Manuscript Group 722, James Hayes, Physician, Check Stub Book, 1816 – 1826

722.  HAYES, JAMES, physician.
Check Stub Book, 1816-26. 1 vol.
Kept by a Newark physician.


MG 722

Hayes, James, physician.

Check Stub Book, 1816-1826. 1 vol.

Check stub book, 1816-1826, kept by Newark physician, James
Hayes. The account, from the State Bank at Newark, records
chronological payments and transactions such as notes, taxes,
mortgages, cash, lendings, dividends, “bill of books for the
library,” and “settlement for building on Green
Street.” Many names of individuals are noted: Joseph
Baldwin, Jabez Campfield, Abraham Canfield, Benjamin Cleveland,
H. Congar, M. Combs, Peter Doremus, Ezra Fairchild, Stephen
Hayes, H.C. Hornblower, J. Kearney, A. Munn, Isaac Nichols, E.
Nutman, David Parkhurst, S. Pennington,  Ph. Pierson, Andrew
Rankin, Charles Shipman, Stebbins, William Terhune, Lewis Thibon,
J. Tichenor, A. Ward, Thomas Whitehead, William B. Woodruff, and
A few loose items include a booklet with additional accounting
figures and, on a separate note paper, a hand-written description
of  “Internal Inflummations.”


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