Manuscript Group 830, Work Projects Administration, Federal Writers Project, New Jersey, Womans Archives papers 1890 – 1953




Women’s Archives, 1890- 1953. 2 ft.


Records of the World Center for Women’s Archives and the New Jersey Center for
Women’s Archives, 1937-40; research material
compiled by Federal Writers’ Project workers, including newspaper
transcriptions and clippings, as well as general correspondence of the New Jersey
Consumers’ League, 1933-40; papers, 1890-1954, of women’s rights advocate Mary Philbrook;
records of the National Woman’s Party, 1927-41; membership lists of the Committee to
Eliminate Discriminations against Women, ca. 1941. From 1937 to 1940 the New Jersey Center
for Women’s Archives functioned as a branch of the World Center for Women’s Archives, an
organization founded by Mary R. Beard and based in New York City. Both the New Jersey
Center for Women’s Archives and the parent organization had the primary goal of collecting
and preserving the papers of prominent American women. In 1940 the Work Projects
Administration’s Federal Writers’ Project agreed to continue the work of the moribund New
Jersey Center for Woman’s Archives. Mary Philbrook (1872-1958),
the donor of this collection, contributed personal correspondence
and organizational records documenting her struggle to gain admission to the New Jersey
bar, her work for the Red Cross in France during World War I, and her women’s rights
activities. The bulk of Mary Philbrook’s papers are in MG 572. An inventory of the
collection is available. Included are letters of:


Beard, Mary R
Norton, Mary T.


Berrien, Laura M.           Paul,


Dowden, Maria R.
Seufert, Evelyn


Edge, Walter E.
Sheppard, Fannie


Grove, Elsa Butler
Shouse, Martha


Irwin, Inez Haynes
Sloane, Madeline Edison


McKay, Florence Gompers     Stratton,


Marsh, Helen                Sullivan,


Milwitzky, Selma
Voorhees, Stella


Winser, Beatrice


Morrow, Elizabeth C.


Gift of Mary Philbrook.





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