Publications: Educational Material

JERSEY JEOPARDY. THE ORIGINAL NEW JERSEY TRIVIA GAME. Contains 400 questions divided into eight categories: New Jersey History to 1799; New Jersey History, 1800 – Present; Geography and Government; Arts and Literature; Sports and Leisure; Science, Technology and Business; Entertainment; and Potpourri. Each category is divided into three levels – Junior, Intermediate and Senior – all in one packet. 1986. $5.00.

JERSEY JOURNEYS. A history newspaper for third to sixth grade students published seven times a school year. Includes articles and illustrations from primary materials. Teacher’s guide with suggestions for integrating Jersey Journeys and classroom activities. Browse the full text of past and current issues online.

  • Small Subscription -25 copies and a teacher’s guide – $50.00/year
  • Large Subscription – 35 copies and a teacher’s guide – $65.00/year
  • Annual Resource Packet – 2 copies of each issue in one packet to be mailed in May of each year – $25.00
  • Individual Subscription – 1 copy monthly – $10.00/year

NEW JERSEY AND THE NEW NATION; THE CREATION OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. A profusely illustrated booklet describing the state’s role in the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Contains biographical sketches of New Jersey’s delegates to the convention, a time line of important dates, and suggestions for further reading. $0.50 each.

NEW JERSEY HISTORY. The history journal of the New Jersey Historical Society, published since 1845. Addresses issues of New Jersey history through articles, primary documents, and book reviews covering all aspects of New Jersey’s rich and fascinating history. Available by subscription. $20.00 (individual) and $25.00 (library) a year. Back issues available for $10.00 per copy.

New Jersey History—Contents of past issues:

Fall-Winter, 1997 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 1997 No. 1
Spring-Summer, 1998 No. 1
Fall-Winter, 1998 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 1999 No. 1
Fall-Winter, 1999 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 2000 No. 1
Fall-Winter, 2000 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 2001 No. 1
Fall-Winter, 2001 No. 3
Fall-Winter, 2002 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 2002 No. 1
Spring-Summer, 2003 No. 1
Fall-Winter, 2004 No. 3
Spring-Summer, 2004 No. 1
Spring-Summer, 2005 No. 1

THE NEW JERSEY INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES. Curriculum workbooks for use by secondary school students. Recommended for classroom teaching and independent study. Titles: New Jersey in the American Revolution, New Jersey in the Civil War, New Jersey: The African-American Experience, and New Jersey in the Victorian Age. $3.00 each. 25 or more – $2.00 each.

THE SWEDES AND FINNS IN EARLY NEW JERSEY. A large format, 6-page illustrated booklet that covers the history of the New Sweden colony (1639 – 1655), as well as the customs, religion, and lasting influence of New Jersey’s Scandinavian settlers. $1.00 each.

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