Manuscript Group 225, Continental Army Artillery Regiment Orderly book, 1782




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Manuscript Group 225, Continental Army
Artillery Regiment


Orderly book, 1782, 0.15 linear feet / 1 volume


Call Number: MG 225


















Orderly book kept at General George
Washington’s headquarters in Newburgh, New York, May 1 – August 27, 1782.





Near the end of 1781, British General
Charles Cornwallis surrendered his entire force after the Yorktown Campaign, and
loyalists began to flee the colonies.  The headquarters of the Continental
Army was still encamped in the Hudson Highlands as it had been since the end of
1780.  By January 1782, British forces began their withdrawal, and by April
peace talks had begun.




Boatner III, Mark Mayo, Encyclopedia of
the American Revolution,
(David McKay, New York, 1966).



The source of this collection is unknown.


and Content Note:


This volume is an orderly book used by an
artillery regiment of the Continental Army at their headquarters in Newburgh,
New York from May 1 to December 31, 1782.  An orderly book is usually kept
by the orderly sergeant or aide de camp to enter general and regimental
orders.  There is usually one for each company.


Although this volume is marked
“Artillery,” it is difficult to determine exactly which company used
this book.  Typical orders recorded regard troop movements and formations,
issue of medals, procurement of uniforms, repair of arms, rations of food and
rum, inspection of the military hospital, and court marshal proceedings.  A
large proportion of this volume is devoted to court marshal proceedings for





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