Manuscript Group 733, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ Sessionbook, 1831 – 1848

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Manuscript Group 733, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ
Session book, 1831-1848, 1 volume
Call Number: MG 733


Minutes of session meetings, 1831-1845; records of members, births, baptisms, and marriages.

Gift of Robert D. Weeks, 1886.

Organizational History:

The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Newark, New Jersey was organized on April 14, 1831 in the Session Room of Newark’s First Presbyterian Church with Reverend Philip Hay, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of Newark, presiding. The Fourth Presbyterian Church was founded by persons from Newark’s First, Second, and Third Presbyterian Churches. On July 24, 1832, the Reverend William R. Weeks was installed as Pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

There is nothing in the Session Book of the Fourth Presbyterian Church to indicate, as it has been reported, that this church was an African-American Church. The church met in various locations in Newark.

On October 8, 1845, the Presbytery of Newark dissolved the Fourth Presbyterian Church following a request by Reverend Weeks to resign as Pastor of the Church due to health reasons and a request by the Session of the Fourth Presbyterian Church to dissolve the church because “this church is unable to support the institutions of the Gospel and there is no prospect that it ever would.” When the Presbytery dissolved the Fourth Presbyterian Church, it also authorized Reverend Weeks to give the members of the church Letters of Dismission to give to whatever church they transferred to.

Provenance Note:

The session book of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Newark was donated to the Society by Robert D. Weeks in 1886.

Scope and Content Note:

The Session Book of the Fourth Presbyterian Church contains session records from April 14, 1831-November 29, 1838 and October 7, 1840-September 10, 1845 (pages containing the session records of the years in between are missing) as well as a list of members (including the dates of the deaths of members and dates and places of transfer to other churches), a record of baptisms, and a record of marriages. The membership and marriage records continue into 1846 and one separate listing, probably a marriage, is dated April 20, 1848.

Additional information regarding the prior church affiliation of the Fourth Presbyterian Church’s incoming members and the place to which departing church members transferred to is contained in the session records for most members.

List of Members, Fourth Church, Newark:

1831 Ap. 14 George Crane, Dis. Oct. 2, 1834.
  John Morehous, Dis. to new chh. Feb. 14, 1838.
  Nancy, his wife, Dis. to 1st Chh. Feb. 3, 1839.
  Abraham Miller, Died, Feb. 29, 1844.
  Mary, his wife, Died, Sept. 10, 1833.
  David M. Morehous, Dis. to new chh. Feb. 14, 1838.
  Charles Crawford, Died, Oct. 28, 1833.
  Rachel, his wife, to Central Chh. Aug. 31, 1846.
  Ezra B. Morehous Dis. to N. York,
  Susan E. his wife,  Jan. 26, 1838.
  Ellison Conger, Dis to form a new chh. Feb. 14, 1838.
  Lucy, his wife. Died, June 20, 1835.
June Stephen M. Conger, Dis. Sept. 22, 1833.
  Betsey, wife of Josiah Bruen, Died, Mar. 1, 1838.
  Isaac Combs, Died, Jan. 7, 1837.
Dec. 29 Aaron Ward
  Polly, his wife, Died, Sept. 15, 1834.
  Abraham K. Ward To 2nd Church,
  Abby, his wife  Feb. 8, 1847.
  Widow Abby Munn, Died, Nov. 20, 1833.
  Widow Sarah Beach, Dis. to New York, Mar. 29, 1838.
  Betsey Morris, to 2nd Chh., Feb. 1846.
  Charlotte Crane (wife of D.J. Baldwin), Dis. to 2nd Church, June 27, 1841.
1832 April Amos Holbrook, Dis. to new chh. Feb. 14, 1838.
  Sophia, his wife, Suspended, Dec. 18, 1838. Excom. March 1, 1840.
  Eliza J. Ward, wife of John C. Nuttman To 2nd Church, August 27, 1846.
  Charlotte A. Ward
  Deborah Combs, to 2nd Chh. Newark, Feb. 17, 1846.
  Josiah Congar, Died, June 4, 1832.
  Joanna M. Crane, Dis. Oct. 2, 1834.
  Isaac C. Winans, To the 1st Chh., April, 1846.
  Sarah W., wife of I. Combs, Pil. Chh. Brooklyn, Nov. 3, 1846.
July 5 Robert Moore, Died, Jan. 20, 1834.
July 8 Moses R. King, Dis. to new chh. Feb. 14, 1838.
Sept. 17 Hannah, wife of Rev. W.R. Weeks, to Central Chh., Sept. 29, 1846.
Dec. 19 John C. Burnet, Died, Oct. 14, 1842, aged 73.
  Davis Sayre, Phebe, his wife To 2nd Church, May 8, 1846.
  Widow Clara Davis, Pilgrim Chh. Brooklyn, Nov. 3, 1846.
  John A. Paine, Amanda, his wife, Dis to N. Hartford, New York Oct. 23, 1842
  Mary Scofield, (wife of Alex Underwood) Died July 22, 1839.
Jan. 2 Widow Joanna Crane, Died, Sept. 16, 1834.
Jan. 4 John C. Nuttman, to 2nd Church, Aug. 27, 1846.
March 20 John H. Baker, Hannah S., his wife
Sept. 27 George Rohde, Hannah, his wife, To 2nd Church, Feb., 1846.
  Eleanor Strong
  George Baldwin, Amanda, his wife, Dis. April 22, 1836.
June 24 Sarah M. Karr, April. 27, 1846, To 2nd Church.
Oct. 2 Eliza, wife of Abrm. Miller, To 3rd Chh. Oct. 8, 1845
April 2 David Dingwell, To 2nd Chh., Sept. 18, 1846.
Jan. 4 Joanna Kemper, Mercer St. N.Y., April 25, 1846.
Dec. 16 Elizabeth Paine, Died, June 4, 1837.
  Julia Brown, wife of Alexander Underwood, Dis. Oct. 6, 1844
Dec. 28 Joanna Crane, Dis. May 29, 1842.
Sept. 29 Sarah, wife of Abraham Winans, 2nd Chh. Feb. 1846.
Nov. 20 Lucy D., wife of Theodore Strong. 2nd Dutch, N. Brunswick.
Ap. 1 Alexander Underwood, Dis. Oct. 6, 1844, To Ref. D. Chh, Mohawk.
  Dorlisca Scofield, Dis. to 1st Orange, Nov. 1, 1840, wife of Matthias Soverel.
Sept. 13 Julia Davis, 2nd Chh. Feb. 1846.
Sept. 20 Martha Ann Davis.
April 3 Mary Ann Mitchell
Oct. 1 Robert D. Weeks, Dis. To Whately, Ms.(Mass.), Mar. 24, 1844.
July 5 John A. Paine, L To 2nd Ch. Albany, Dec. 24, 1846. Amanda, his wife
Record of Baptisms:
July 5 Catherine Thurston, infant of Charles and Rachel Crawford
July 22 Abby Butler, infant of Ellison and Lucy Conger, born, July 21, 1831.
July 29 Sarah Jane, and Caroline, infants of Isaac C. Winans.
Dec. 25 John, son of Widow Betsey Bruen. Born, Aug. 31, 1828.
Oct. 6 Charlotte Merrell, infant of Rev. William and Ms. Mary [S.] Johnson, born, May 8, 1833.
June 15 Edward Pierson, infant of Davis and Phebe Sayre.
Aug. 3 Pamela Camp, infant of Isaac C. Winans.
Oct. 4 Emma Louisa, infant of Ezra B. and Susan E. Morehouse.
  Charles Treeliece, infant of Widow Rachel Crawford.
Dec. 21 Mary, infant of Geo. and Amanda Baldwin…. Born, Sept. 4, 1834
June 14 William White Day, infant of Ellison and Lucy Conger, Born, Feb. 16, 1835.
Aug. 23 William Clinton, infant of Moses R. King.
May 7 James Birney, infant of Abraham and Eliza Miller, born Dec. 3, 1836.
July 2 Caroline Jane, infant of Mary, wife of Alexander Underwood
July 16 Ogden Johnson, infant of Issac C. Winans.
Aug. 13 George Field, infant of Ellison Conger; born, April. 16.
Oct. 1 William Henry, inf. of Davis and Phebe Sayre.
Mar. 25 Samuel Baker, inf. adopted child of John H. and Hannah Baker
Ap. 1 Alexander Underwood, adult.
July 1 Theodore, inf. of Lucy D., wife of Theodore Strong.
Dec. 16 Mary Augusta, inf. of Jesse F. and Sophronia Randel.
Sept. 22 Catharine Ramage, inf. of Isaac C. Winans.
Dec. 22 Horace James, inf. of David Dingwell.
April 26 John Alsop, inf. of John A. and Amanda Paine.
  Alvan Stewart, inf. of Abraham and Eliza Miller, born Jan. 13, 1840.
Oct. 10 Charlotte Ward, infant of John C. and Eliza Nuttman.
April 10 Augustin William, Edmund Richard, Grove Price, Josephine Matilda, children of Mary Ann Mitchell
May 29 Sarah Rebecca, inf. of Davis and Phebe Sayre.
July 7 Frances Pratt, inf. of Ellison and Mary Conger, Born Aug. 30, 1843.
Oct. 6 George William, inf. of David Dingwell.
Sep. 7 Isaac Combs, Infant of Isaac C. Winans.
This seems to be a Marriage, but it was located at the end of the Baptismal Register
April 26 Clayton M. Shotwell of New York to Caroline Scofield of Newark
Record of Marriages:
Aug. 9 David J. Baldwin to Charlotte Crane, both of Newark.
March 7 Carlisle McKee to Mary Winans, both of Newark.
June 23 Benjamin Davis to Sarah Rankin, both of Newark.
Oct. 13 Thomas Tucker to Sarah Morgan, both of Elizabethtown.
Dec. 2 Lewis M. Lindsley, of Newark, to Catharine Henderson, of Springfield.
Feb. 12 Ephraim D. Cramer to Nancy D. Briant, both of Randolph Township, Morris Co.
Mar. 2 Alexander Major to Sarah Caroline Douglass, both of Newark.
Mar. 3 Abraham Miller to Eliza Ward, both of Newark.
Mar. 24 David Longworth, of New York, to Elizabeth C. Brown, of Newark.
July 31 Edward D. Dodd to Eliza E. Morehouse, both of Newark.
Sept. 15 Lewis Anderson, of Rahway, to Sarah Gardenier, of Newark.
Nov. 11 George Thompson, to Hannah Brown, both of Newark.
Dec. 25 William Edmund Deely, to Dorinda Kinney, both of Newark.
May 10 James J. Wheeler to Mary Hardin, both of Newark.
Sept. 24 Jesse F. Randel of Waterford, N. York, to Sophronia Davis of Albany, New York.
Dec. 5 William Garrabrant to Caroline Crosson, both of Orange.
Dec. 31 Alexander Underwood to Mary Scofield, both of Newark.
Mar. 10 James McClaskey to Frances Osborn, both of Newark.
May 31 Chandler D. Norton to Ann Mourison, both of Newark.
July 2 Richard Reed to Eliza Harding, both of Newark.
Sept. 14 Allen Osborn to Sarah Hedden, both of Camptown.
July 4 William Bacorn to Sarah Ann Hand, both of Newark.
Feb. 2 Henry J. Vanderworken, of Waterford, Saratoga Co., N. York, to Jane Mulliken, of Stillwater, in the same county.
Mar. 1 or 2 Thomas Dodd to Emma Hyland, both of Newark.
Oct. 30 Horace Stevenson, of Williamstown, Ms. (Mass.) to Violetta Swain, of Newark.
April 1 John A. Oliver to Christian R. Williams, both of Newark.
June 27 Julius L. Crone to Emeline Kemper, both of Newark.
Dec. 26 William Chapman to Bridget McDade, both of Newark.
Jan. 23 William S. Ketcham to Nancy L. Estile, both of Newark.
May 4 John C. Nuttman to Eliza J., daughter of Aaron Ward, both of Newark.
June 16 Anthony Vanblank of Rahway, N. Jersey to Sally Ann Livingston, of Ballston Spa, New York.
Dec. 5 George N. Sharp of New York to Mary G. Humphries of Newark.
Jan. 2 Henry Saddle to Phebe Ogden Baker, both of Clinton.
Feb. 1 Andrew Wetterson to Catharine Ann Walquist, both of Jersey City.
Feb. 23 John Begbie to Sarah M. Doremus, both of Newark.
Oct. 7 John Van Dyke, Esq. of New Brunswick to Mary D. Strong of Franklin Township, Somerset County.
Feb. 3 John B. Dean to Elizabeth C. Miller, both of Newark.
March 30 Stephen C. Smith of Livingston to Charlotte B. Morehous of Newark.
June 26 John Shepard to Elizabeth Anderson, both of Newark.
Sept. 28 Robert D. Weeks of Newark to Elvira J. Crafts of Whately, Massachusetts.
April 4 William H. Laine to Sarah Scofield, both of Newark.
May 9 Frederick Stag

Muller to Mary Hey, both of Newark.

Aug. 8 George P. Brown of Newark to Jane C. E. Jeed of Livingston.
Nov. 10 Alexander Underwood of German Flats, New York, to Julia Brown of Newark.
Oct. 9 Amos S. Holbrook to Elizabeth A. Randel, both of Newark.
Jan. 7 Theodore Mead to Joanna Mary Dodd, both of Newark.
Sept. 3 Samuel Randel of New York City to Jane Walker of Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., New York.

Processed by Robert Graul

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