Manuscript Group 365, Princeton, New Jersey Papers 1842-1918


The New Jersey Historical Society

Research Library


Group # 365

New Jersey Papers


53 items



by Stephen M. Sullivan

February 2000

Scope and Content Notes:

A collection of letters, reminiscences, and documents mostly relating to Princeton
University (formerly College of New Jersey), and the Princeton Theological Seminary. Also
contains handwritten copies of eighteenth-century letters concerning the College of New
Jersey found in the papers of Rev. Joseph Bellamy of Bethlehem, Conn. and printed in NJHS
<1Proceedings,>1 ser. 1, 6 (1853): 171-79. The collection includes letters of:

Atwater, Lyman H.      Hale, George          McCosh, James

Carnahan, James        Hempstead, T.         Maclean, John

Cattell, Williarn C.   Hibben, John G.       Matile,George A.

Cuyler, Theodore L.    Hodge, Charles        Packard, William A.

Green, Ashbel          Hope, Matthew B.      Shields, Charles W.

(1762-1848)         Landis, R. W.         Thilly, Frank

Green, W. Henry        Lowrie, W.M.          Young, Charles A.


Group # 365

New Jersey Papers


53 items

Partial Item List

1891     Princeton University, May 19

Me Gosh, James, to Lloyd Bryer. MG 23

1837     Princeton town only?)
celebration of Van Buren victory, Jan 18
see Stockton, Robert F. and others, to Mahlon Dickerson. MG 13 (Dickerson)

1637     Princeton College, Maryland
fellow graduate of M^D», Sep 15     see

Samuel S. to Mahlon Dickerson. MG 13 (Dickerson)

List of some manuscript materials concerning the College of New
Jersey at Princeton.  In Louis Bamberger
Autograph Collection, MG 11

Shipper Joseph, Jr., to Edward Shippen, 25 May 1750

J.S. Jr. to ES, 22 January 1753

Shippen, William, to Ebenezer Crowell, 1 November 1770 * “a Brief of the title to W
Shippen,” ca. 1766

Belcher, Jonathan, to Jonathan Edwards, 8 December 1756 In Alphabetical Series, MG 1

Extract (l9th century?), JS J.r to [ES?]? 3, 6 July 1752, also JSJr to ?          13
July 1752

Copies of some index cards;

1747    Princeton University, copy of charter
of Apr 28    College of New Jersey, see
Johnson, Samuel, to Bishop of London . Misc. V.F, 1779
Princeton University

College of New Jersey, see Smith, Thomas, Degree from MG 14 (Ely)

1770   Princeton University, Nov. 5     see Read, William, to ? .

MG 23 (Nelson)

Princeton University

Divers, George, to Joseph Bioomfield, 1803 Dec. 21

52    Princeton College.

Extracts from a diary concerning P.C.
Ca.1775. original; this copy, l9th century

Autograph receipt of John Witherspoon for a legacy to C of NJ, 1777 Apr 16

*Relation to history of college not apparent, though with other

Shippen MSS





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