13 Henry Solomon vs. Benjamin Gregory 1839
14 John Arndt vs. Samuel Shields 1839-1842
15 Henry W.B. Woodhull vs. Richard Longstreet 1839
16 Churchill Houston and George S. Green vs.
Samuel Woodward
17 Joseph C. Whitenack vs. John Voorhees 1839
18 Paul Farber vs. James Dougherty 1839
19 Mary Merwin, et al. vs. Isaac Smith 1839
13 1 John McKelway vs. Henry N. Barton 1839-1845
2 William Emley, et al. vs. John Branson 1840-1844
3 David L. Reeder vs. Joseph Shepherd, George
Hatfield, and Barnes S. Chadwick
4 James Long case – testimony 1840
5 Asa Wright vs. Ruth Wright 1840-1850
6 Moses Thorpe vs. Hiram Hulmes 1840-1847
7 Robert White and William Church, Jr. vs. James
P. Crawford and James M. Hartshorne
8 Robert White and William Church, Jr. vs. James
P. Crawford and James M. Hartshorne
9 Robert White and William Church, Jr. vs. James
P. Crawford and James M. Hartshorne
14 1 Isaac Staats vs. Reuben H. Freeman and
Margaret Freeman
2 Case files:

et al. vs. Pennington


-Abner Mershon and Thomas Mershon vs. Joseph Hobensuch


-Cornelius Williams vs. William J. Hale


-Isaac Q. Spader vs. The State


-Edward M. Daley vs. Jacob Van Dike


-Halsted and Barton vs. Price and Son


-Abraham Cadmus vs. The State


-Shepherd vs. Hibbin, Bruce, and Strong


-John Bell, administrator of Joseph Stoll vs. Samuel Price


-James Danielson vs John A. Berry


-Aministrators of James Bruere vs. Seneca Sinnickson


-William Bowker vs. Elihu Mathis


-Talmadge, et al. vs. Executors of James Clarkson


-Jonathan T. Patten vs. Darius Young


-Trenton Bank vs. John McKelway


-George W. Reed vs. Jacob Rocker and Cornelius Packer


-Thomas Lee, Joshua Brick, Francis Lee, Jacob P. Bickley vs. John
Getsinger and Jacob P. Getsinger


-Trustees of Lawrence Church vs. John Den


-James Castner vs. Garret D. Wall


-Rudolph Prussen vs. William B. Brittain


-Solomon Andrews vs. Charles Ford


-Executors of Joseph Sharp vs. Gilbert Drew


-Matter of Pamela Jolly’s will


-Samuel W. Stockton vs. St. Mary’s Church, Burlington,NJ

3 The State vs. Charles Gardner, Assessor of
Jersey City
4 Hamburgh Company vs. Edsall and
5 Allaire vs. Hartshorne 1841
6 John Kipp vs. Richard Berdan 1841
7 James L. Wilson vs. George Bowne 1841
8 James P. Alliare vs Maria Wardell 1841
9 Richard Ten Eyck and Richard Field vs. Richard
J. Field
10 Charles Wilson vs. Hannah Moore, executor of
Jesse Moore
11 Isaac J. Coursen vs. Ira M. Harrison 1841-1845
12 New Barbadoes Toll Bridge Company vs. Edward
13 Monmouth Ourchase Co. vs. George H. Tylor 1841
15 1 Benjamin Bennett vs. William Bennett 1841
2 Thomas Drake vs. Samuel C. Hill 1841
3 Thomas Chance vs. Beriah Grant, et al. 1841
4 Executors of Andrew Howell vs. Thomas Auten 1841
5 Francis D. Laurance vs. John Coleman 1841-1842
6 Jacob M. Ryerson vs. Bank of Pennsylvania 1842
7 William Crane vs. Alexander Boyles and
Ebenezer Abers
8 Henry Gates,Thomas G. Talmadge, and William
Curtis Noyes vs. The Bergen Post Co.
9 Richard Davison, et al. vs. John Davison, et
10 David H. Tichenor vs. Robert Dodd 1842
11 Martin Kays vs. Ephraim Kimball and Jane
12 Trenton Banking Co. vs. Ann E. Woodruff and
Zach. Russell
13 Trustees of the Presbyterian Church in
Lawrence Township vs. Walter Smith, et al.
14 Milton Ely vs. Richard C. Robins 1842
15 USA vs. George W. Bruen, Matthias Bruen, et
16 Jonathan E. Post vs. the State 1842
17 William Colgate and Bowles Colgate vs. Daniel
C. Wood
18 Robert White, et al. vs. Ann P. White, et al. 1842-1847
19 Henry Vanderveer vs. Jonathan W. Miller and
Joseph B. Miller
20 Peter L. Van der Veer vs. David Taylor 1842
21 William Potts vs. Peter J. Clark 1842-1843
16 1 George Green vs. Francis Moran 1842-1843
2 Pamela Jolly, will / Burlington Orphans Court 1842-1843
3 Phineas Mundy vs. George Y. Brewster, et al. 1842-1843
4 The State vs. Charles Young 1842-1843
5 William Green vs. William Kelly 1842-1843
6 De Lafayette, Schenck, et al. vs. John
7 Philemon Dickerson title papers 1843
8 John W. Leddell vs. John Wills 1843
9 Den ex dem John Rutherford vs. Thomas Folger 1843-1848
10 Samuel Mulford vs. Samuel B. Scattergood 1843
11 Philip Reybold, et al. vs. Pierson Hurd 1843-1844
12 Robert A. Lum vs. John P. Cooke 1843
13 Matthias Bruen vs. Hartman Vreeland, et al. 1843
14 Inhabitants of Washington Township vs. Moses
15 Henry H. Miller vs. Henry Allen 1843-1845
16 David H. Branch vs. John Tonnelle, Jr. 1843
17 Solomon Roosevelt and Joseph D. Huff vs.
Alfred Walling, Joseph Sprout, and Samuel Sprout
18 George Hulme vs. Daniel R. Bennett, et al. 1843
19 Nicholas Arrowsmith vs. William Todd 1843
20 Asher Williamson vs. William H. Johnson 1843
21 George Y. Brewster and Holloway W. Hunt,
executors of Ezra Mundy vs. Jackson Freeman
17 1 McKelway, et al. vs. Bucks County
2 William Ketcham vs. Charles Drake, et al. 1843?
3 William J. Jones and Company vs. Smith and
4 Samuel Applegate vs. Jacob P. Applegate,
Samuel Birdsall, and Amos Birdsall
5 The State vs. Soloman Beemer 1843
6 Asa Jones, et al. vs. Peter Shurts 1843
7 John Kean vs. Charles Augustus Davis, et al. 1843-1847
8 Howell Works Company vs. Samuel Sherman 1843
9 John Nightingale vs. Society for the
Establishment of Useful Manufactures
10 John Robbins vs. James Burroughs, trustee of
Phebe Abraham
11 Oliver Vanderbilt vs. den, ex dem, Heirs of
12 Darius Young vs. John J. Bailey 1844-1846
13 John A. Huffman vs. Levi Adams, John Adams,
and John Hoyt
14 Richard L. Burr vs. Nathan Allinson 1844
15 Executors of Hope Haines vs. Rebecca Tilley,
Hannah Lippincott and Aquila Ridgeway
16 Joseph C. Wade vs. Richard M. Ware 1844-1846
17 C.C. Clay vs. Thomas J. Ludlum 1844
18 Joseph Roe vs. The State 1844-1846
19 William L. Schenck vs. George W. McDowell 1844-1846
20 John P. Outwater, et al. vs. George Van Riper,
John A. Berry, et al.
21 Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures
vs. Catherine Holsman
22 Jacob Hunt vs. Samuel A. Allen 1844
18 1 Peter R. Fisher vs. Richard B. Duyckinck 1844-1848
2 Morris Canal and Banking Co. vs. The State of
3 John Disborough, executor of Willoiam H.
Disborough vs. Nancy Jones, et al., heirs of George Biddleman
4 Margaret S. Gibson vs. The President,
Directors, and Company of the Princeton Bank
5 Daniel Carson vs. Aaron Eldridge 1844-1847
6 Caroline Woodward vs. Alfred Woodward 1849-1847
7 Will of John Sutphen 1844
8 Andrew Carrigan vs. The Trenton Delaware Falls
9 Thomas B. Odell and Jonathan Odell vs. John R.
Van Houten and Cornelius S. Van Wagoner, executors of Ralph Van Houten
10 Joseph C. Ware vs. Executors of Mary Cook 1845
11 Benjamin P. Soper vs. Peter S. Kipp 1845
12 Christina Jones vs. Executors of Jacob
13 John Kean vs. Roswell L. Colt and SUM 1845
14 John Smith, James Wade, et al. vs. Eliza
Smith, James L. Smith, et al.
15 Henry Cole vs. Lewis E. Davenport and
Cornelius Crawford, administrators of Calvin Cook
16 William Blackwell vs. Jacob Van Dike 1845
17 Anna Maria Redelsperger vs. John Thatcher 1845
18 The State vs. Richard P. Thompson 1845
19 1 Reuben H. Freeman vs. Isaac Statts 1845-1846
2 Lysander Soper vs. Daniel D. Britton 1845-1846
3 Mary Stier vs. Henry Stier 1845
4 David Jones, et al. vs. Van Vliet and Wyckoff 1845
5 Samuel Lettis, executor of Lettis Peacock vs.
John Black and Thomas Black
6 David Sanderson vs. Mary R. Mitchell, et al. 1845-1847
7 Asher Williamson vs. William H. Johnson and
John T. Neely, administrators of Benjamin Johnson
8 Samuel Price vs. Abraham Bray 1846
9 Den ex dem, Van Klerk vs. Martin O’Hanlon 1846
10 Society of Establishing Useful Manufactures
vs. Morris Canal and Banking Company
11 John Pintard, et al. vs. Elijah P. Davis 1846
12 Charles G. Ireland vs. Samuel Ovenshine 1846
13 Paul Spofford, et al. vs. Abraham H. Godwin 1846-1850
14 Nathan A. Cooper vs. Prudence Cooper, John A.
Cooper and Thomas B. Stout
15 The Trenton Banking Co. vs. S. Alexander
Hamilton, et al.
16 Abraham Brown vs. William P. Robeson and John
Kinney, Jr.
17 William Simonson vs. Edsall 1846
18 Thomson Dodge vs. Somerville and Elizabethtown
19 Richard McDonald vs. Ernest Fiedler 1846-1847
20 Daniel Bray vs. Mary Ann Bray 1846-1848
21 Aaron Longstreet vs. The New Jersey Turnpike
20 1 John S. Van Winkle and Brant Van Blarcom vs.
Abraham Van Houten, et al.
2 Enoch Durar vs. The Hudson County Mutual
Insurance Company
3 Achzah Curtis vs. Edward Jenkins 1846
4 Alfred Woodward vs. Caroline Woodward, et al. 1847
5 Henry Miller, et al. vs. Isaac English, et al. 1847
6 David Jones vs. John Gill 1847
7 William Winters vs. Peter D. Henderson 1847
8 George W. Bruen vs. Elizabeth Codmus 1847
9 Maria Louisa Hopper, et al. vs. Garret J.
Demarest, et al.
10 John Disborough, executor of William H.
Disborough vs. Nancy Jones, et al., heirs of George Bidleman
11 Adam Lee vs. Mechanics Trust at Newark 1847
12 John Leibert, William Leibert, Isaac W.
Wainright vs. The Elizabethtown and Somervile Railroad Company
13 John Runk vs. Richard Field and Gabriel Field 1847-1850
14 Isaac B. Munn vs. Jacob Atho 1847
21 1 The State vs. The Clerk of Camden 1847
2 Joseph W. Andrews vs. Andrew Carr 1847
3 Richard Perrine vs. Frederick Farr 1847
4 John L. McKnight vs. Van Room Robbins 1847
5 Caleb Ford vs. Mary Ford 1847
6 John D. Hagen vs. Edwin A. Stevens, James
Neilson, John R. Thompson
7 Thomas Lee, Joshua Birch, et al. vs. John
Gitsenger, et al.
8 Enoch Barkelen vs. Joseph Taylor and Christian
Jacob Waker
9 Francis Paulmier vs. Andrew S. Garr 1847
10 Maria Hopper vs. Jacob J. Hopper 1847-1850
11 Den vs. Morris Canal and Banking Co. 1847
12 Henry H. Richman vs. John Baldwin 1848-1851
13 James L. Francis vs. Samuel M. Cheeseman 1848
14 Thomas P. Hunt vs. Ralph Hunt 1848
15 Cornelius W. Laurence vs. George Howe 1848
16 American Print Works vs. Cornelius W. Lawrence 1848
17 James Murray vs. Benjamin H. Brown 1848
18 In matter of road in Mercer, Middlesex, and
Monmouth Couties on application of William Poland, et al.
19 Noah T. Stout vs. Abraham S. Whiteneck and
Charles M. Hankin
20 Trenton Banking Co. vs. John McKelway 1848
21 David Minch, et al. vs. Benjamin T. Mulford 1848
22 1 Abraham Smith vs. Henry Albert 1848-1849
2 Administrators of George W. Tucker vs. J.R.
3 William H. Van Wagener and Anthony Yeoman 1848-1849
4 Roswell L. Colt vs. The Boudinot Manufacturing
5 Joshua Doughty vs. The Somerville and Easton
Railroad Co.
6 Joshua Doughty vs. The Somerville and Easton
Railroad Co.
7 Dudley S. Gregory and Archibald Robertson,
guardians of the minor children of David Henderson
8 Reuben Van Kirk vs. William Sutphen and Isaac
Van Zandt
9 Walter Fuller vs. Joseph Emerni, et al. 1848-1849
10 Gibbons Trumball, et al. vs. William Gibbons
in re: will of Thomas Gibbons
11 Gibbons Trumball, et al. vs. William Gibbons
in re: will of Thomas Givvons
12 Jeremiah Stull vs. Jacob F. Mench 1849-1850
13 The State vs. Erastus Schenck ca.1849
23 1 Abel Pierson vs. David Fountain 1849
2 Proprietors of the Passaic and Hackensack
Bridge Company vs. The State
3 Richard Moore vs. Philip Gamble 1849-1852
4 Rulif V. Schenck, et al. vs. John Arrowsmith,
et al.
5 Town of Salem vs. Thomas Lambson ca.1849
6 Peter C. Onderdonk vs. Hiram Hutchinson 1849
7 D.S. Brown and Co. vs. Frederick A. Van Dyke 1848-1951
8 Executors of Betsey Hoagland vs. Kitty Weart 1849
9 John Yard, Jr. vs. Joseph Andrews 1849-1852
10 Daniel Kintnez vs. James Blair, Charles
Kelsey, and John J. Blair
11 Ephraim Beach vs. The Morris and Essex
Railroad Co., et al.
12 Benjamin Browning vs. The State 1849
13 James Rediker vs. Josiah Vandergrift 1849
14 Evi S. Tompkins vs. Halsted V. Townsend 1849
15 John A. Carree vs. Jacob Arnwine 1849-1851
16 The State of NJ vs. The Howell Works Company 1850
17 Case Files:

McCall vs. John Notman


-Maria Hopper vs. Jacob Hopper


-William Goldstein and Emanuel Goldstein vs. William Heston


-Blydenburgh vs Coltrial


-John Baldwin vs. Henry H. Richman


-Aaron Piet vs. The Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders


-Burton H. Campbell vs. John Keiffer


-McKelway vs. March


-James Blair, Charles Halsey, et al. vs. Daniel Kentner


-Isaac J. Johnson, W.H. Lawrence vs. Henry Hankinson


-Morris Canal and Banking Co. vs. Daniel Crane


-Frederick Ritter and Frederick Schlarbaum vs. Peter Hubert


-Jeremiah Stull vs. Jacob F. Munch


-Colwell and Bell vs. Esfell


-Brearley vs. Brearley’s executors


-Long vs. Robbins


-Bergen Turnpike Company vs. The State


-Isaac Stutts vs. Reuben H. Freeman


-Protective Insurance Company of NJ vs. Mary Earle and William J. Bowne


-Heirs of Adam Kinneyman


-John Yard vs. Joseph Andrews and Lewis Waln


-John M. Mann vs. John Van Suckel


-Sanchez de Agreda, Lorenzo Love and Louis Anne vs. Michel Mullone


-Smith Sloan vs. Levi Apgar


-Edward M. Green vs. Thomas R. Wilson


-Hill and tunison vs. Aldridge, et al.

24 1 Charles M. Armstrong, et al. vs. Andrew C.
2 Henry R. Broadhead vs. Hortense Stoll, et al. 1850
3 Peter P. Demarest and Thomas J. Coleman vs.
John Runck, et al.
4 Abner Mershon and Thomas P. Mershon vs. Joseph
5 Joseph Brown vs. Esther Willis 1850
6 Anthony Sharp vs. The State 1850
7 John M. Martin vs. The Somerville Water Power
8 The State vs. The Hudson County Board of
Chosen Freeholders in re: Jersey City Ferry
9 Charles Goodyear vs. Horace H. Day 1850-1859
10 Charles Goodyear vs. Horace H. Day 1850-1859
11 Charles Goodyear vs. Horace H. Day 1850-1859
25 1 Charles Goodyear vs. Horace H. Day 1850-1859
2 Philip Philhower vs. Thomas Blackwell 1850
3 Benjamin T. Mulford vs. David Minch 1850
4 William Beardslee , Jr. vs. The State 1850
5 Samuel Stern and Thomas Stern vs. James Van
6 Thomas Blackwell vs. Paul Vanderbosch 1850
7 The State vs. Erastus Schenck 1850
8 Joseph E. Edsall vs. Oakes Ames 1850
9 Edwin R.V. Wright vs. John De Groot 1850
10 Cornelius Lane vs. Jonathan H. Osborne 1850
11 Frederick A. VanDyke vs. John W. Stout, et al. 1850
12 City of Trenton vs. Samuel Evans 1851
13 Samuel A. Allen vs. Jacob Hunt 1851
14 Stewart and Mettler vs. James Scudder 1851
15 Joseph Smith vs The State 1851
16 Ebenezer Boice vs. Richard Boice 1851
17 David Cotheal vs. Virginia W. Moorehouse 1851
18 The State vs. Nathaniel Strech and Hiram
19 Kingsland vs. Rutgers 1851
20 William N. Jeffers vs. William Hess and Rachel
21 Regarding NJ Railroad Company building bridge
over Raritan River at New Brunswick
22 Sarah Van Vorst, administrator of John Van
Vorst vs. The Morris Canal and Banking Co.
26 1 The State vs. Richard A. Sickles, Collector of
Shrewsbury, NJ
2 Thomas Little vs. Matthew H. Cooper, et al. 1852-1853
3 Louise E.H.D. Chegay vs. Alfred Ford 1852
4 The State vs. William F. Davies, et al., of
the Lower Alloways Creek Township Commmittee
5 George Hildreth vs. Lilburn Harwood 1852
6 Richard B. Osborne vs. The Camden and Atlantic
Railroad Co.
7 Abraham Stevens, et al. vs. John A. Post, et
8 John C. Hoyt vs. John P. Hunt 1852
9 Reuben H. Freeman vs. Isaac Staats 1852
10 John Dean and Aaron I. Dean vs. Thomas Dean
and Mary Van Pelt
11 Simon Brolasky vs. James Clark, Walter B.
Miller, and Joseph Ware
12 Joseph L. Shotwell vs. Richard Wooden 1852
13 Garret J. Vansickle vs. Joshua Jones 1853
14 James Ten Eyck vs. John Runk 1853-1854
15 Matthias H. Nichols, Samuel M. Hoovens,, et
al. vs. James, Eakins, Samuel Humphreys, et al.
16 James M. Redmond vs. Philemon Dickerson 1853
17 Stephen Colwell vs. Henry Schmoele 1854-1857
18 Ridgway Gibbs, James V. McLain, and Thomas N.
Baker vs. Ellwood Matlack, et al.
19 The State vs. Margaret Hogan 1855
20 Peter Blondel vs. Conrad Lemmer, et al. 1855
21 Jacob D. Van Winkle vs. Hiram Rathbone, et al. 1856
22 James W. Wall, administrator of will of
Deborah Pintard
23 Mayor and Common Council of Newark vs. NJ
Railroad and Transportation Co.
27 1 Chester Driggs vs. Daniel A. Baldwin 1856-1858
2 Cyrus Hill and Levi Hinson vs. Thomas Aldridge
and John Aldridge
3 The State vs. Edmund Ormsby and Robert Parker 1856
4 Leslie Combs, James H. McCampbell, et al. vs.
John G. Brown, Seth B. Grosvenor and the Lexington and Danville Railroad Company
5 John R Brincker vs. Josiah Burby 1857-1860
6 Paterson and Hudson Railroad Company vs. Mayor
and Common Council of Jersey City
7 Robert J. Glendy vs. William W. Tomlin and
Isaiah Pancoast
8 Uriah Norcross vs. Edmund Brown and George
9 Aaron H. Vancleve, Joseph H. Potts, et al. vs.
Elias F. Maynard
10 Aquila S. Ridgway vs. Wallace Lippincott, Mary
L. Haines, Israel Pancoast and Sarah Ann Pancoast
11 The State vs. The Mayor and Common Council of
the City of Hudson (Jersey City)
12 The State vs. The Mayor and Common Council of
the City of Hudson (Jersey City)
28 1 The State vs. The Mayor and Common Council of
the City of Hudson (Jersey City)
2 John L. Earle and Evander Berry, executors of
Abraham Berry vs.. the Paterson and New York Plank Road Company and Dudley S. Gregory
3 Executors of James Shreve vs. Stacy B. Shreve 1858-1865
4 Erastus Randall and Abraham Morrell vs. Thomas
Creede and John M. Roche
5 Thomas N. Dale, et al. vs. The NJ Locomotive
and Machine Co.
6 Cooper P. Knight, Jonathan Palmer, et al. vs.
John Packer, et al.
7 Pennsylvania Steam Touring and Transportation
Company vs. Joseph Ashmore, Jr. and Jeremiah Salon
8 Maria Howell vs. Peter L. Sebring, Abraham
Sebring, et al.
9 Edmund Charles, Charles Clinton, and John
Ireland vs. The Mayor and Council of Hoboken
10 Mayor and Common Council of Jersey City vs.
Abraham Winfield
11 George Vass vs. The Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western Railroad Co.
12 Joel M. Johnson and Albert Smith vs. The State 1859-1860
13 The Presman and Company for erecting a bridge
over the River Delaware vs. The Trenton City Bridge Company, et al.
14 Case Files:

Walker vs. William Bryan, et al., guardians of William H. Shaw


-James W. Wall and Peter D. Vroom vs. Joseph Reeder and Charles Reeder


-Allen vs. George B. Taylor


-John L. Gordon vs. Trustees of the State Street Methodist Episcopal
Church at Trenton


-John E. Runkle, et al. vs. John B. Taylor


-Mayor of Hudson City vs. John N. Van Tafel


-David W. Stone vs. Robert E. Falkenburg


-John Hunsinger vs. Monroe Wilson


-Elisha Warford vs. S. Sutton, et al., administrator of Bowne


-Benjamin C. Potts vs. Samuel Whitehead


-Benjamin Morlatt vs. William Warwick, Abigail Smith, et al.


-Asa Lippincott vs. William S. Wilson and Jonathan Cawley,
administrators of John E. Vannamen


-William Feit, John Feit, Daniel Feit vs. Samuel Vannatta


-Catherine Howell, et al. vs. Joseph N. Tuttle


-Owen McFarland vs. Orange Horse Car Railroad Co.


-John D. Hoffman vs. John S. Schenck


-Caleb F. Ames vs. John S. Schenck


-Maria Howell vs. Peter L. Sebring


-James B. Cox vs. John W. Bray


-John Green vs. John B. Taylor


-Albert Zabriskie vs. Mayor and Common Council of Hudson City


-Samuel D. Condit and George W. Blackwell


-John Wardell Brown, executor of Abraham Brown vs. James W. Wall

15 Knowles Lancaster vs. Charles Townsend 1860-1861
16 Charles G. Allen vs. Monmouth County Board of
Chosen Freeholders
17 Gilbert B. Sutphen vs. David Melick and Daniel
18 John B. Brinckle vs. Josiah Buzly 1860
19 Archibald W. Burns vs. The Beverley Bank, et
29 1 Columbus C. Rockwell vs. James R. Morgan 1860-1862
2 Smith Farm sale 1860
3 David B. Salter vs. John King, et al. 1860
4 Owen McFarland vs. The Orange and Newark Horse
Car Railroad Co.
5 Edmund Shotwell, et al. vs. Joshua Shotwell 1861
6 McKelway vs. Seymour, et al. 1861
7 John A. Warner vs. William Grant, Jr. and
David W. Kelly, et al.
8 Hudson City vs. Becker 1861
9 Samuel Read vs. Christian D. Emson and Reuben
10 The Delaware and Raritan Canal and Camden and
Amboy Railroad and Transportation Co. vs. The Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad Co., et
11 Peter Bentley vs. The Long Dock Co., David S.
Mannes, et al.
12 The State vs. Dr. D.D.Wickham 1862
13 Asa Lippincott vs. William S. Wilson, Jonathan
P. Cawley, et al.
14 James M. Long, et al. vs. James S. Robbins 1861-1862
30 1 John F. & Ellen Bowne 1862-1868
2 Estate of Mrs. Joseph L. Risley 1862-1863
3 Edward H. Halleck vs. William F. Phelps 1862-1863
4 William Annin vs. Alfred Cammann 1861
5 Peter D. Vroom – General Correspondence January-June 1863
6 July-December 1863
7 The State vs. Caleb Clothier, Collector of
Taxes for Springfield Township, NJ
8 The State vs. John B. Brokaw, Collector of
Taxes for Hillsborough Township
9 Stephen J. Southard vs. The Central Railroad
Company of NJ
10 W.R. Kaigher vs. Maria M. Fuller 1863
11 John J. Bowne vs. James C. Norris 1863
12 William M. Force vs. Andrew Dutcher, Annie B.
Hunt and M. Furman Hunt
13 John Van Kirk – Probate of will 1863
14 Charles Danforth, et al. vs. The Society for
Establishing Useful Manufactures, et al.
15 Joseph C. Ware vs. Richard M. Ward 1864
16 The State vs. William Ferguson, Jr., Overseer
of Highways of Alloways Creek Township,NJ
31 1 Robert M. Croxall vs. John M. Sherrerd ca.1864
2 Jacob Hunt vs. Samuel Allen 1865
3 John F. Cabot vs. NJ Nitre Co. 1865
4 The State vs. James Williamson 1865
5 John Wardell Brown vs. James W. Wall and Peter
D. Vroom
6 Julia A. Stevens vs. James A. Stevens 1866
7 In matter of Jacob Kline 1866-1867
8 John Beshern vs. Lewis Dennis 1866
9 Tidewater Bay vs. George W. Carter 1866
10 The State of NJ, Elias C. Baker, et al.,
realtors, vs. William V. Scudder, tax collector of Princeton Township, NJ
11 Edmund Croft vs. Horation G. Armstrong 1867
12 Enoch L. Cowart vs. David C. Perrine 1868
13 Benjamin C. Potts vs. Samuel Whitehead 1869
14 The State vs. Joseph McChesney, Collector of
Third Ward, City of Millville
15 Cornelius O’Brien vs. William W. Hullfish 1869-1871
16 James F. Armstrong, et al. vs. Julia A. White 1869-1870
17 Case Files:

-John Cuff
Adams vs. The Newark and NY Railroad


-Peter D. Vroom vs. John W. Brown, Executor of James W. Wall


-Feit’s Executors vs. Vanatta

18 Samuel A. McGregor and William P. McGregor vs.
The Erie Railway Co.
19 The State, The NJ Railroad and Transportation
Co. vs. George G. Hancock
20 Alexander B. Brokaw vs. Garrett Brokaw and
Garret Van Zant
21 The Columbia Delaware Bridge Co. vs.
Christianna Geisse, et al.
22 Jacob S. Van Ness vs. William H. Chaddock 1870-1871
23 Randolph H. Moore and William M. Yard vs.
Archibald W. Yard
32 1 Attorney General vs. The Central Railroad of
February 27, 1873
2 Christ Church, Shrewsbury, NJ vs. The North
River Meadow Co.
3 George H. McCarter vs. Converse Tinkey n.d.
4 William Frick vs. Atlantic Railroad Co. n.d.
5 Lists: Individual court cases chronological,
contents of last drawer, & future work
6 Letter book 1840-1844, 1844-1848,

1848-1852, 1853-1857


7 Receipt books



Check book records


1841, 1849



8 Diaries 1850, 1862-1865
9 Diaries 1867-1870
33 1 Diaries 1871, 1872, 1875
2 Papers, mortgages, promissory notes, etc. 1813-1820, 1830s, 1820s, 1850s
3 Receipted bills 1835-1841
4 Receipts – personal
5 Draft of S102 (bill regarding postroads) 1864
6 Material concerning Delaware River fishing 1847-1853
7 Pluckemin, NJ Presbyterian Church records 1780-1851
8 Sussex and Warren County Courts –
9 Peter Polhemus – Bond April 2, 1822
10 Morris Canal and Banking Co. 1849
11 Peter A. Jay – Statement 1842
12 NJ Committee to Report Amendments of the
System of Jurisprudence, Joint Resolution
13 Seymour and Blair Club – Subscription
14 List of nominations for Election October 1832
34 1 Dumont Van Der Veer – Inventory January 26, 1821
2 Peter D. Vroom – Address on canals and
January 31, 1828
3 Estate of Hope Couperthwaite – Account
4 Margaret Zelley – Account of vendue 1820
5 Estate of Nicholas Perrine – Account book 1811-1819
6 Somerville, NJ Dutch Reformed Church 1831-1837
7 Trenton, NJ First Reformed Dutch Church
8 Peter D. Vroom – Essays on education 1871
9 Peter D. Vroom, et al. – Report on
organization of instruction at the Rutgers College Scientific Schools
10 Joseph P. Bradley – Notes of argument n.d.
11 Cornelius J. Van Campen – Account book 1807-1829
12 Peter D. Vroom – Papers concerning deaf
13 Somerset County Court of Sessions – Bill January 1819
14 Gloucester Farm and Town Association records 1857-1862
15 Election returns 1838
35 1 Peter D. Vroom – Bills and receipts
(consulate period)
2 1855-1858
3 Opinion on Revenue Act – Mutual Benefit
Life Insurance Company, draft
June 1869
4 Peter D. Vroom – Opinions 1822-1873
5 Peter D. Vroom – New Jersey Law
, corrected galley proofs and index
36 1 Peter D. Vroom – Biographical sketches ca.1871
2 Peter D. Vroom – Receipts from Trenton
3 Peter D. Vroom – Receipts 1830-1848
4 Records retained from Commissioner of NJ
Sinking Fund
5 G.D.W. Vroom – Correspondence 1869-1879
6 Court cases 1880-1889
7 Court cases 1890-
8 James V. Vroom to Cortlandt Parker December 31, 1880
9 Garret D.W. Vroom – Correspondence 1880-1894
10 Court cases 1840-1849
11 Court cases 1840-1849
12 Court cases 1840-1849
13 Court cases 1840-1849
14 Court cases 1840-1849
15 Court cases 1840-1849
16 Court cases – Supreme Court 1840, 1842-1844
37 1 Court cases 1820-1829
2 1820-1829
3 1820-1829
4 1790-1799
5 1820-1829
6 1810-1819
7 1840-1849
8 1840-1849
9 1840-1849
10 1840-1849
11 1840-1849
12 1840-1849
13 1840-1849
14 1840-1849
15 1840-1849
16 1840-1849
17 Court cases (Individual) – Patterson case 1871
18 Court cases 1860-1869
19 1860-1869
20 1850-1859
21 Circuit court and opinion 1841-1843, n.d.
22 Court cases 1840-1849
38 1 Court cases 1840-1849
2 1860-1869
3 1840-1849
4 1840-1849
5 1860-1869
6 1830-1839
7 1830-1839
8 1830-1839
9 1830-1839
10 1830-1839
11 1850-1859
12 1850-1859
13 1860-1869
14 Law reports clippings
15 Broadsides
17 Court cases 1810-1819
39 1 Court cases 1820-1829
2 1820-1829
3 1820-1829
4 1800-1809
5 1820-1829
6 1820-1829
7 1840-1849
8 Miscellany
9 Court cases – miscellaneous courts Various, n.d.
10 Court cases n.d.
11 Indentures
12 Deeds (misc.)
13 Wills (misc.)
14 Court cases 1830-1839
15 1830-1839
16 1830-1839
17 1820-1829
18 Contracts 1862-1864
19 Promissory notes & receipts Various
20 Court cases n.d.
40 1 n.d.
2 Chancery court opinions,



1839, 1841

3 Miscellaneous n.d.
4 Chancery 1866
5 Prerogative Court 1862
6 Miscellaneous
7 Court cases 1860-1869
8 Court cases n.d.
9 n.d.
10 1840-1849
11 1840-1849
12 1846-1847
13 1840-1849
14 Miscellaneous notes and warrants 1840-1849
15 Chancery Court cases – opinions 1840-1849
16 Court cases 1846-1847, 1866, 1872, 1886
41 1 Court cases – contains Perrine vs. Farr 1840-1849
2 Court cases – Miller vs. Allen, Woodward
caseCase opinions


3 Court cases 1843
4 1840-1849
5 Court cases 1843
6 Supreme Court cases 1840-1849
7 Court cases 1845-1846
8 1840-1849
9 1845
10 1840-1849
11 1840-1849
12 1840-1849
13 Chancery Court cases, opinions, etc. 1840-1849
14 Court cases 1840-1849
15 1870-1879
16 G.D.W. Vroom
17 Court of Errors cases, deeds, mortgages, etc. 1850-1859
42 1 Court cases 1850-1859
2 1850-1859
3 1850-1859
4 1850-1859
5 1860-1869
6 1850-1859
7 1860-1869
8 1860-1869

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