Manuscript Group 396, George B. McClellan (1826-1885), Civil War General, Governor of NJ, Papers, 1860-1878

396.  MCCLELLAN, GEORGE B.  (1826-85),Civil War general,Governor of N.J.
Papers, 1860-78. 63 items.
Primarily letters to McClellan concerning military and political

matters. Most of the political letters relate to McClellan’s bid for

the Presidency in 1864. The collection includes some letters of Mc-

Clellan’s son (also named George Brinton McClellan), Mayor of

New York City from 1903 to 1910, professor of economic history

at Princeton University, and Congressman from New York. In-

dexed in manuscripts catalog. Included is correspondence of:

Sidney         McClellan,
Arthur M.  Peabody, George

Cass, George W7shington Marcy, Randolph Barnes Porter, Fitz john

Everett, Edward      Webster, George W.

Gift (in part) of Lida M. Buckley, 1965.

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