Manuscript Group 989, New Jersey Commitee For The French Gratitude Train, Memorial Album, 1949


Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs




Memorial Album, 1949. 1 vol.


Contains photographs and
copies of eighteen letters, all pertaining to the ”
“Train de la reconnaissance franc,aise.” This copy of the


album was presented to New
Jersey Governor Alfred E. Driscoll.


The Gratitude Train,
containing historical and other gifts to the


American people, was sent to
the United States by the French


government. The shipment
represented an expression of gratitude


for food and clothing sent
abroad in 1948 on the American Friend-


ship Train. The Gratitude
Train consisted of forty-nine cars, one


for each state and the
District of Columbia. The contents of the


NewJersey car, after being
displayed in Trenton and Newark, were


g1.ven to various museums
and school districts to be ” “permanently


exhibited.” The chairman of
the Committee for the French


Gratitude Train in NewJersey
was Leonard Dreyfuss.


Gift of Mrs. Alfred E.
Driscoll, 1975.


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