Manuscript Group 975, Louis E. Cooke (1850 – 1923), Circus Agent, Htel Proprietor, Newark, NJ, Scrapbook, 1882 – 1923


(1850-1923), circus agent, hotel proprietor,


Newark, N.J.


Scrapbook, 1882- 1923. 1


Contains personal papers;
photographs; clippings; circus pro-


grams and booklets; route
books; miscellaneous periodicals;


reminiscences written by
Cooke’s daughter, Viola Cooke. Louis


Cooke was a circus agent and
proprietor of the Continental Hotel


in Newark. Many of the
photographs, accompanied by Viola


Cook’s descriptive notes,
concern the hotel, a favorite lodging


place for entertainers
staying in Newark. Born in Tioga County,


Pa., Louis Cooke came to
Newark in 1861. During his career, he


was associated with many of
the important circuses of the day, including the W.W. Cole Shows,
the Adam Forepaugh Show, the


101 Ranch Wild West Show,
the Barnum and Bailey Circus, Buf-


falo Bill’s Wild West Show,
Frank A. Robbins’ Shows, and


Pawnee Bill’s Wild West.
Contained in the scrapbook are


photographs and other
materials concerning William F. (Buffalo


Bill) Cody and Gordon W.
(Pawnee Bill) Lillie. Louis Cooke con-


tributed numerous articles
to the entertainment magazine


<1 Billboard>1 on
circus life, completing the manuscript for a book to


be entitled <1Under the
White Tops, or Circus Life and History.>1


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