Manuscript Group 907, Kingsland Family (Bergen and Hudson Counties, NJ) Papers, 1829-1891 (Bulkdates: 1829-1869)

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Manuscript Group 907, Kingsland Family (Bergen and Hudson Counties, NJ) Papers, 1829-1891 (Bulk dates: 1829-1869), 0.1 linear feet / 5 folders

Call Number: MG 907



Letters, documents, and property maps pertaining to the Kingsland family of Bergen and Hudson counties.

Gift, in part, of Marion Soloway, 1998.

Biographical Note:

The Kingsland family were early settlers of Bergen County, New Jersey.  The family homestead, “Kingsland Manor,” was passed down to George Kingsland (1783-1866), a farmer, who married Frances Lloyd Ten Eyck on August 2, 1815.  They had nine children together, the eldest of whom was Edmund William Kingsland, born on May 21, 1816.  E.W. Kingsland settled in Jersey City and became a merchant with business in both New Jersey and New York City.  He was appointed Hudson County’s collector in 1843 and held that position for forty years.  Edmund Kingsland married Sarah Ann Steele on December 20, 1838 and they had ten children together.  When George Kingsland died on October 20, 1866, Edmund as the executor of the estate sold most of the family homestead, retaining “Kingsland Manor” itself, while selling the lands for railroad development.  Edmund W. Kingsland died on April 26, 1889.

See Kingsland Family Tree.


Kingsland Family File, New Jersey Historical Society.

Shaw, William H. History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey (Everts & Peck: Philadelphia, 1884), pg. 1276.

Van Valen, J.M. History of Bergen County, New Jersey (New Jersey Publishing and Engraving Company: New York, 1900), pgs. 415-423.


Provenance Note:

The account books of General George Kingsland and of John J. Kingsland were donated in 1998 by Marion Soloway.  The source of the remainder of the collection is unknown.


Scope and Content Note:

This collection dates from 1829-1891 with bulk dates of 1829-1869 and is mostly made up of the mortgages, land deeds, and maps of the Kingsland family.  The collection has been divided into the following series: Contracts; Maps; Correspondence; and Financial documents; and the items are arranged chronologically within each series.

The contracts in this collection consist largely of mortgages and deeds belonging to George Kingsland (1783-1866), Andrew T. Kingsland, and possibly George Kingsland (1828-1897), and involve lands in Newark, Harrison Township, Lodi Township, and Union Township, New Jersey.  There is also a bond between Jacob and Job Allen made in connection to a mortgage for land in Newark, New Jersey.  This mortgage was later assigned to George Kingsland (1783-1866).  This series also contains a dispensation for the creation of the Monticello Lodge (No. 140) of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The majority of the maps in the collection are from the October 15, 1868 estate auction of George Kingsland (1783-1866) by his son and executor Edmund W. Kingsland.  The maps show subdivisions for “500 villa plots” and the site of “Kingsland Manor.”  The remaining map in the collection shows the Kingsland, New Jersey property of the estate of Mary C. Kingsland.

The collection also contains a small amount of the correspondence of Edmund W. Kingsland, dating from 1868 and 1882-1883.  The first letter is from his brother, Richards Kingsland (1819-1890), and discusses property sales in Rutherfurd Park, New Jersey.  The second two letters deal with the election of George G. Farrier, who replaced Kingsland as Hudson County’s collector.

Lastly, there is one folder of financial documents, which includes the executor’s sale record book for the October 1868 auction, a stock transfer confirmation, two account books, and a bill.


Folder List:

Folder Title Dates
1 – Mortgage – Jacob Allen to Job Allen, with assignment of mortgage – Joseph Budd to George Kingsland (1783-1866) January 13, 1829, July 12, 1838
– Bond – Jacob Allen bound to Job Allen January 13, 1829
– Deed of release, or Quitclaim – Richards & Eleanor Kingsland and Henry W. & Sarah Kingsland to George Kingsland (1783-1866) July 2, 1833
– Mortgage – Jacob & Permina Haff to George Kingsland (1783-1866) March 1, 1836
– Warranty deed – Stephen & Carolin Haff to George Kingsland (1783-1866) March 13, 1845
– Mortgage – Andrew T. Kingsland to Cornelius Brinkerfhoff, with assignment of mortgage to George Kingsland (1828-1897) (?) April 28, 1852, November 9, 1858
– Dispensation for the creation of the Monticello Lodge, Lodge No. 140 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in Bergen, Hudson County 1869
2 Kingsland Manor, Executor’s sale (2 of each map): 1868
– Kingsland Manor, north section
– “Kingsland Manor,” homestead
3 Property of the estate of Mary C. Kingsland, Kingsland, New Jersey; Executor Edmund W. Kingsland, Jr. 1891
4 To Edmund W. Kingsland from:
– Richards Kingsland (1819-1890) 1868
– F. P. Brudden (?) 1882
– George H. Farrier 1883
Financial documents:
5 Confirmation of Belleville Bridge and Turnpike Road Association stock transfer from Margaret Campbell to George Kingsland 1831
Account book of General George Kingsland (1783-1866) with the Mechanics’ Bank of Newark 1851-1863
Account book of John J. Kingsland with the Mechanics’ Bank of Newark 1865
Bill due George Kingsland (1783-1866) 1866
Executor’s auction record book, Kingsland Manor 1868


Kingsland Family Tree: (Individuals in the collection are in bold.)

Edmund William Kingsland (1741-1828) = Mary Richards (1741-1798)


William Kingsland (b. 1769, twin)

John Kingsland (1769-1797, twin)

Burnet Richards Kingsland (1771-1830)

Margaret Kingsland (b. 1773)

Sarah Place (1768-1858) = Henry Williams Kingsland (1774-1856)

Eleanor Campbell (d. 1847) = Richards Kingsland (1776-1846)

Maria Kingsland (b. 1778)

Nathaniel Kingsland (1779-1798)

Caroline Kingsland (b. 1781)

*(General) George Kingsland (1783-1866) = Frances Lloyd Ten Eyck

Harriet Kingsland (1784-1880)



*(General) George Kingsland (1783-1866) = Frances Lloyd Ten Eyck


**Edmund William Kingsland (1816-1889) = Sarah Ann Steele (d. 1910)

Andrew Ten Eyck Kingsland (1818-1857) = Euphemia Lester Gow

Richards Kingsland (1819-1890)

Elizabeth Ten Eyck Kingsland (1820-1902)

Mary Caroline Kingsland (d. 1876)

George Kingsland (1828-1897)

Washington Kingsland (1832-1854)

Nathaniel Kingsland (1834-1862)

John James Kingsland (1837-1870)



**Edmund William Kingsland (1816-1889) = Sarah Ann Steele (d. 1910)


Edmund William Kingsland, Jr. (b.1839)

Frances Kingsland

Mary Elizabeth Kingsland

George Kingsland

George Kingsland

Thomas Edward Kingsland

Frances L. Kingsland

Mary C. Kingsland (d. ca.1891) (?)

Margaret Steele Kingsland

Andrew Ten Eyck Kingsland



Processed by Kim Charlton, December 1999 as part of the “Farm to City” project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

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