Manuscript Group 843, George Perry Morris (1864 – 1921), Journalist Papers, 1843-1918

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Manuscript Group 843, George Perry Morris (1864-1921), Journalist
Papers, 1843-1918, 4 linear feet
Call Number: MG 843


Letters addressed to Morris; letters to Morris and others associated with the Twentieth Century Club in Boston; autograph letters, verse, quotations collected by Morris; letters, 1885-90, sent to Edwin Dudley of the Citizens Law and Order League of the United States; letters, 1892-93, to Frederick Perry Noble as secretary of the Committee on an African Ethnological Congress, which met at the Chicago Columbian Exposition in August, 1893; twenty scrapbooks, 1884-1916, including notes on interviews conducted, lectures and sermons heard by Morris.  A journalist and writer born in Montclair, Morris served on the editorial staff of the New York Mail and Express and was associate editor of The Congregationalist in Boston, 1891-1907.  In addition, he was on the staff of the Boston Herald, 1907-11, and of the Christian Science Monitor.  Among the writers, journalists, public officials, educators, reformers, and Congregationalist leaders whose letters are included in the George Perry Morris Papers are the following:

Lyman Abbott Louisa Imogen Guiney Thomas Nelson Page
Henry Burton Adams Edward Everett Hale Francis Peabody
Ray Stannard Baker E.W.S. Hammond Edward L. Pierce
Henry Ward Beecher Albert Bushnell Hart Roscoe Pound
Henry W. Blair John Hay Josiah Quincy
Benjamin H. Brewster George T. Hoar Jeanette Rankin
Viscount James Bryce Mark Hopkins Clinton Scollard
George Washington Cable William Dean Howells Harriet E.P. Spofford
Schuyler Colfax Charles Evans Hughes James Tanner
Amos J. Cummings Annie F. Johnston Frank W. Taussig
George William Curtis Helen Keller Albion W. Tourgee
John Eaton Philander Chase Knox Henry I. Van Dyke, Jr.
Charles W. Eliot Fritz Kreisler John Charles Van Dyke
James H. Fairchild Lucy Larcom John H. Vincent
William Herbert Perry Faunce Robert Todd Lincoln Lewis (Lew) Wallace
Edgar Fawcett Walter Lippmann Booker T. Washington
Hamilton Fish (1808-1893) Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924) Francis Wayland
John Fiske John D. Long Everett O. Wheeler
Horace Fletcher Amy lowell John Greenleaf Whittier
Felix Frankfurter Edwin D. Mead Albert E. Winship
Hamlin Garland Dwight L. Moody Robert E. Winthrop
Richard Watson Gilder Levi P. Morton Frank G. Woodworth
Washington Gladden Thomas Thornton Munger  

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