Manuscript Group 410, Burlington County, New Jersey Manuscript Collection, 1678-1763

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Manuscript Group 410, Burlington County, New Jersey
Manuscript Collection, 1678-1763, 75 items
Call Number: MG 410


Letters and documents relating to the early Quaker settlement of Burlington County. Chiefly family correspondence, 1705-1732, of Peter Fearon, and letters received, 1714-1729, by Isaac Decou and Thomas Wetherill as administrators of the West Jersey estates of Samuel Barker, an absentee landlord living in Barlbrough, County of Derby, England. Included are letters and documents of:

Samuel Barker John Fearon Charles Ormston
John Bell Peter Fearon John Oxley
Isaac Decou Isaac Hudson William Penn
Elizabeth Fearon Mary Ludlam George Rooke
Jane Fearon George Mark Thomas Wetherill

Notes on the collection:

Preliminary list. Some documents seem to have random order. A chronological arrangement seems appropriate, except where early documents or copies of same were apparently enclosed with later documents in the same missive.

The first folder has been re-arranged chronologically; others have not.

The person who seems to have collected these documents is Thomas Wetherill, Jr., nephew and executor of Peter Fearon (the younger) of Burlington, NJ. Fearon had recommended his sister’s husband Thomas Wetherill Sr. (see 410.17 and 410.42 for relationship) and Isaac Decon (or Decou) to Samuel Barker of Derbyshire, England, as agents to manage Barker’s real estate investments in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are many letters from Barker to his agents pleading for information and complaining of being cheated by his surveyor, George Hutchinson, and unnamed others. Later letters are from Thomas Wetherill Sr. and his sons to Mary Ludlam, who would inherit Barker’s estate, informing her that after the death of Isaac Decon, Decon’s sons would not release information or assets to the co-agent, Thomas Wetherill, or his sons.

Samuel Barker was apparently the husband of Lady Rodes, heiress to Barlborough Hall in Derbyshire (see letter 410.53). According to a document found on the Internet, an “Index to Houses” in Great Britain, Barlborough was built by Francis Rodes circa 1583 and is now owned by Cornelius Heathcote Rodes. The Index indicates that the house was pictured in J. P. Neale’s Views, vol. 1, 1818.


Interspersed with letters regarding the Barker real estate are personal letters from family members to Peter Fearon in Burlington. Family members include an older cousin in Ireland also named Peter Fearon.

Item List: (incomplete?)

* = This is a copy by an unknown hand of a document originally written or signed by this person.

Reference Code Creator Description: Title, Date (s) Location Notes
410.01 Penn, William Receipt for 1000 acres in Pennsylvania sold to Samuel Barker of Barlbrough, Darby. Printed form filled in by hand, with woodblock facsimile of Penn’s signature and seal in red wax. Witnessed by Penn’s agents Harbert Springett and Thomas Coxe. 22 Nov 1682 Folder 1
410.02 Barker, Samuel Letter and account to William Hunt, 4 Jan 1703/4 Folder 1 repaired
410.03 Fearon, Peter and Jane Letter to cousin Peter Fearon, 4th mo 2, 1705 [old style calendar] Folder 1 3 separate letters on sheet
410.04 Fearon, John J. and Elizabeth Letter to son Peter Fearon, 2 November 1705 Folder 1
410.05 Fearon, John and Elizabeth Letter to son Peter Fearon, 20 February 1706 Folder 1
410.06 Bell, John Letter to J [?] Fearon, 7th mo. 30, 1707 [old style calendar] Folder 1 holes repaired
410.07 Barker, Samuel Power of attorney to Thomas Wetherill, Isaac Decon [Decon] and Peter Feornd [Fearon] for land dealings in West Jersey or America, 1 Oct 1712 Folder 1
410.08 Ormston, Charles Letter to Peter Fearon, 9 mo 9, 1712 [old style calendar] Folder 1
410.09 Mark, George Letter to Thomas Watson, 1 mo 1712/13 [old style calendar], carried by Peter Fearon Folder 1 edge torn, burned area
410.10 Bell, John Letter to Peter Fearon, 3rd mo 19, 1714 [old style calendar] Folder 1
410.11 Barker, Samuel Letter to Isaac Decon [Decon] or Thomas Wethrell [Wetherill] re land dealings, 7 mo 7, 1714 Folder 1
410.12 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon [Deacon?], n.d. Folder 1
410.13 Barker, Samuel Letter to Isaac Decon or Thomas Wetherill, requesting ore samples and desiring them to purchase land where good minerals are found. Mentions his cousin William Hunt. Expresses thanks to his dear friend Peter Fearon for advising him of two such worthy trustees [as Decon and Wetherill]. Asks that his timber not be cut down as he expects it to become valuable in Great Britain where it may be imported. Is sending them a power of attorney. 12 mo 2, 1714/15 [old style calendar] Folder 2
410.14 Barker, Samuel Letter to Isaac Decon and Thomas Wetherill concerning Barker’s land in America. Asks that a map be drawn of his plantation called Providence. 12 mo 18, 1714/15 [old style calendar]. Folder 2
410.15 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Concerns a shipment of silk and other goods, 557 acres at seadr creek [Cedar Creek?], 912 acres at Cohansey, land in the forks of the Ancokos Creek [now Rancocas], land at Onanicon. Complains about dealings of George Hutchinson. Mentions his land at Whithill, 5 miles above Burlington on Delaware river. Wishes to advance his estate for his son and grandsons. William Hunt can tell them where his guns are. Apologizes for bad writing due to shaking hand. 6 mo 5, 1715 [old style calendar]. Folder 2 Holes in paper.
410.16 Oxley, Jonathan Letter of apology to Peter Fearon. 1 mo 8, 1708/09 [old style calendar] Folder 2
410.17 Fearon, Peter Letter to “brother” [brother-in-law?] Thomas Wetherill at Burlington, sending love to Fearon’s sister, letting them know he has arrived in London. Asks him to direct reply to him at Great Broughton near Cockermouth in Cumberland. 8 mo 7, 1711 [old style calendar]. Folder 2 Holes in paper
410.18 Bowman, Jonathan Letter to Peter Fearon in Ireland regarding Fearon’s uncle Peter at Slaton who was ill with pleurisy. 1st [?[ mo 6, 1711/12 [old style calendar]. Folder 3
410.19 Rooke, George Letter to Peter Fearon, Jr. At Great Broughton, Cumberland, written at Dublin. Received Fearon’s letter regarding “hard exercises” in Scotland. Fearon has written about stopping in Ireland on his way home, will welcome him. 12 mo 15, 1712 [old style calendar]. Folder 3
410.20 Fearon, Mary and Sarah Letter to Peter Fearon at the Three Anchors in Lombard St., London from his sisters at Cockermouth, 28 May 1712 Folder 3
410.21 Fearon, John and Elizabeth Letter to “loving son” , Sun the 22, 1712. Note on verso suggests it was hand-carried by Jno Salkold Folder 3
410.22 Fearon, Peter Letter to Peter Fearon [Jr.] to be left at the Three Anchors in Lombard St., London, 5 mo 21, 1712 [old style calendar] Folder 3
410.23 London, John Letter to Peter Fearon, Jr. in Broughton, Cumberland, England, from Dublin, 6 mo 26, 1712 Folder 3
410.24 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill or Isaac Decon. Has received maps of land in West Jersey and in Pennsylvania. Concerned that William Hunt has allowed George Hutchinson to get Barker’s estate. Mentions that the two trustees say 50 families have gone to Whippany. He is in the 78th year of his age. James Stanfill took rent from Barker’s tenants. Will send his grandson to Wetherill and Decon in 2 years. Do not let Barker’s house at Providence plantation occupied by Wm. Ashe’s widow as Barker’s grandson may need it. Sending this letter by Captain Ennis. 12 mo 6, 1717/18 [old style calendar]. Folder 3
410.25 Fishe[r?], Jonathan Letter to Peter Fearon written at Cockermouth. The devil’s agents the Pearsons and Robinsons still rage. Family news. Sending him gloves and britches to dispose of [sell]. 1 mo 16, 1717/18 [old style calendar] Folder 3
410.26 Taylor, Jacob Survey of 500-acre tract in Plumstead Township, Bucks County, PA., owned by Samuel Barker. 17 Nov 1716 Folder 3
410.27 Bell, John Letter to Peter Fearon written at London, apparently accompanying goods sent to Fearon. Some family news. 12[?] mo 26, 1716 Folder 3 Fold at edge should be flattened. Tears at bottom.
410.28 Barker, Samuel Letter to his trustees Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon instructing them where to send items for him. 2 mo 30, 1716 Folder 3 Fragile edge has been repaired but needs reinforcement
410.29 Wetherill, Thomas Bond for debt of 45 pounds owed to Sarah Crispin, spinster. Witnesses Katherine Wetherill and Elizabeth Taylor. 29 September 1763. Folder 3 one large tear
410.30 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon [handwriting clearly distinguishes between a U and an N here] Requests report on his holdings and names of tenants on his lands at Providence and Antuckit. Hhas requested sealed deeds in the fork of Ancokas [Rancocas]. My lady Rodes is deceased. Love to his cousin William Hunt. Barker is 80 years old. Sends regard to Peter Fearon and to cousin Maliam Stascey [William Stacey?]. Folder 4
410.31 Fearon, Peter Sr. Letter to “cousin” Peter Fearon in Burlington, West Jersey. From London, 4 mo. 15, 1720 [Old Style] Family news. Folder 4
410.32 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon inquiring about his lands in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Respects to Peter Fearon, Barker’s cousin Margot Hunt and cousin Malinn Stasey, whose cousin Elizabeth Hewood is deceased. 17 May 1721 Folder 4
410.33 Lenetson [?], Robert J. Letter from Dublin to [cousin] Peter Fearon. Mentions Joseph White, Isaac Sharp. “Our relation comes thus: your unkle maryed my Aunt who was my mother’s sister. Our unkle was Robert Fearon of Distinglan 3 miles from Whiteheaven; my Aunt’s name was Ann Adison in the same parish; our unkle [illegible]?.one of my unkle’s sons a ship Carpenter was once in Burlington” etc. Recital of family relationships. 30 Jun 1722 Folder 4
410.34 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Requests an explanation of all his accounts. “Be as plain as you can and as particular as you can express then for I can not call over the broad seas to ask you.” Requests explanation of all the parcels of land they have taken up for him. Expresses suspician of George Hutchinson’s agents. “I have recovered two drafts of lands surveyed from me at Roc[k]away River of 2375 acres and at Musconetcong River 880 acres and at Antuckit 1770 acres and no map of that land. Wants reports on natural resources on his land. 1st mo. 5 1722 [Old Style] Folder 4
410.35 Hudson, Isaac Letter to Peter Fearon. Family news, marriages of relatives. His sister Ann “hat gone out contrary to our mind and married one of an other persuation” named Jeremiah Thompson. Requests him to send a pretty good skin for a pair of briches. At Graysouthan, 7 mo 19, 1722 [Old Style] Folder 4
410.36 Fearon, Peter Sr. Letter to Peter Fearon, cousin. At Shoaton, 7 mo 21, 1722 [Old Style] Folder 4
410.37 Decon, Isaac? Survey of 500-acre tract on Delaware River in Bucks County, PA for Samuel Barker of Darby, being part of his purchase of one thousand acres 7th day 2nd month 1716. Certified in office of Surveyor General Jacob Taylor in Philadelphia, 1716. Copied by Is. Decon [?]. on verso: “Samuel Barker 500 acres of land in Pennsylvania 1716” “Samuel Barker or Mary Ludlam land in Pennsylvania.” Folder 4
410.38 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Mentions land held by his lady Rodes; George Hutchinson has surveyed land “for my lady and for me.” William Sherwill does his business at London. Complains that surveys he has received were not clear to him and about an unjust crew of deceitful and treacherous men trying to take his land. Notes on verso accuse James Stanfill of selling Barker’s horses and keeping the money. 2nd mo 1, 1716 [Old Style] Folder 4
410.39 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon notifying them they are to have 20 pounds sterling to carry on his affairs. 11 mo 8, 1716 [Old Style] Folder 4
410.40 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Barker received a letter form George Hutchinson from Burlington dated 20 Nov 1693 noting that Hutchinson surveyed land for Barker in the forks. He had got agreement “of the Indian King to survey, and had got of the Indian King a license before to prevent others from surveying, which survey contains?3120 acres in two tracts the charges whereof amounts to about 11==12==00 with the gratuities given to the said King and an interpreter’s wages at several times; 8 or 9 days at 5 s[hillings?] a day trading with the King and his people?” 2nd mo 6, 1716 Folder 4
410.41 Fearon, Peter Letter to a brother. Expects to go to yearly meeting at London and then will return to ?, leaving his affectionate parents and relations behind. At Dublin, 1st mo. 19, 1717 Folder 4
410.42 Fearon, John and Elizabeth Letter to Son and daughter. “our kind love is to our son and daughter Wetherall” and children, and to our daughter Betty. Your brother John is at home, brother Jonathan Harrison and Sara, brother Joseph, sister Mary, sister Jane and others send greetings. At Broughton, 27 April 1717. Folder 4
410.43 Hudson, Peter, James, Mary, Isaac, Jacob and Jonathan Letter to cousins Peter Fearon, Elizabeth and Ann. Greetings from Hudson family at Graysouthen, 2 mo 28, 1717. Folder 5
410.44 Wetherill, Thomas Letter to brother Samuel Wetherill at Philadelphia. Thos. Wetherill is sending two letters for Mary Ludlam, asks brother to copy them and send them on. Address given is Mary Ludlam in Barlebrough near Chesterfield Darbyshire. 2 mo 13, 1751 Folder 5
410.45 Wetherill, Thomas Jr. and Peter Fearon Letter to Mary Ludlam. Notes death of Isaac Decon and informs her Wetherill’s father Thomas is very ancient and feeble, asks her to appoint someone else to transact her affairs in Burlington area. The writers are willing to take over if she wishes, but neither is willing to join with either of Isaac Decon’s sons. Note by Peter Fearon indicates Wetherill’s sons are willing to serve her. They are sober, honest men who will take good care to manage her affairs “carefully and well which is to be questioned of Isaac Decon’s sons.” 2nd mo 15, 1751 Folder 5 Creased tear at edge
410.46 Wetherill, Thomas Jr. and Samuel Wetherill Letter to Mary Ludlam. Their father Thomas Wetherill received her letter and was surprised she had not received the two he sent in 1749/50. But that with the 50# bill in and by the same ship as Father’s letters came an other from thee for Joseph and Isaac Decon wherein thee tells them thee has received a letter from Thomas Wetherill and his two sons soliciting for thy business and writing very meanly of them. If she could be here to know how affairs are she would not be willing our father should be a sufferer on her account, which is likely as he trusted all to Isaac Decon’s accounts. Our father did all the most active and laborious part of thy business the other wrote and kept many of the said writings (chiefly which his sons keep Father from the light of)?whereby he comes at no settlement with them. Asks her to appoint someone impartial to settle matters. Her letter indicates that she expects they have a considerable sum of her moneys in hand. The Wetherills? father had not any in his keeping at Isaac Decon’s death but thinks there was some in said Decon’s but he can?t say how much. Her tenants are not willing to pay rent to Wetherill without authority from her. At Burlington, 16 March 1752. Folder 5
410.47 Smith, Robert Bond to Thomas Wetherill for loan of 84 pound. Witnessed by Joseph Noble, Daniel Smith Jr. 5 Dec 1752 Folder 5
410.48 Barker, Samuel Power of attorney to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon to manage his property in the western division of New Jersey, in the forks of the Ancocas [Rancocas]. Witnessed by Joseph Kirk, John Barker and William Manhon. 12 February 1718. Folder 5 Holes down one side. Embossed and stamped seals indicate taxes paid.
410.49 Saull[?], John Letter to Peter Fearon recounts trip from Pennsylvania with Benjamin Holmes through the eastern shore of Maryland. Had fever and ague. Stayed with Joseph England. Got over the bay at Kent Island. Mentions deaths of Elizabeth Small, the Murdaugs, Samuel Cornwall. Many have been ill in Virginia, often well one day and dead the nex. Mentions Friends there at yearly meeting, some from Carolina. At Nathan Ruby’s in Virginia, 2nd mo 30, 1718. Folder 5
410.50 Fearon, Peter, Sr. Letter to cousin Peter Fearon in Burlington. Pious greetings. This letter comes with visitors Lydia Lancaseter and Elizabeth Rowlandson her sister, please let them have as much of your company as you can. At London, 4 mo. 11, 1718 [Old Style]. Folder 5 hole
410.51 Bell, Daniel Letter to Peter Fearon. Pious greetings. “I have heard thee hast altered they condition Desire that blessing which makes truly happy may be thine and thy wife’s portion together..” [Fearon recently married?]. Bell was married 9 months ago, very happy. Mentions family. He is in business in London with his brother Isaac. Regards to Jno Salkold and Joseph Glaster. Letter comes with Lydia Lancaster and Elizabeth Rawlingson. At London, 6th mo 5, 1718 [Old Style] Folder 5
410.52 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Concerns releases of his land in the forks of the Ancocas [Rancocas]. “Them releases could not be sealed in Great Britain unlesss they had been stamped paper. I have written to cousin William Hunt about giving his deposition of what he did deliver to George Hutchinson or his designees?” Asks them to recover his guns, asks what became of his breed of horses and who robbed him of his horses and breeding mares and foals. The money they may receive from people in the forks may be lent out at interest; he does not want it to come to England, but hopes it may be ready if he needs it. Love to Peter Fearon. Please let Barker know the name of his tenant at Antuckit and send him a description of the land. On verso, power of attorney. 12 mo 1[?], 1718 [Old Style]. Folder 5
410.53 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Forgot to tell you that Thomas Right part is not a third part of that land in the forks of Ancockas. Barker’s lady Rodes purchased a half a propriety and he purchased a 20th part of the same propriety. Thomas Wright purchased 5 20ths of the same propriety and George Hutchinson purchased 4 20ths of the same. The whole being divided into 20 equal parcels. My Lady Rodes 10 parts, Samuel Barker one part, Thomas Right[Wright?] 5 parts so my part with my lady’s is 11 parts. Barker and his lady have 11, Wright has 5. Asks them to have his lands surveyed properly, complains about his enemies. 12 mo 12, 1718 [Old Style] Folder 5
410.54 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. He has sent them a power of attorney to settle with those who have usurped and unjustly settled upon his lands in the forks of Ancokas [Rancocas] Creek. They may want to exchange lands to make his more convenient. Greetings to Peter Fearon. 7 mo. 17, 1719 [Old Style] Folder 5
410.55 Barker, Samuel Manuscript copy of deeds. First from George Barr, citizen and weaver of London, to Samuel Barker of Balborough, for 500 acres of land on the Delaware River about 5 miles from Burlington. One-fourth part (in four parts to be divided) [of a proprietary share?]. Same land conveyed to the said George Barr by Thomas Budd, Samuel Barker, Mary Stacy [as heir of Henry Stacy] and John Gosling by indenture of lease and release of 23 June 1685. This deed dated 16 August 1690. Note at bottom in hand of Samuel Barker: This paper is a copy of my deed wherein George Barr doth reconven [?] to me my land at Whitehill and I have two deeds in my hands of one fourth parts of 500 acres?I have sent you this rough draft for your better information?one called Abraham Kent hath reed my deeds and he can be a good witness… ” 2 August 1714. On verso, copy of deed from George Barr to Samuel Barker for same tract, 1714. Oversized folder Folded corner
410.56 Fearon, Peter [*] Copy of will of Peter Fearon. To niece Elizabeth Henry and her husband John Henry his two lots on Second Street in Burlington “with the house I have built thereon” with lifetime rights to maintain his sister Elizabeth, mother of Mrs. Henry. Property where Fearon now dwells to be sold and an annuity paid to his sister Elizabeth, with this niece Elizabeth, then her children, to inherit these funds. Bequests of cash to his niece Abigail Bishop, housekeeper Margaret Younger, niece Sarah Crispen, wife’s grandson Joseph Marriot and nephew Samuel Smith, (this last to be kept for him by Fearon’s nephew Thomas Wetherell and to his executors. All the remainder to be divided equally among his nephew Christopher Thomas and Samuel Wetherell and his niece Mary Crispin, Elizabeth Johnson and Ann Moore. Nephew Thomas Wetherell and friend John Woolman executors. 12 mo. 3, 1760. Witnesses: John Smith, Abel Thomas, Josiah Hains. Oversized folder Crease at fold
410.57 Taylor, Samuel; Deed from Samuel Taylor of West Jersey, husbandman to Joseph Pope of Burlington, yeoman. Consideration 1 lb. 6 s. Conveys “his town-bounds” of 12 acres, the 1/30 th part of a propriety which Taylor purchased of George Hutchinson 19 Mar 1684. 3 mo “called May” 1, 1687. Sealed Oversized folder Seal has tab needing care.
410.58 Fearon, Wetherill, or Decon ? Copy of accounts sent to Samuel Barker, 24 September 1722. Lists Samuel Berker’s land in the forks of Ancocas [Rancocas] and other place as follows: at Antucket 1770 acres at the mountains 7468 acres at Providence 1000 acres in the fork of Ancocas 2970 acres at Whitehill 155 acres [perhaps 55, as the total is said to be 13,263 acres not 13,363.] Names of surveyors etc. listed, including John Reading. Payment to Proprietors for the Indian purchase. Payment to Thomas Wetheril for going to the mountains to look for land four weeks. Oversized folder
410.59 Barker, Samuel Letter to Isaac Decon and Thomas Wetherill. Thanks them for their accounts and letters. Mentions deeds he has in his possession. Says George Hutchinson sold him one twelfth of a propriety “and these deeds are in the hands of his unjust creatures.” A base scoundrel. Hopes they can take care of all his lands in New Jersey and Pennsylvania until he can send some of his grandsons. Sends respects to Peter Fearon, John Santum [?] cousin Margaret Hunt and her children. His health: troubled with stones and gravel. In his accounts they forgot payment to Doctor John Roberts in Oct. 1717 and a one received from his friend William Sherwell deceased. Second letter on verso to friend Isaac: “As for servant and minors there is not any to be got?for they are above doing servis and they will have double wages and be wasters?they are almost all got up for Gentlemen and ladies.” Can?t get servants himself, people must do their own work themselves. Much robbing upon the highways, cheating, treacherous dealing. He was a first purchaser in Burlington and George Hutchinson sold his land without permission. Describes how the minerals they sent to him were tested – no value in them. But there is an art to making tests so don?t sell the land hastily. On verso, note telling Isaac Decon to get a breed of peacocks and peahens to destroy snakes. A tract of one acre, another of two acres in the Yorkshire part of Burlington were taken by George Hutchinson before his decease in 1698. Hutchinson had written in 1696 that the “Governor’s negor” was to grub Barker’s two acre lot in Burlington; strange that no one remembers the “Governor’s servant” doing the work. Governor a Scotsman named Booth. [DATE?] Oversized folder
410.60 Barker, Samuel * Copy of his Will. Leaves his property to his niece Mary Bullen – who now dwells with him. She may convey property to and upon his grandson Samuel Bowlsby [?] and his heirs or any of his grandchildren whatever she shall deem most convenient. To Mary during her life all the now erected messuages, cottages, tenancies in Attonliffe [?] in the county of York. Specifies order of inheritance to sons and daughters of Bowlsby. Mentions sons of his granddaughter Elizabeth Bowdon, only to inherit if they are brought up in the Protestant religion. Grandsons will receive certain benefits if they go to West Jersey to make their abode. Mentions an amount due ( mortgage) from John Rodes, Knight: from this when payable by Sir John Rodes Samuel Bowlsby is to pay his mother Martha Bowlsby certain sums. Bequests to 3 daughters of his son in law Thomas Bowlsby ; grandson Jordan Bowlsby; 4 other grandsons; his daughter Martha Bowlsby, and five shillings to her husband Thomas Bowlsby. Bequest to his daughter in law Mary Barker, widow of his son John Barker, dec.. Residue to Mary Bullen. [original] written on seven sheets of paper, Signed 9 January 1724. Witnesses [?} William Markon,Goerge Marshall, James Bullen. At bottom: Memorandum of agreement, 8 September 1725, between Mary Bullen of Barlborough and John Bowden of Boighton? in the ___ of Barlborough,Gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife (who was granddaughter of Samuel Barker) and Thomas Boulby of Mnsfield Woodhouse [?] ___ Nott., and Martha his wife (who was daughter of Samuel Barker) of the other part. Notwithstanding provisions in the will and for putting an end to all controversies, the amount mentioned in the will as in the hands of Sir John Rodes shall be distributed as follows?” Among others mentioned is Mary Barker, widow and relict of Mr. John Barker deceased late son of the testator. Mary Bullen to have lands in West Jersey. Witnesses Jos. Armitage, Richd Calton, Thos. Allen. Last date 8 September 1725. Oversized folder Piece at bottom edge tearing off; needs repair
410.61 Barker, Samuel Letter to Thomas Wetherill or Isaac Decon [N is very clear] response to letter of 8 mo 10 1724. Requests them to direct correspondence to him to his friend John Smith at the Shell in L____, London. His grandson is very ill of consumption about a year. His son John Barker died 14 January 1723. All 3 of his sons are deceased. He has 6 grandsons by his daughter Martha Bowlby. Mentions Christopher Snodon’s deeds in Thomas Bowlby’s hands. Inquires about “poor” John Newbould. As for maps I have one of Muskokonk [Musconetcong?] River 880 acres and map of Rockaway River containing 2375 acres. Has one map of Providence and one of a parcel on the bank of the Delaware, the Cold Spring and some that was purchased of Robert Stacey. Thomas Budd would have wronged him but he has his deeds in his own hands at Barlborough. The lots in Burlington taken by George Hutchinson were part of the Yorkshire tenth, for he was one of those who sent his cousin Mallin Stacy and George Hutchinson to London to make a purchase. Thomas Rouill [Revel?] knows this. Mentions again that the Governor’s man did some stubbing on the property and 80 trees were planted and Thomas Church was paid for paling his orchard in 1696. Mentions land bought of Robert Stacy at Whitehill. Thomas Budd did all he could to cheat him of the land at London but Barker discovered him. Since then Budd has not played any more deceitful tricks that he knows of. Continued in same vein on the second page. Note on verso: “S B.’s letter wherein he gives us an account of his great m____ [meadow?]” Loss of date, except: 2nd day. Oversized folder THIS LETTER NEEDS IMMEDIATE REPAIR. Long tear and fragmentation.
410.62 Ludlam, Francis and Mary Ludlam Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Their letter of 15 Sept. 1727 arrived 24 November and others since arrived. Notes receipt of W and D’s acknowledgment that they received the true copy of her uncle’s will which may stand against Thomas Boulsby. “I had many years experience of his wicked practices.” Sorry the Captain broke his trust in parting with our letters to that wicked man, in spite of their instructions to give them to no one but yourselves. W & D wrote that Boulsby arrived in [NJ] and lied that all the land was due to Boulsby for a debt the uncle owed him. On the contrary, Boulsby owed the late Barker money. Uncle Barker helped to keep Boulsby’s wife and children for many years. Boulsby has a bad reputation in these parts. Asks W & D to take possession of Ludlams? lands in Pa. and New Jersey. Mentions that they have two copies of the will attested at Lichfield. W & D may proceed against Boulsby if he took any timber, etc. Francis Ludlam notes a document says that “my wife” shall have 2000 acres of the best lands. Ludlams will send another letter of attorney so W & D can choose the best land for them. 16 December 1727. Oversized folder. Some paper torn away at edge.
410.63 Ludlam, Mary Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon . Thanks them for taking up all her land in NJ and PA,. Hopes that they made deeds in name of her husband as well as herself and her heirs and assigns, for she had made a deed to herself before her marriage as strong as she could make it. Titles to all her estates in England, NJ and Pa must be altered and put in her name only, as her dear husband died the 16th of October last. She has sent them her uncle’s will with the Bishops seal and attested by Mr. George Hand of Lichfield Court. She sent them by Boston last year by old friend John Santom and Jon Bacon. As to her money, John Santom advised her to send it to Barbados by a trusted man and exchange it for sugar, rum and molasses. Invest as they see best and send her the rest. [note: address on verso looks like Isaac Decou – see difference between “n” at end of Burlington and last letter in his name.] At Barlbrough, 4 February 1729. Oversized folder
410.64 Ludlam, Mary Letter to Thomas Wetherill and Isaac Decon. Thanks them for letting [leasing out] her land at Providence and for securing her plantation against the wretch Bowlby. They may lease her lands. Mentions her 500 acres in Pennsylvania at Buckingham. Repeats news that her husband has died, stresses that she has the same rights she had before she was married, as she made a deed before she was married as strong as counsel could make it. She is not surprised to hear that Bowlby is in “your” [Burlington] common gaol, as he lay in Nottingham gaol a long time and was [adjudged?] Bankrupt and her uncle Barker ransomed him out of it and was never repaid. 24 December 1729. Oversized folder
410.65 Fearon, John 1646- and Elizabeth Fearon 1653- Letter to son Peter Fearon. Love to “you both.” From Broughton, where the parents are now the oldest married couple in the parish, “your father” being in the 87th year of his age and mother in the 80th. Thanks for his short letter. They ask him to write “every year if opportunity would permit.” Wonder whether Betty received the blankets and sack they sent. Love from his sister Sarah and husband who have 4 sons and brother John and wife who have three children, one a boy, and his sister Jane who has a fine lad by her husband. In next letter, please tell them what children Getty has. 26 March 1732. Oversized folder
410.66 Smith, John Deed from John Smith of Burlington, West Jersey, blacksmith, to John Smith late of Chesterfield in the same province, fishmonger. Consideration 5 pounds. Conveys all his dwelling house or tenament with the appurtenances[?] and lots of land in Burlington containing about half an acre, formerly taken up in the first division and allotted unto Samuel Oldeld [?] of Assisinish, mason, for his town or house lot in Burlington, for his one [two?] and thirtieth part of a propriety, in the first tenth purchased of Mahlon Stacey of Dorehouse [Dorchester??] in the county of York, England, and by the said Samuel Old[es?] sold to John Smith, blacksmith. 8 mo. 30, 1687. Oversized folder Parchment [?], folded. Should be flattened. Parchment?
410.67 Hutchinson, George Deed. 17 September 1678. Between George Hutchionson [sic] of Sheffield in the county of York, distiller [?] and Samuel Jennings of Alesbury [?] in the county of Burlingham [?] yeoman. No Bereme [?] “the king’s dearest brother James Duke of York being by virtue of the king’s grant by letters patent granted on 12 March in the 16th year of his reign seized of all that tract of land in New England”?[description of bounds of land] and land granted by letters patent in June 1664 and conveyed to Lords Berkeley and Carteret, then to William Penn, Gawon Lawrey and Nicholas Lucas [check sp] [recites history of conveyances], then divided into parts to be divided in trust for Edward Billinge of Westminster. An agreement was made between Sir George Carteret of the one part and William Penn, Gavon Lawrie, Nicholas Lucas and Edward Billinge of the other to divide the province in two equal parts. Cites Quintipartite deed and the bounds of West Jersey. Whereas by indenture of lease and release dated last of February/first of March 1676 between William Penn of Rickesworth in the county of Hertford, Gavon Lawrey by the name of Gavon Lawrey of London merchant, Nicholas Lucas by the name of Nicholas Lucas of Hertford in the county of Hertford, malster [?], and Edward Billinge by the name of Edward Billinge of Westminster in the county of Middlesex, gent. Of the one part and Thomas Hutchionson of Beverly in the county of York, yeoman, Thomas Peirson of Bonwirke in the said county of York, yeoman, Joseph Helmsley of Great Kelso in the said county of York, yeoman, the said George Hutchionson pt is to these [?] [illegible] and Mahlon Stacy of Handsworth in the said county of York, tanner of the other pte they the said William Penn, Gawron Lawrey, Nicholas Lucas and Edward Billinge have bargained, sold [etc.] to the said Thomas Hutchionson, Thomas Peirson, Joseph Helmsley, George Hutchionson and Mahlon Stacy?three full equal undivided ninetieth parts of the aforesaid 90 equal undivided hundred parts of the westerly part share. This indenture witnesseth that the said George Hutchinson for the consideration of 37 pounds and 10 shillings paid by Samuel Jennings conveys to Jennings one full equal and undivided fourth [or fortieth??] part ~~~ in four parts to be divided of one of the aforesaid three ninetieth part of all that the said westerly part share and portion. ?. All the said fourth parts of one of the aforesaid three ninetieth parts is now in the actual possessionf ot the said Samuel Jennings by virtue of a Gazgeme?[& sale? Lease?] for one year to him thereof made by the said George Hutchionson bearing date before the date of these presents. To have and to hold, etc. Signed George Hutchinson [sic]. Traces of red seal. On verso, names of witnesses: Joseph Downes, Samuel Eele [??], James Curtis. Docketed: George Huchesen to Samuel Jenings for a fourth of Propt ¼ of 3/90 17 September 1678 Oversized folder Parchment, folded
410.68 Smith, John Deed from John Smith late of Burlington blacksmith to Peter Frethwell [?] of Burlington, tanner. Consideration 3 pounds, 5 shillings of money of the province. 25 acres of land in the town bounds of Burlington and one acre on the island of Burlington which Smith lately purchased of Hollen and Keene [or Helen Skeene] by deed dated 7th month 9, 1691. Signed and sealed [in red wax, clear image of shield, chevron, 3 balls]. On verso, witness by Edward Rockhill [?], John Browne. Docketed: “smith to frettwell one acre in ____, 25 acres in the town bounds” Oversized folder
410.69 Smith, Daniel Deed between Daniel Smith of Burlington, Merchant?with the advice and consent of Mary his wife of one part and Peter Fretwell of the same town of the other part. Whereas Thomas Hutchinson, Thomas Pearson, Joseph Helmsley, George Hutchinson and Mahlon Stacy by indentures of lease and release under the hands and seals of William Penn, Gavon Lawrie, Nicholas Lucas and Edward Byllinge bearing date of last day of February/first day of March [no year] conveyed unto the said Hutchinson, Pearson, Helmsley, Hutchinson and Stacy ?in the public records of the province of New Jersey in Liber B, fol 137 and 138 will appear, and whereas Mahlon Stacy did by his indentures of lease and release dated the first and second days of November 1682 grant unto Samuel Old___ one ___ 3 thirthieth of a propriety to be taken up and surveyed in the province, reference in Liber B [? H? F?] fol. 23, and whereas Samuel Olden [?] did by indenture dated 30 April 1685 conveyed unto John Smith , blacksmith, his dwelling house and lots containing about half an acre and whereas John Smith did by his indenture dated 30 day 8th month commonly called October 1687 conveyed to John Smith fishmonger his house and lot of half an acre and whereas the said John Smith fishmonger made his last will and testament in writing and therein grant to his mother his brothers and sister all his estate to be shared among those who shall come from England, and some time after the death of the said John Smith his five brothers came into the said province and by the said will, recorded in the secretary’s office at Burlington, became lawfully seized and whereas Joseph Smith, Manuel Smith, Samuel Smith and Richard Smith, four of the brothers of the said John deceased did by their indenture of release bearing date the 19th of February 1716 convey unto their brother Daniel Smith all their rights to the land, as recorded in Liber BBB, folio 151, Now This Indenture witnesses that Daniel Smith for the consideration of 5 pounds sells to Peter Fretwell all his lot in the island of Burlington containing about half an acre. Bounds: Beginning at a hickory bush marked for a corner..etc. Signed by Daniel Smith, Mary Smith. On verso, witnessed by James Thomson, Gavas [James?] Hall, Isaac Decou [or Decon]. Recorded in 1719. Note by Daniel Smith acknowledging receipt of 5 pounds, 4 January 1718. Deed made 7 January 1718. Attest, Isaac Decon or Decou, Samuel Haines. Recorded in the public records of the province of New Jersey in Liber BB, folio 81 and 82. Isaac DeCou Doct Secry [?] 7 January 1718. [possibly an error somewhere in that earlier deed from Smith brothers to Daniel Smith was said to be recorded in Liber BBB]. Oversized folder Very wide document, folded. Must be flattened if it is to be read.

Notes on the People in this collection:

N.J. Archives First Series vol. XXIII: Abstracts of Wills vol. 1, 1670-1730

1705 Peter Fearon witnesses will of Richard Newcome of Burlington County (p. 396)
1711, March 25 Christopher Wetherill, late of Mansfield Twp., Burlington Co., tailor, dicates will to Isaac DeCow. Leaves property to his sons, John and Thomas Wetherill, Thos. Scattergood and wife Phebe and other Scattergoods. Son Thomas Wetherill is executor. Isaac DeCow one of 4 who made inventory on April 6, 1711. Wills Liber 1, p. 302. (p. 500)
1711, Dec. Will of Christopher Snoden of Burlington cites Isaac DeCow of Burlington, butcher, as executor. Thomas Wetherill makes inventory of the estate. (p. 434)
1713/14 Thomas Wetherill makes inventory of personal estate of John Ogborn of Burlington (p. 343)
1713/14 Thomas Wetherill makes inventory of personal estate of Nathaniel Pope of Chesterfield
1717 Peter Fearon is bondsman for administration of estate of John Royton (p. 396)
1717 Thomas Wetherill is fellow bondsman and makes inventory, estate of Ann Satterthwaite of Burlington (p. 402)
1720 Peter Fearon and Isaac DeCow among others are paid debts due from the estate of Manuel Smith of Burlington (p. 396)
1724 Estate of John Costard of Burlington: witness Isaac DeCow (p. 111)
1726 Thomas Wetherill makes inventory of estate of Geo. Leveritt of Burlington (p. 295)
1728, Aug 24 Will of Joseph Marriott of Burlington, glover. Bondsman: Peter Fearon of Northampton, glover (p. 316)
1728, Nov. 6 Marmaduke Coate leaves legacy to Peter Fearon (p. 316)
1729-30 Inventory of estate of Ann Coat mentions Isaac DeCow (p. 99)
1730-31 Account of estate of Peter Covenhoven of Egg Harbor lists debts paid to “Thomas Wetherill and Isaac DeCow.” (p. 108)
1760, Dec. 3 Will of Peter Fearon of Burlington city. (see photocopy)


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