Manuscript Group 23 William Nelson (1847-1914), Lawyer and historian Manuscript Collection, 1690-1875


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Manuscript Group 23, William Nelson (1847-1914), Lawyer and historian

Manuscript Collection, 1690-1875 , 3.0 linear feet

Call Number: MG 23



Letters and documents purchased at the auction of the William Nelson manuscript collection; typescripts of interviews with residents of Paterson, New Jersey and its environs, made and transcribed between 1873 and 1885.  Among those interviewed were Peter Adams, John
Colt, Richard Coughlin, James Dunn, Thomas Dynan, Julia Wickham, and Philip R. George.  Includes correspondence and other items of:

Henry Harrison
J. Austin
Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)
Rutherfurd (1760-1840)
Augustus Jay
Gilmore Simms
Samuel L.
H. Stephens
Ann Lyon John
Stevens (ca. 1682-1737)
Stevens (1715-1792)
Bradbury Chandler
Perry Morris
Stevens (1749-1838)
Salmon P.
Peter Colt John
Gold Thwaites
Roswell L.
John G.
Paterson (1745-1806)
Fish (1808-1893)
Paul L.

Purchase, 1915.

Biographical Note:

William Nelson, (1847-1914) was a lawyer and historian, as well as the corresponding secretary of The New Jersey Historical Society.

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Item List:

Name Item Description Date
Abeel, James Affidavit 1802
Abeel, James to Jeremiah Van Renselaer March 1802
Acquackanonk, New Jersey Three early Dutch documents 1693-1723
Albany Printed document, filled in 1816
Allibone, J. Austin to Charles Lanman march 1857
Anderson, Joseph Letters written by 1829-1830
Anthill, Edward to John Pierce July 1784
Appleton, N to Publisher of the Globe
Assembly, New Jersey Petitions and other documents 18th century
Aystin, James D.s. December 1789
Barber, Joseph to Evens Whery May 1803
Barber and Southwick to Evens Wharry 1794-1795
Bayard, John to William Bell February 1790
Bayard, Samuel Junior to John Halstead April 1785
Bell, Andrew documents of, or concerning 19th century
Bergen County Miscellaneous legal documents 19th century
Bethune, George W. to Augustus Hammond October 1854
Black, J.S. to Howell Cobb June 1858
Blauvelt, Abraham march 1810
Bloomfield, Joseph power of attorney to Robert Morris January 1789
Ditto April 1792
Ditto to (?) Dayton August 1792
Ditto to Jonathan Dayton March 1806
Ditto to Samuel A. Otis July 1808
Ditto Commission to G. Van Houten February 1819
Ditto to Garret D. Wall December 1817
Ditto to John Stoughton February 1819
Borden, Joseph to Samuel Tucker 1776
Ditto to Samuel Tucker August 1776
Ditto to Tench Tillman December 1785
Ditto Will of 1789
Boudinot, Junior “of council” August 1786
Boudinot, Elias 18th century
Boudinot, E. Receipt 1762
Boudinot, Elisha to Peter Colt
Ditto to Lewis Pintard 1779
Ditto to Robert Morris June 1784
Ditto to Andrew Bell May 1802
Bradish, Luther to T.H. Jackson et. Al. June 1835
Breintnall, R. Weber to William Nelson October 1907
Bridges, Thomas letters written to 1692-1697
Britannia (vessel, sister ship of Titanic) partial list of cargo September 1771
Bryant, William March 1775
Budd, James shipping documents 1789
Burd, Edward to Jasper Yeates March 1785
Burlington County petition of residents of, to Delaware and Raritan
January 1848
Burlington County Miscellaneous
Burnet, William signature
Bustill, Samuel letters addressed to 1723-1726
Ditto March 1724
Ditto letter to March 1725
Ditto 1730
Cadwater, Lambert   et. al. February 1818
Caldwell, James to (?) Geary October 1778
Ditto November 1778
Ditto document on death of 1781
Carleton, William to (?) Morgan     July 13, ?
Chace, Philander to ?
Chandler, Thomas B. sermon preached by 1770-1773
Chase, S.P. to ? October 1871
Clarenden, Duke of to ? June 1868
Clement, Samuel to James Madison January 1809
Cobbett, William page in autograph of
Coe, Abraham to John Brown August 1792
Colt, Russell to J. Andrews
Conner, E.S. to ? Mckean May 1851
Corson, Hiram to Richard Haines November 1887
Coxe, Daniel memorial to Jonathan Belcher 1747
Coxe, Samuel September 1697
Coxe, Tench to Jonathan Burrall April 1810
Ditto, and Samuel Hodgdon to ? September 1812
Coxe, W. to Samuel Nevill April 1756
Crane, Stephen bill to William Harriman 1758
Crowell, Ebenezer documents concerning 18th century
Cuntz, Otto signed by Abraham Lincoln and W.H. Steward July1863
Citizens and merchants miscellaneous NJ documents 18th-19th centuries
Day, Matthias March 1794
DeLancy, James John Lindesay and Captain Nelson bill for wine, rum ect. 1788
Dempster, John H. “bought of” Thomas Smith October 1775
Dennis, John Junior letters written by 1790-1795
DePeyster, Catherine Elizabeth, and Sarah to Joseph Borden January 1782
Derby, J.C. letter to May 1886
DeWilt Thomas to Cornelius D. Westbrook November 1841
Doremus, Francis to Catherine Doremus December 1839
Doremus, G.W to ? May 1842
Duer, William to John Carter July 1781
East and West Jersey documents re: land 1727-1788
East and West Jersey boundary line, documents concerning 1784-1785
Ellis, Daniel from ? December 1773
Emerson, R.W. signature
Ericksen, Hugo letter to September 1885
Estall, John December 1686
Essex Brigade 1830-1831
Ferguson, John letter from? February 1805
Fish, Hamilton to Gales and Seaton July 22, 1805
Ford, Paul L. to editor, Lippincott’s May 1893
Forman, Ezekiel to John Smith July 1769
Frelinghuysen February 1787
Forage Department disbursements December 1778
Gano, Stephen to Matthias B. Tallmadge February 1818
Garrison, A.G.
Gilman, Nathaniel bill January 1802
Gilmors, J.H.
Gonsales, Samuel August 1785
Gordon, David July, 1783
Granger, Gideaon to Thomas Walher
Grant, Moses J 1815
Gray, J. to ? December 1790
Haines, David to William G. Boggs August 1844
Hall, Sarah to William Burnett 1723
Hamilton, James to Jonathan Serjeia
Hancock, M. to Lydis Belknap 1772
Hand, Samuel to ? November 1729
Hardy and Page to Stevens and Brown September 1905
Harris, Thomas 1776
Harrison, William H. letters written to 1817
Hayes, Samuel to John Rutherfurd December 1793
Ditto September 1801
Hazlitt, John
Henry, John to Jonathan Sergeant March 1765
Hill, Henry to Lamar, Hill Bisset May 1861
Hill, Thomas C. to ? Aitkin November 1861
Hoffman, David to Jonathan Meredity May 1833
Holmes, R to William Davis February 1862
Holmes, Oliver W. to
Hone, Philip to Luther Bradish January 1836
Hooper, Isaac T. to Abigail H. Gibbons June 1833
Housler, David December1826
Husten, Henry to William Nelson November 8, 1906
Imlay, Gilbert letters and documents concerning 1775
Interviews and biographical data 19th century
Jay, Peter Augustus to W.B, Ludlow (May 1826)
Kerr, Charles to ? Wood April 1782
Kilborne April 1855
Kissack, William M. to council and assembly November 1807
Kneeland Bart ? To Thomas Fayeweather 11-5-1763
Lacy, Isreal to James Kennedy 6-21-1795
Lane, William C. to William Nelson 11-20-1908
Lee, John letters written by 1775
Lee, John agreement with Ebenezer Crowell 2-25-1784
Ditto to John Ridgeway 1-21-1792
Lees, John to John Halstead 1785
Leech, G. Granville to William Nelson 3-24-1898
Legal documents miscellaneous 18th and 19th centuries
Lenox, James to W. Phelps 4-28-1852
Livingston, William memorial to
Ditto to Elias Boudinot 12-23-1782
Ditto letters written by 1790-1792
Logan, John and Philip Bright to William Patterson and Elisha Boudinot 9-30-1788
Loyalists claims of copy 18th century
Lynch, Henry 11-29-1781
Lyon, Ann to ? 2-2-1869
McCosh, James to Lloyd Bryer 5-19-1891
McCrum, Henry petition to operate “publick house” 18th century
McKinley, William and Garret A Hobart cards sent to William Nelson
Machen, James P. commission signed by Henry A Wise 6-28-1858
Merchants and citizens of New Jersey miscellaneous documents 18th and 19th centuries
Mersereau, Joshua to ? 8-24-1784
Middlesex and other counties miscellaneous documents 1722-1840
Millrun, W.H to Editor New York Press 9-7-1875
Mitchell, Weir to William Nelson
Montgomery, John printed form
Morgan, James two documents concerning
Morris, George P. to Rufus King 7-23-1840
Murat, Lucien to ? Schrediker 10-9-1836
Nielson, John letters and documents by 1776-1779
Ditto document coincerning 10-3-1808
Ditto and Elias Boudinot 10-14-1810
Nelson, Henry A. to Reverend Doctor ? Darling 12-16-1875
Nelson, Hugh to Robert S. Garrett 2-24-1824
Nelson, John 2-17-1680
Nelson, John letters written by and autobiography 1823-1843
Nelson, Paschal 10-29-1739
Nelson, Roger to Robert Smith 12-6-1806
Nelson, S. to J.J. Owen 12-23-1862
Nelson, S. letters written by 1844-1857
Nelson, S. to George Harding endorsing J.P. Bradley 4-13-1869
Nelson, Thomas to ? Morgan 10-19-1794
Nelson, William “A Red Rose—Springfield, 1780, and after”
Nelson, William “History of Counties in New Jersey”
Nelson, William to John M. Moses 6-28-1905
Nielson, William 10-17-1789
Ogden, Robert 3-1-1776
Otis, Samuel A. to president of council of New Jersey 10-29-1796
Palfrey, John G. to ? Poole 3-3-1846
Parker, John 1757
Parker, Nathaniel to Henry Roberts 10-14 1714
Paterson, William 7-1779
Ditto document written by 18th century
Ditto life of, by William Nelson three documents
Patterson, R. to William A. Leech 10-5-1868
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts subscribers to
Perth Amboy document re: land 12-1-1719
Pettit, Charles letters written by 1772
Peterson, Hassel 3-19-1778
Pierson, Jonas to Charles Nicolls 1-3-1777
Pope, John 6-1-1786
Pratt, John list of vessels 1758-1759
Price Edward and William Herbert indictment 1782
Prices for various commodities 18th century
Putnam, Herbert to William Nelson 11-27-1906
Read, William to ? 11-5-1770
Ditto 1-7-1785
Regnier, J. 7-24-1784
Reid, Whitelaw to Leigh R. Smith 11-7-1873
Reynolds, David petition to operate tavern 18th century
Rittenhouse, David receipt 8-11-1781
Roberts, Charles G.D. A. poem “An Easter Lilly”
Rogers, John and others 4-25-1785
Ross, John 10-1-1782
Rutherfurd, John letters written by 1794-1796
Salem County documents concerning 1732
Salem County petition to William Franklin 1771
Salter, Richard to Samuel Bustill 7-14-1725
Saunders, John bill to William Adams 1781
Schenck, Peter 8-31-1773
School document
Schuyler, Arent to ? 5-31-1772
Schuyler, Philip and Nathianiel Peabody to Caesar Rodney 7-10-1780
Scott, Abraham to ? 9-23-1728
Sedgwick, Theodore to George W. Briggs 4-24-1836
Severn, Theodore to ? Blackwood 7-3-1760
Shinn, Barzilla 11-4-1771
Simms, William Gilmore to Thomas C. Reynolds 7-16-1844
Smith, Elizabeth Oakes to James Van Varden 8-14-1882
Smith, J. 11-19-1726
Smith, Samuel F. transcript of “America” 19th century
Sonmans, Peter documents signed by 1707-1713
Southard, Samuel L. to Gustavus H. Scott 9-12-1830
Southtown Payment On Delivery. West Coast
Southwick, S. to Elisha Jenkins 5-24-1804
Sparks, Jared to Phillip H. Nicklin 9-30-1824
Stage Coach travel document concerning 4-15-1801
Stedman, E.C. to ? Osgood 10-27-1874
Stephens, Alexander W. to Thomas H. Wynne 1-22-1867
Stevens, B.F. and Brown to William Nelson 8-12-1905
Stevens, John document signed by 12-16-1726
Stevens, John document signed by 12-11-1781
Stewart, Anthony and Thomas Knox to ? 4-7-1784
Steward, Charles to ? ? 4-24-1780
Strippel, Henry C. to William Nelson 2-14-1911
Stockton, Robert ADS 2-14-1771
Sumner, Charles to James M. Barnard
Supreme Court of New Jersey various documents 18th and 19th centuries
Surveys of New Jersey land 18th century
Sussex County petition to William Franklin 1-14-1775
Sykes, Anthony to William Coxe 5-23-1780
Thwaites, Ruben C. and William Nelson letters of 1906
Trumbull, Joseph to Elbridge Gerry 6-8-1777
Van Buskirk family letters concerning 1908-1909
Van Houten Documents, two folders 1800-1833
Vermont document concerning 4-16-1814
Wallace, James commission signed by Martin Van Buren 9-1-1838
Wallis, John to Garrabrant Van Houten 4-24-1818
Walton, Elisha legal document, handwritten by William Patterson
Watson, Elkannak to Archibald McIntire 11-23-1812
Webster, John to ? Frelinghuysen 8-18-1777
Webster, Peter G. commission signed by Samuel Nelson 1-12-1838
Weglin, Oscar to William Nelson 11-9-1906
Wescoat, Richard to ? 6-14-1783
Wetherill, Thomas concerning 12-10-1726
Wheeler, John H. to James H. Causten 8-22-1834
Whistler, George W. letters written by 1833-1843
Whitehead, Isaac and John Blanchard to ? Cooper 12-27-1711
White, Anthony W. to Theodorick Bland 18th century
Williams, Mary Willoughby to William Nelson
Wills, Daniel document signed by 2-19-1849
Wilkins, Mary E. to Miss Booth 12-23-1886
Williams, W.S. letter to 10-9-1845
Williamson, Isaac commission to G. Van Houten 11-4-1818
Ditto 11-3-1823
Winter, William to John T. Townshend 4-16-1884
Wood, Fernando to ? Alvin 10-5-1827
Young, Henry to Joshua Merserreu 9-14-1784
Miscellaneous and unidentified



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