Manuscript Group 3, West Jersey Manuscript Collection, 1648-1829


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Manuscript Group 3, West Jersey

Manuscript Collection, 1648-1829, 65 items

Call Number: MG 3 (includes MC material)



Miscellaneous manuscripts relating to West Jersey, including letters of Joseph Bloomfield, Oliver Cromwell, John Fenwick, Richard Ingoldsby, Joseph Read, Richard Smith, Richard Stockton (1764-1828), and Anthony Wayne. Indexed in the manuscript card catalog.

Provenance Note:

This collection contains miscellaneous manuscripts and documents relating to West Jersey.  The papers have been donated by various people and organizations throughout the existence of the New Jersey Historical Society.  The following is a brief list of the donors credited in the original index:

Edward Armstrong, Esquire W.R. Kennedy, 1871
Jeremiah Colburn, Boston Charles L. Pascal, through Governor Park
Jacob G. Crane William P. Robeson
R.S. Field, Esquire Mr. Rutherford, 1829
Archer Gifford, Esquire Dr. A.D. Schenck
Charles H. Hart, Philadelphia, 1867 Thomas Stewardson, Junior
Colonel Robert G. Johnson William A. Whitehead

For an accurate list and description of exactly what each of these donors presented to the Society, please refer to the copy of the index in the data file.

Scope and Content Note:

The West Jersey Archives collection contains approximately 65 manuscript items and spans the years 1648 to 1829.  The collection consists of miscellaneous manuscripts relating to West Jersey, including letters of Joseph Bloomfield, Oliver Cromwell, John Fenwick, Richard Ingoldsby, Joseph Read, Richard Smith, Richard Stockton (1764-1828), and Anthony Wayne. A nineteenth-century list is available in the data file, and has been reproduced below. Indexed in the manuscript card catalog.

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Item List:

Doc. #  Date Description
1 February 11, 1649 Certificate of church membership to Major John Fenwick
2 September 4, 1651 Commission to Major John Fenwick to be Captain of a troop of horse under the seal of the Council of State and signed by “John Bradshawe”
3 1675 Copy of the entry in the West Jersey Records of the arrival of the ship Griffin bringing the family of John Fenwick and giving their names and ages
4 November 17, 1675 Copy, thought to be in Fenwick’s handwriting, of the grant from the Indians to John Fenwick for the first tract purchased by him
5 February 6, 1675 Grant from the Indians to Fenwick for “Little and Great Cohansey”
6 January 8, 1675/6 Agreement of the Indians with Fenwick on what terms to relinquish all claims for further compensation on account of the first purchase of lands
7 March 14, 1676 Grant from the Indians to Fenwick for lands between Salem Creek and Cohansey
8 March 2, 1676 Grant from the Indians to Fenwick for lands along Salem Creek from its mouth to its head and thence to the river
9 August 27, 1678 Letter to John Fenwick from his wife Mary Fenwick in London
10 August 31, 1678 same
11 February 7, 1678 same
12 March 23, 1682 Counterpart of deed from John Fenwick to William Penn for his interest in West Jersey excepting certain reservations, signed by Penn
13 April 13, 1684 Will of John Fenwick
14 April 13, 1684 Copy of an agreement between William Penn and the Executors of John Fenwick
15 September 23, 1680 Deed from John Cripps and wife to Edmond Stuart fro 50 acres in Burlington. (Imperfect)
16 July 29, 1702 Copy of a deed from the Indians to Edward Earl or Bergen for lands in West Jersey. Copy made January 12, 1726
17 1774 Instructions to the representatives in assembly from the Count of Burlington
18 June 27, 1719 Copy of a letter from James Logan at Philadelphia to Colonel Coz at London
19 April 16, 1777 Autograph receipt of John Witehrspoon for legacy to the College of New Jersey
20 September 13, 1754 Commission of James Parker of Woodbridge as postmaster
21 July 6, 1737 Advertisement of the West Jersey Society and others to their commissioners in West Jersey
22 August 18, 1676 London. Instructions from William Penn and others to their commissioners in West Jersey
23 November 17, 1708 Lieutenant Governor Richard Ingoldsby (NJ) to John Rudyard
24 1714 Epitaph by Cornelius Capner for the tombstone of his wife
25 March 29, 1746 Obligation binding Ebeneren Large and Elias Bland to Thomas Dimsdale
26 November 26, 1759 Letter of Richard Smith to his children
27 1763 Masonic Certificate of Edmund Leslie from Lodge No. 2 of England
28 Form of a judgment on a sentence of death against Robert Whitaker
29 List of names of those who have paid for dogs, together with sums
30 May 28, 1771 Freeholders of Hunterdon County to their representatives
31 August 26, 1772 Rules to be observed in the House of Assembly
32 June 6, 1781;

December 21, 1803;

February 3, 1803

General Anthony Wayne to Judge Bryan;

George Divers to Joseph Bloomfield concerning Judge Bryan;

Joseph Bloomfield to George C. Maxwell concerning Judge Bryan

33 September 14, 1829 Count de Survillieun to Doctor (?)  Point Breeze
34 1745 Census of West Jersey, two divisions of the Province of NJ taken by order of Governor Lewis Morris
35 December 1, 1773 Accounts of Samuel Smith, Treasurer
36 May 7, 1689 Deed, Walter Clark to Walter Newberry both of Newport, Rhode Island for 112.5 acres of land in Burlington
37 March 25, 1715 Commission of James Smith as Clerk of the Supreme Court and Recorder of Deeds
38 February 2, 1768 Mortgage of Samuel Kimble to Edward Cathsall upon land in Northampton and Burlington
39 January 8, 1790 Certificate of the election of the trustees of the Society of the Seventh Day Baptists, Hopewell
40 March 21, 1806 Letter of Ezekiel Day to Mr. Rutherford Ferries, ect.
41 September 5, 1828 Subscriptions by members of the bar toward expense of picture of Richard L. Stockton
42 October 29, 1829 Copy of basis agreed upon by Commissioners from New Jersey and Pennsylvania regarding the mutual use of the Delaware River water for canal and other purposes
43 June 1801 Commission of Benjamin Dubois as Surgeon’s mate 3rd regiment. Monmouth Militia
44 1793 Brigade order, militia, Gloucester and Burlington Counties
45 1796 same
46 1772 Marriage license of Jacob Quick of Hunterdon County signed by Governor Franklin
47 1784 Deed from Sarah Dalglish to grandchildren, land in Middlesex County
48 1797 Deed from John Reynolds from Colonel; John Cowenhaven, land at Middletown Point
49 1773 Bond of Samuel and William Tomlins to Alexander Randall all of Gloucester County
50 1764 Warrant from the West Jersey Proprietor to George Ares for land in Gloucester
51 1744 Fragment of deed from Joseph Borden to Jacob DeCow, land in Burlington
52 December 16, 1792 Letter of Joseph Read to Jonathan D. Sergeant
53 May 18, 1772 Commission of David Ogden as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey
54 – 57 August 18, 1810 through December 17, 1814 Letters from Richard Stockton to Jonathan Rhea
58 June 29, 1812 Letter from James Smith, Burlington to his brother Charles and Jacob Smith Bordeaux

The Following Items Are Stored AS FLAT FILES on the 5th Floor

Documents Numbered:   4, 5,  7,  8,  12,  13,  15,  21,  22,  30,  31,  34,  35,  37,  53


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