The New Jersey Historical Society Library Rules and Procedures

LIBRARY HOURS: Weds, Thur, Sat : 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Since the NJHS library is a research library, it may not be like the public library down the street to which most patrons may be accustomed. The Society library maintains books, manuscripts and other material as an historical record, so that patrons can find not only the information they need about New Jersey’s history, but also so that that information can be preserved for their grandchildren and great grandchildren as well. Therefore, the Library does not contain much current material, nor books or materials that patrons could check out of the library. All of the library’s material is used on site in our Reading Room and should be handled with care, so that others could use it in the future. Our library staff is happy to aid any researcher with school projects, dissertations, or genealogical research, but those patrons who do not wish to follow our set policies, will be dismissed.

  1. In order to protect the collections and provide researchers with adequate room to work, all personal possessions, including coats, umbrellas, briefcases, knapsacks, bags, and purses, must be left in the first floor coatroom where lockers are provided for storage of such items. Only notebooks and pencils should be brought into the Reading Room.
  2. All patrons must sign in at the reference desk before using library materials.
  3. Only pencils may be used in the Reading Room (i.e. no pens, markers, highlighters, etc.), but laptop computers also permitted, provided other researchers are not disturbed. Library tables have electrical outlets. No private scanners permitted.
  4. Materials must be handled with care. Do not place notepapers or computers on books or manuscripts. Do not place a book open, face down, on the table.
  5. Leave items on tables or return them to the reference desk after use. Please do not reshelve any materials.
  6. Patrons must fill out call slips for all materials requested from closed stacks. Materials will not be retrieved after 4:30pm. All materials must be returned by 4:45pm.
  7. Users of manuscripts and rare books must complete the appropriate user registration form and show a photo ID. These materials must be returned directly to the library staff.
  8. Materials housed in offsite storage will be retrieved on an as needed basis, usually twice per month. Leave requests and telephone number and/or email address with library staff.
  9. Materials cannot be photocopied without permission from library staff. Some materials are too fragile to reproduce. All photocopying will be done by the library staff. For additional information, please see the library staff or the “Library Photocopy Policy.”
  10. No material from the Historical Society’s collection may be reproduced in any form without the Society’s written permission.
  11. Cellular phones and pagers should be turned off to provide for a quiet environment for researchers. Please use the outer hallway or the downstairs lobby for making calls.
  12. Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited.
  13. Computers are to be used for historical and genealogical research only. Library staff reserves the right to limit patron computer use.
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