Library Photographic Reproductions Price List

All requests for copies of photographs in The New Jersey Historical Society’s collection must be made in writing. All orders must be prepaid. Because the Historical Society does not have a photographer on staff, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

If you intend to publish (in print or electronically) the photograph(s) that you are requesting, please state this fact. The Historical Society must authorize or decline such publication. A usage fee for any commercial use is added to the reproduction cost of the image(s). The New Jersey Historical Society reserves the right to determine the quality of the image(s) to be provided by the requester. Every image that is published from the collections of the Historical Society must be accompanied by the credit line, “From the Collections of The New Jersey Historical Society.” Special requirements apply to electronic publication. No creation of negatives from collection items for publication or private use is permitted. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Reproduction Fees

  • The Historical Society encourages the non-commercial use of its collections by scholarly, educational, and non-profit individuals and organizations.
  • Commercial use is defined but not restricted to all for-profit organizations, corporations, businesses, or ventures and includes reproductions in books, calendars, corporate annual reports, and other printed matter; films and other media productions; and advertising, decorating, and packaging.
  • All fees help support The New Jersey Historical Society’s collections. Additional fees may be charged for complicated orders or for excess staff time.
Photograph Requests Non-Profit Individual or Institution For profit (Commercial) Individual or Institution
8″x 10″ print $40.00 $75.00 + usage fee
11″x 14″ print $110.00 $140.00 + usage fee
16″x 20″ print $140.00 $170.00 + usage fee
20″x 24″ print $170.00 $200.00 + usage fee
Prices for larger sizes available upon request    
Specialized Services
Digitally scanned images $5.00 (limit 10) Not available
Custom On-Site Photography of Library Collections Contact for pricing Contact for pricing

Usage Fees – Non-Profit Use

  • The Historical Society generally waives usage fees for non-commercial (non-profit, educational, or government) organizations, provided the correct credit line is used and a gratis copy of the catalogue or publication is deposited in the Historical Society’s Library. All waivers must be obtained in writing and are for one-time use ONLY. Any subsequent use of materials must be requested in writing from the Historical Society and additional fees may be charged.

Usage Fees – For Profit Use

  • The Historical Society charges a $75.00 usage fee per image for a one-time/one format use (also for display) by a commercial organization, including publication runs of up to 5,000 copies. For publications with runs of 5,000-10,000 copies, the usage fee is $100.00 per image and for publications with runs of 10,000-20,000, the usage fee is $125.00 per image. Non-print publications by a commercial organization are charged a flat, $200.00 usage fee. Usage fees are non-refundable, even if a collection image was not used in the user’s final product.

Reproduction of images of objects from the Society’s Museum Collection may also be available. Please note that prices and policies for duplication of images from the Historical Society’s Museum Collection may differ from above prices. For more information please contact the Collections Manager at or (973) 596-8500 x230

Updated March 22, 2007

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