Manuscript Group 665, Halsey-Holden Family Papers, 1853 – 1865


Papers, 1853-65. 6 items.

Two letters from Joseph Armstrong Halsey, Jr. (1830-55) to his sister and datedJanuary 28 and May 18, 1853; military pass issued to a Sergeant Holden on February 20, 1865 by the office of the Provost Marshal General for the Army of the Potomac; genealogical data concerning Thomas Halsey (1592-1677), Isaac Halsey (1757-1820), and Justinian Holden (ca. 1611-91). Joseph Armstrong Halsey, Jr. was a bookkeeper and general clerk from Elizabeth who served aboard the U.S.S. <1Powhatan —>1 a storeship in Commodore Matthew Perry’s fleet on a voyage to Japan and  China, 1852-54. Halsey was killed in 1855 by pirates near Hong Kong. A boatswain’s requisition for the U.S.S. <1Powhatan>1 stationed off Japan, April 27, 1854, is found in MG 25.

Gift of Chudleigh B. Hicks, 1967.

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