The New Jersey Historical Society

Camera Use Policy

Researchers may request to take limited photographs of collection materials for self-study/personal use purposes only, as allowed by the library based on the physical condition, copyright law, donor restrictions, rarity and reading room rules. The New Jersey Historical Society reserves the right to deny requests or revoke permission for any reason and at any time.

I agree to the following conditions:

* I will obtain a personal use permission form from library staff before taking any photographs.

* I will indicate all items to be photographed and show them to library staff for approval.

*I will use my personal camera only. Scanners, tripods, copy stands, flash, additional lighting or other photographic equipment are not allowed.

*I agree to take still, non-flash photos only.

*I will include in each photograph a New Jersey Historical Society watermark provided by the library staff.

*It is my responsibility to keep accurate citations for all items photographed.

*Researchers may not photograph any manuscript, photograph, or visual collection in its entirety.  NJHS staff will determine the extent to which a collection may be photographed in total (not per visit).

*I will handle the materials with care and according to library rules.

*I will not stand on chairs or rearrange furniture to get a better image

*I will photograph one item at a time and keep all materials in their original order.

*I will turn off the flash and all sound on my camera.

*I will not take photographs of the staff, reading room, or other researchers.

*I understand that the library reserves the right to deny permission to photograph collection materials at its discretion.

* I understand researchers are liable for all images taken from copyrighted materials.

*I will use the photographs for my private study and research only.

*I will not publish the photographs in print, post them on the Internet, nor exhibit them.

*I will not donate, sell, or provide the photographs to another repository.

*It is my responsibility to obtain permission to publish from copyright owners.

*Researchers are under video surveillance and all materials may be subject to a security check upon leaving the library. NJHS may deny access to any researcher who, in the judgment of the staff, fails to comply or is disruptive. Researchers who violate library policies will be denied further access to the collections.

I have read and agree to abide by the Camera Use Policy.

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