Manuscript Group 421, Newark Alms House, Newark, NJ, Register, 1854-1858


421.  NEWARK ALMS HOUSE, Newark, N.J.

Register, 1854-58. 1 vol.

Records male and female paupers, dates of entrance and discharge
or death; age and disease. Kept by Jonathan B. Shay as City
Superintendent of the Alms House. The Newark “Alms House,”
as its name appears in this manuscript register, was ad ministered
by the Standing Committee on the Poor and Alms House
(popularly known as the “Poor House”). The volume also includes
S. S. Wilson’s financial accounts for 1898- 1905.

Gift of Elmer Wilson, 1958.

MG 421

Newark Alms House, Newark, N.J. / S.S. Wilson

Register, 1854-58; 1898-1905. 1 vol.

Record book organized in two parts. The first part is a register kept by
Jonathan B. Shay, Superintendent of the Newark, N.J. “Alms
House”.  The Alms House was administered by the
Standing Committee on the Poor and Alms House (also known as the
“Poor House”).  The register consists of entries,
1854-1858, organized by year and gender of the
“pauper”. Includes names, entrance and discharge dates,
age, causes of death, diseases, referrals to the Assylum
[sic], and nativ (place of birth?).

The second part of the volume consists of the accounts,1898-1905, of
S.S. Wilson, possibly a plumber.  Entries record names of
clients with some description of services, expenses, and payment
received.   All services are related to plumbing,
heating and construction.  Clients included:  J.W.
Ashley, A. Bogerman, Mrs. Elizabeth Cherry (East Orange), Strobel
& Wilken, and Mrs. Louise Widdman (East Orange). Also
included are S.S. Wilson’s personal account entries.

Gift of Elmer Wilson, 1958.




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